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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 5(103)'2012
  5. Human detection by iris recognition

Human detection by iris recognition

D.V. Shmatov, N.S. Lesnaya
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Description: In this work presents the study of human identification by iris recognition based on Daugman algorithm that is uses a Gabor wavelet transform to extract the phase structure of the iris. The analysis of the subject area and was chosen as the best method for determining human by iris recognition. In the construction of the iris code is used spatial-frequency Gabor convolution of image filters. We also consider the pre-processing of images of the iris and the method for the determination of areas free of eyelashes, eyelids, and glare.

Keywords: Biometric identification, identification of the iris, Daugman algorithm

 Shmatov, D.V. and Lesnaia, N.S. (2012), “Raspoznavanye cheloveka po raduzhnoi obolochke”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(103), pp. 72-74.