Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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3. The аpproach to the determination of the rational structure of specific forces and means to counteract the negative information and psychological impact of the enemy on the troops and the population H. Pievtsov, A. Hordiienko, S. Zalkin, S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskij 5-13
4. Principles, methods and approaches to receiving unified data on environment while monitoring with the use of integrated multisensor complexes of military and dual purposes B. Demidov, Yu. Kucherenko, A. Nosyk 14-31
5. The features flow around the front of the fuselage of maneuverable aircraft at high angle of attack S. Kalkamanov 32-36
6. Robust control design and testing for an unmanned air vehicle R.M. Farhadi, V.I. Kortunov 37-43
7. Radiation characteristics of the aperture antenna with two-layer conic radome S. Nechitaylo, O. Sukharevsky, V. Vasilets 44-47
8. Peculiarities of military-scientific and scientific-technical support of the works on extension the specified measures of surface-to-air missiles, and directions of improving the normative and scientific-methodological support of mentioned works B. Lanetsky, V. Luk'yanchuk, V. Lisovenko, I. Terebuha 48-54
9. Method of secondary processing of radiological information on monitoring of mobile object on the district border of Ukraine Yu. Babiy 55-63
10. Determination of the three-corodinate surveillance radar location by aerial ELINT means A. Kobzev, V. Romanenko, A. Rybiak, M. Murzin 64-68
11. Use of the ADS-B information in order to improve quality of the air space radar reconnaissance S. Leshchenko, O. Kolesnik, S. Gricaenko, S. Burkovsky 69-75
12. Mathematical modelling of tactical radio system (with frequency-phase-coded by pseudorandom sequence noise-like signals) detection by adversary signal intelligence A. Volobuiev, O. Usahova, D. Bukhal 76-85
13. Impact of powerful electromagnetic radiation on radioelectronic means A. Sotnikov, M. Yasechko, V. Tarshyn 86-91
14. Improvement of metrological expertise of military communication means M. Yakovlev, L. Sakovych, Y. Ryzhov, P. Arkushenko 92-99
15. Determination of rational ways of interaction between security and defense forces during protection of important state objects from subversive actions of the enemy diversionary forces A. Kateshchenok, I. Neklonskyі 100-107
16. The first crisis of british nuclear forces (strategic aviation) and “Nassau pact” A. Pospіelov 108-120
17. Approach to evaluation of mine resistant levels of armored vehicles taking into account welded joints S. Bisyk 121-127
18. Development of the method of calculating safe sites with fire potential by using the parameter royalg algorithm V. Lytvyn, D. Ugryn, S. Shevchuk, O. Iliiyuk 128-135
19. Index 144