Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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2. Contents 202-204
3. To the question of subsequent development f the system of military education V.V. Sidash 4-6
4. To the question of choice of criteria for the evaluation of efficiency of application facilities of disguise and imitation of objects of aircrafts V.V. Koval’, А.V. Voznyy, O.A. Kablukov 7-9
5. Manoeuvre of Troops (Forces) at implementation of urgent tasks M.O. Yermoshin, I.A. Nikiforov 10-13
6. Methodical going near the ground of composition of interspecific groupment of Troops (Forces) taking into account the tasks of operation (battle actions) V.I. Tkachenko, V.G.. Malyuga, G.V. Sorokoumov, S.V. Lazebnik, V.E. Nerubackiy 14-16
7. To the question on descriptive definition of antiaircraft defense system A.B. Skorik, V.V. Voronin, S.V. Olhovikov, A.S. Kiriljuk 17-23
8. Choice of methods of conduct of military operations in dependence on descriptions of armament V.O. Bojko 24-26
9. Model of prognostication of the technical state and carrying capacity of the commuter system of reception, storage and distribution of fuel I.A. Romanenko, V.V. Sidash, A.V. Nikiforov 27-31
10. To the question of comparative evaluation of variants of actions of aviation during the conquest of advantage in mid air in modern operations (battle actions) O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval’, V.A. Kolesnikov, V.S. Shishkin 32-35
11. Evaluation of efficiency of airspionage at planning of battle application of its facilities A.I. Volkov, G.V. Pevtsov, V.A. Klimenko. Yu.B. Sitnik 36-40
12. Methodical going near determination of the real state of military efficiency of aviation of Military Powers of Ukraine С.П. Safronov, M.M. Khomik, V.S. Shishkin 41-45
13. Features of application of aviation on the objects of a transport network during an operation „Decisive force” В.В. Babskiy, S.V. Shkrobot 46-48
14. Method of ground of rational decision on conduct of air secret service of the illegal armed formings in woodland О.Ye. Chernavina 49-54
15. Prognostication of the technical state of main reducing gear of helicopter on basis of the use of method of spectral analysis of vibration signal В.А. Voytov, V.N. Chernyavskiy, D.S. Dashuk, I.F. Isachenko 55-57
16. Methodical approach to shaping the look perspective combat aircraft complex B.A. Demidov, O.A. Khmelevskaya 58-64
17. Enhanced method and information technology of support the functional safety of the aircraft onboard information-control systems at design phase V.S. Pohyl 65-70
18. Estimation of coefficient of the use of energy at protecting of specific images from the masking hindrances of artificial origin A.N. Makoveychuk, G.V. Khudov 71-74
19. Estimation of coefficient of the use of energy at protecting of specific images from the masking hindrances of artificial origin A.N. Makoveychuk, G.V. Khudov 75-77
20. Exploitation of zenithal rocket armament on the technical state: scientifically-methodical and organizational aspects V.A. Shatov, D.A. Grib, B.N. Lanetskij, V.V. Lukjanchuk 78-81
21. Peculiarities of reliability analysis for the solid fuel rocket engines of surface-to-air missiles on the stage of extension of their assigned service terms B.N. Lanecky, V.V. Luck'yanchuk, A.A. Shokolovsky, I.V. Koval, V.P. Popov 82-87
22. Choice of index of efficiency of fight against high-fidelity weapon of ZRC, being on armament D.S. Kalugin, D.A. Pivnev 88-90
23. Principles of creation of spatially set about the passive multiposition radio-location system are in the area of action of the radio-location station of early-warning G.V. Pevcov, A.Ya. Yacucenko, D.V. Karlov, A.O. Klimishen, A.M. Ostapova 91-97
24. Method of the association to radar information with provision for coordinate and priznakovyh measurements V.M. Grachov, V.O. Korneev 98-102
25. Simulink-model of nonsearch system aft survey radar for exploration influences of instability of parameters of the frequency discriminator on indicators of quality of frequency trim A.A. Malyshev, А.А. Sosunov, S.V. Yahnis 103-106
26. Analysis of construction of trajectory radiointerferometer Ye.S. Kozelkova 107-108
27. Analysis of influencing of refusals on knots of commutation on temporal descriptions of process of data communication in mode of errors detection by recipient I.O. Romanenko, I.V. Ruban, S.V. Alekseev, Yu.S. Dolgiy 109-112
28. The analysis of prospect of integration of systems of intelligence, control and communication for the decision of problems of antiaircraft defence S.P. Yarosh 113-118
29. Modified method of estimation of capacity of mobile communication WCDMA network O.I. Romanov, V.B. Mankovskij, A.A. Lavrut 119-123
30. Network presentation of information for the automated control active facilities system I.V. Tolok, O.V. Koval 124-127
31. Ground of requirements to computer trainer of decipherer B.M. Ivaschuk, S.Yu. Marenich 128-130
32. Method of structural authentication of informative streams in networks of telecommunications on basis of BDS-testing A.A. Kuznetsov, S.U. Semenov, S.N. Simonenko, E.V. Meleshko 131-136
33. Visual-imitating modelling digital system SMP, realizing discrete transformation Hartly I.M. Nevmerzhitsky, A.A. Grizo, I.I. Kalinichenko, R.Yu. Klimenko 137-140
34. Features of reference server time ACS spetsіal destinations based on atomic clocks synchronized on signals global navigation satellite systems А.М. Nosyk, O.P. Narezniy 141-145
35. Mathematical model of process semantic transformation contour image in the structure of concept V.V. Onischenko 146-149
36. The assessment of interoperability project management processes and procedures of scientific research management in the Ukrainian Armed Forces G.V. Pevtsov, A.V. Prosov, A.O. Feklistov 150-152
37. Analysis of informative models of operating ships of complexes zenital rockets V.A. Galiy 152-154
38. To the question about the estimation of efficiency of determination of fact of start of space object on the change of parameters of ionosphere, controlled the method of non-coherent dispersion of radio waves V.D. Karlov, A.B. Kotov, M.N. Zhuravsky, D.V. Karlov 155-157
39. Channel of automatic tracking of space vehicle to direction for LIMS with the use of MFTMM and by possibility of rec-ognition SV O.V. Kolomitsev, O.O. Boljubash, D.G. Vasilev, А.V. Guba 158-161
40. About the time arrangement of phase-manipulated hydro-acoustic signal with continuous frequency spread K.G. Kebkal 162-165
41. Analysis of basic directions of development of control the system by space vehicles Ye.I. Makhonin, A.N. Zagorul'ko 166-169
42. Experimental researches of destructive influence of powerful electromagnetic radiations on underground multiple-wire flow lines D.B. Kucher, A.I. Harlanov, I.V. Medved', L.V. Litvinenko 170-174
43. Estimation of seismic effect of surface explosion for subsystem of geophysical control of ground tests A.I. Solonets 175-177
44. The mathematical model of knowledge presentation in the distance learning system А.G. Oxijuk, Yu.V. Volosjuk 178-181
45. Determination function probability of the conditions of the rolling launcher Yu.A. Olijnik, V.A. Borodavka, Yu.O. Kusakin 182-185
46. Ways of equipment the technical devices of the complex system of defence of military objectives of airforces I.G. Dzeverin, I.L. Kostenko, O.M. Borshchevsky 186-189
47. Generalised criterion of the syntheses of the adaptive system technical diagnostics complex industrial object O.V. Ivanchenko 190-193
48. The development of methods of bringing the measured speed of the shells by the perspective ballistic station P.E. Trophimenko, V.I. Makeev 194-197
49. Authors 198-201
50. Index 201