Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Strong Europe with strong Ukraine Boguslaw Pacek 7-11
4. Principles, methods and technologies for armed breakdown, formation and force management in conditions of active informational conflict of the conflicting parties D. Grib, B. Demidov, Y. Kucherenko, A. Tkachov, T. Kuleshova 12-22
5. Planning the information and psychological operation on the basis of realization of Boyd cycles H. Pievtsov, S. Zalkin, S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskij 23-29
6. Modeling of flight crew and air traffic controller collaborative decision making during emergency cases in flight M. Kasatkin, Yu. Sikirda, T. Shmelova, P. Gryzodub 30-38
7. The current state and prospects for the development of radar landing systems O. Kashchishin, К. Vasyuta, О. Kivshar, M. Dolina 39-45
8. Advanced approaches towards aircraft load optimization problem Ye. Sahun 46-50
9. An improvement of the method for calculation security of radiolocation stations from active jamming in the radio engineering's troops V. Klimchenko, V. Lupandin, S. Zakirov 51-57
10. Improved method of classification of air objects O. Timochko 58-63
11. Methods to increase accuracy of the coordinates of air object through the multi receivers ADS-B system use A. Fedorov, T. Kalimulin, O. Serdiuk, G. Hudov 64-69
12. Diagnostic information processing technique for the automated radio-electronic equipment technical diagnostics system M. Zherdiev, S. Hlukhov, M. Nikiforov 70-78
13. Cognitive radio systems: problems and future development U. Zbezhkhovska 79-83
14. Method of chaotic cutting of phasomanipulated signals P. Kostenko, O. Chekunova, N. Sydor, O. Morgun 84-90
15. New technologies and means of communicationin the Armed Forces of Ukraine: ways of transformation and prospects of development O. Lavrut, T. Lavrut, O. Klimovich, Y. Zdorenko 91-101
16. Adapted neural network of information support subsystem S. Semenov, О. Lipchanska, M. Lipchanskyi 102-106
17. Determination of risk indicators of loss of negative situations on technological dangerous objects V. Varakuta, T. Hlimancov, S. Starodubcev, S. Ptashka 116
18. Algorithm increase exactness of prognostication process origin extraordinary situations on basis regressive models H. Ivanets, M. Ivanets 117-122
19. Modelling and forecasting the level of the operational situation complexity in the area of the National Guard of Ukraine military units’ responsibility V. Ovcharenko 123-127
20. Proposals for the development of the transport platform of the battle robotechnical complex with the independent driver of the fourth wheels V. Klimenko, V. Belikov, O. Grigoriev, V. Osipenko 128-135
21. Index 136