Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Method of fuzzy evaluation of information and analytical provision of activity of the officials of the main command point of operative tactical structure of the war in a defense operation I. Alieinykov 7-18
4. Decision grounding methodology on asymmetric reaction by the armed forces of Ukraine to the threats in military sphere V. Bohdanovytch, O. De’nega, O. Dublayn, A. Prima 19-26
5. Recommendations for the creation of interspecific tactical groups S. Guzchenko, S. Telyukov, M. Tkachenko 27-32
6. General content and main regulations of the concept of substantiation of the troops (forces), staff required for performance of the certain tasks, according to the criteria of “sufficiency of capabilities” V. Didichenko 33-39
7. Features of formation of the scenario of informational and psychological influence in the realization of strategic communications H. Pievtsov, S. Zalkin, S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskij 40-46
8. Specifics of NATO defence planning process V. Slyusar, K. Kulahin 47-59
9. Scientific-methodical bases and measures of study of structural dynamics management processes of composed multiple structural military systems in their continuous lighting O. Turinskyi, D. Grib, B. Demidov, Y. Kucherenko, A. Tkachov, O. Khmelevska 60-72
10. Realization of proportional self-homing of the corrected aerial bomb according to the information of the satellite navigation system I. Kravchuk, V. Taranenko 73-78
11. The analysis of possibilities of the Russian hypersound aviation rocket complex Х-47М2 "Dagger" S. Yarosh 79-85
12. Method of designing the life-cycle management system of the perspective air defense system A. Skoryk, M. Pavlenko, K. Kornieiev, S. Osievskiy 86-92
13. Unified structure of the system of interperiod signal processing for radar systems with a meteochannel D. Atamanskiy 93-104
14. Choice of a method for forming a scale azimuth pulses in the surveillance radar of the “old” park under the instability of the antenna rotational speed O. Malyshev, M. Araslanov, D. Orlov, A. Kovtun 105-113
15. Method of information flow control in a hyperconvergent system N. Kuchuk 114-121
16. Analysis of variability and attack on state information resources processed in information and telecommunication systems S. Salnyk, A. Storchak, A. Mykytiuk, A. Divicky 122-131
17. Methodology for determining an option for response by military management bodies regional administration on changing the situation at the state border depending on the forecast level of its complexity V. Kournikov 132-140
18. Index 141-142