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  4. 5(103)'2012
  5. Project portfolio forming and modeling approach

Project portfolio forming and modeling approach

S.Y .Yakovlev
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Description: In this work, we analyze the main features of the formation project portfolio, taking into account the companies strategy. We propose a system model for formation project portfolio. We describe the mathematical model of project selection, which comprehensively considers the current state of the company and its future strategic directions, resource and financial feasibility of the projects and the risks. We propose agent based simulation model for resource allocation between projects in portfolio.

Keywords: portfolio, strategic objectives, project feasibility, risk, resources allocation, agent model

 Yakovlev, S.Yu. (2012), “Modely formyrovanyia y analyza portfelia proektov predpryiatyia lyftovoho khoziaistva”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(103), pp. 144-157.