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3. Improved method of determination of priority of defeat rocket objects opponent for -aviation inflictings blows in the operations (battle actions) of Military Forces of Ukraine В.В. Gamora 5-9
4. Rationale approach to the determination of fire potential of inter specific tactical group S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh 9-14
5. Polyhedral analysis in research structurally of the difficult systems for the decision of task to the choice of objects of fire defeat А.V. Tristan, V.V. Gridina, O.M. Kozak, S.L. Gorodeckiy 15-19
6. Design of influence of aviation decimators on characteristics power-plant of aircraft A.N. Sorochkin 20-25
7. Target level of safety providing in the effects of vortex wakes О.V. Solovyov, P.V. Prusak, N.V. Kobrina 26-30
8. Modernization of the supersonic wind tunnel of Kharkiv university of Air Forces E.A. Ukrainets 31-37
9. To the question of the theory of creation anti-aircraft missile fire (theory and practice of preparation and conduct of anti-aircraft combat) by units and squads of air defense missile troops O.L. Kharytonov, A.O. Kharytonov 38-40
10. Improved method of estimation of efficiency of secret service of groupment of zenithal rocket troops А.B. Tytarenko 41-43
11. Construction of functional checking tests for non-contact induction method of diagnostics V.V. Kuzavkov, S.O. Klimovich 44-47
12. The order of application of the program-technical complex for improving the noise immunity of the radio channel tactical management I.V. Kuzminich 48-50
13. Noise descriptions of two circular system PLL with transformation of frequency into ring N.P. Kandyrin 51-55
14. Frequency control of piezoresonance oscillator system by gradient field vibration S.V. Khutornenko, D.P. Vasil'chuk, D.A. Semenec 56-59
15. Formation radiometric images using kalman filtering Vu Ta Cuong, Nguyen Ngoc Vinh Hao, Nguyen Van Kiem 60-66
16. Analysis of approaches for the identification of people at the access control systems I.V. Ruban, I.A. Khizhnyak 67-70
17. Perfection of informative providing of activity of operators to ace at estimation of the state of management objects Yu.V. Stasev, М.А. Pavlenko, T.Yu. Mischenko, L.V. Shamanska 70-74
18. Formation of information signs of information model for conflict management systems dynamic objects P.G. Berdnik, D.N. Obidin, O.S. Bodyak 75-78
19. Research of the level software testing infotelecommunication systems I.A. Lysenko, A.A. Smirnov, E.V. Meleshko 79-81
20. Comparative analysis of mathematical modeling methods of information and telecommunication networks of critical applying A.P. Oskolkov 82-89
21. Research indicators performance of the intelligent switching nodes in the telecommunication systems and networks Mohamad Abou Taam, A.A. Smirnov, M.S. Yakimenko, S.A. Smirnov 90-95
22. Choice of expedient method of search of object on the basis of the optimum distributing of forces and facilities of search and rescuing V.V. Khizhnyak, A.V. Gurnik 96-99
23. Mathematical model of low-level ionizing gamma-radiation detection Yu.Yu. Goncharenko, M.М. Diviziniuk, A.V. Farrakhov 100-103
24. Method of determining the optimal distribution plan and related optimal route visiting metrology group in the limitations the total cost of metrological services V.B. Kononov, Y.I. Sheviakov, D.A. Filistееv, V.V. Burtceva 104-111
25. Rapid method of resource indexes lubricating materials determining during exploitation G.P. Sіgaylo, A.G. Kravtsov, V.V. Varvarov 112-114
26. The use of the index indicators to identify high-risk locations A.A. Dyadyushenko, L.V. Khatkovaya 115-117
27. Formation of the qualification of the project team N.V. Dothenko, E.I. Shostak, A.A. Lysenko 121-123
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