Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Basic sectors of application of technologies containing elements and methods of artificial intelligence in the defense sphere B. Demidov, Y. Kucherenko, O. Matiushchenko 7-15
4. Development of a method for analyzing the composition and characteristics of advanced weapons samples for the Air Force of Ukraine O. Turinskyi 16-20
5. The choice of a rational option for conducting aerial reconnaissance by drones Zviglyanich, M. Iziumskyi, S. Orlov 21-27
6. Perspective direction of the development of on-board navigation systems of aircraft for the Armed Forces of Ukraine І. Kashaev, V. Petrov, О. Кompaniets, E. Kashaev, S. Denysova 28-35
7. Fitness function of the method of images thematic segmentation of onboard optical-electronic observation systems H. Khudov, A. Makoveychuk, I. Khizhnyak, Yu. Solomonenko, R. Khudov 36-42
8. Analysis of the features of construction and using of perspective control systems of the high-precision weapons. Positioning systems A. Skoryk, О. Florov, Y. Morhun, D. Molchanov, O. Hrechka, S. Shepelevych 43-51
9. Requirements for the removal and height of the active interference imitators location in the surveillance radars ground test V. Zyukin, V. Klimchenko, S. Kukobko 52-59
10. Influence of the angle of observation of air objects on the quality of their radar recognition S. Leshchenko 60-68
11. Multiloop tracking distance measuring device of radio-technical tracking system of high-manavable aircrafts Radhwan Mohammed Jawad Kadhim 69-74
12. Evaluation of influence of active interferences on the accuracy of evaluation of meteoroligal formations in pulsed doppler meteorological radar D. Atamanskyi 75-82
13. Presenting dynamic interaction processes in the space of the states of the fuzzy colored Petri net for verifying the software of the fuzzy logical classification system O. Timochko 83-89
14. Method forming the values of the indicators of ergonomic characteristics of the perspective complex of means of automating the aerial control system O. Chertok 90-98
15. Model of making decisions concerning methods of operation for service and fighting order elements of the state border guard units in stabilization actions A. Horbatiuk 99-106
16. Military and non-military aspects of security of Poland P. Pacek 107-118
17. Methods of work of the border guard detachment headquarters on finding and eliminating the enemy subversive groups O. Trembovetskyi, D. Hulevatyi 119-127
18. Results of experimental research of quality of receipt of satellite navigation systems signals with single-frequency receivers under space weather variations M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko, G. Kalashnyk 128-137
19. Index 138

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