Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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2. Contents 3-5
3. Looks are in relation to subsequent development of forms and methods of application of Aircrafts of Military Powers of Ukraine in modern operations (battle actions) А.М. Artemenko, O.O. Astakhov, V.V. Koval, O.M. Zharik 6-9
4. Methodology of determining balanced composition of Air Force to conduct air operations O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval, V.V. Tyurіn, І.O. Zagorka 10-15
5. Method of evaluation of strategic terms of development of military powers О.М. Semenenko, A.G. Vodchic', Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, R.V. Boyko, A.I. Kremeshny 16-23
6. Concerning the development of tactics tactical level units when they are used in modern operations (wars) Yu.F. Kucherenko, A.M. Nosyk 24-26
7. Formalized description of the tasks synthesis rational structure of air defense grouping of troops (forces) and its subsystems according to the Concept of enemy aircraft I.A. Taran 27-29
8. Ways of solving ensuring the safety of flights in the airspace of Ukraine when used in unmanned aerial vehicles I.M. Klusnikov, A.G. Yerilkìn, V.M. Petrov 30-32
9. Deterministic model for aircraft in case of unusual situation in flight T.F. Shmelova, V.V. Shyshakov, O.V. Shostak 33-37
10. Air Traffic Control and perspective directions of its improvement P.M. Onipchenko, M.А. Pavlenko, A.I. Timochko 38-41
11. Methodological aspects of formation operative-tactical requirements for air defense systems and complex A.B. Skoryk, S.P.Yarosh, V.V. Voronin, A.V. Cherkashin 42-47
12. Definition of dynamic coefficient of air defense missile system mobility means of Ukraine air armed forces M.A. Podrigalo, K.G. Yatsenko, I.V. Rogozin 48-50
13. The information resources organization model in the MANET`s intellectual nodal control systems O.Ya. Sova, D.A. Minochkin, V.A. Romanyuk, P.V. Zhuk 51-57
14. Features construction of channels measurement of distance and speed of the aircraft in the landing zone as part monopulse radar auto track with amplitude processing and Doppler filtration reflections N.D. Rysakov, V.V. Kucenko, I.L. Kostenko, O.P. Kulik, D.N. Voronov 58-63
15. Analysis of global tendencies of automated control systems troops and weapons O.D. Paschetnyk 64-68
16. Preparation of reference patterns for high-fidelity cross-correlation-extreme systems of navigation on basis of the use direct cross-correlation analysis V.A. Tarshyn, О.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko 69-73
17. Choice of maximum rejections on key currents values at diagnosticating radio-electronic facilities of radiation measurings modules К.I. Kucherov, V.M. Pelekhaty, М.I. Adamenko 74-77
18. Mathematical model of procedure incoherent demodulation of digital signals with angular modulation in the conditions of additive influence of similar hindrances V.F. Yerokhin, Y.V. Peleshok 78-83
19. Determining of the required information capacity of on-board equipment of vehicle diagnostics through introduction of new information technologies V.A. Sivak 84-87
20. Rationale the basic requirements for protective devices on-board radio telecommunication systems from powerful electromagnetic radiation N.S. Antonenko 88-91
21. Monitoring the security of wireless computer networks A.N. Yudin, Yu.I. Hlaponin 92-96
22. Proposals for the use of asymmetric encryption to ensure cryptographic protection of the transmission channels of command and telemetry data between the UAV and the operator A.S. Petrenko, O.E. Petrenko 97-100
23. A complex index for evaluating the effectiveness noise immunity codes M.V. Tsuranov 101-104
24. Method of priority bandwidth allocation in the downlink of LTE Al-Sharify Mushtaq Talib 105-110
25. Results of realization as software product of method of construction of areas of electromagnetic availability of facilities of radiomonitoring N.M. Kalyuzhnyy, S.A. Galkin, K.N. Korzhukov, A.V. Khryapkin 111-114
26. Performance indicators control systems distributed information systems under uncertainty Yu.I. Losev, S.I. Shmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, D. Olotu Oluwatosin, Yu.M. Malyshko 115-117
27. Study the possibility of parallel processing of large volumes of data based on "Cloud computing" O.G. Tolstoluzhskaya, B.V. Parshencev 118-121
28. Comparison of technologies of sites creation is with their having a special purpose V.V. Berkovsky, V.O. Radionov, V.S. Burkovsky 122-124
29. The directions for creation of rocket components of deterrent forces anuclear country Y.M. Agafonov, Y.M. Osipov, Y.A. Tkachenko 125-127
30. Ground of choice of criterion of optimality binary scale signals with a normalized spectrum O.V. Vodolazhko 128-131
31. The calculated ratio determine the inrush currents and voltage dips when starting induction motor squirrel cage B.T. Kononov, N.M. Ryabukha 132-135
32. Analysis of data formats of Earth remote sensing A.O. Podorozhniak, R.M. Gryb, R.A. Moskalenko 137-141
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34. Index 144