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2. Contents 274-276
3. Method of compression of colour coordinates and lengths of series A.V. Korolyov, V.V. Barannik, A.M. Ginevskiy 3-12
4. The design of the algorithm of minimisation of generalized logical functions with independent parameters N.G. Korobkov, E.N. Korobkova 13-16
5. Можливості безпровідного доступу до інформаційних ресурсів A.A. Vyalov, F.А. Domnin, I.S. Zykov 17-20
6. Zonal coding of images at step-by-step variation of signs matrix status S.V. Malakhov, N.A. Korolyova 21-26
7. Introduction and optimization of parameters of the hierarchic form of verisimilitude function representation at location information classification V.Je. Savanevich, Je.V. Vetlugin 27-33
8. The technique of synthesis of parameters of the recursive digital dynamic filter of the second order for analysers of the casual signals spectrum V.N. Chinkov, A.L. Kharchenko 34-37
9. The determination of the problem of the optimal allocation of local object defense system V.B. Kononov, Ju.I. Kushneruk, I.G. Dzeverin, A.P. Gurin 38-41
10. The research of the models of resonance measuring transformers when the moisture of dry substances is measured A.I. Ovcharenko, M.V. Shapiro 42-47
11. Comparative review of information contents of analytical and numerical methods of calculation of electromagnetic energy absorbed by biological objects L.F. Kuchin, G.A. Ljashenko, I.A. Cherepnev, A.K. Gigolaev 48-51
12. Processing the raster images presented in DIB format A.V. Kharchenko 52-55
13. Optimization of the wide stripe digital nets parameters with the integration of services with ATM technologies with main limited resources P.A. Budko 56-60
14. New technologies use while projecting of document exchange nets S.A. Turko, L.A. Fomin, S.N. Zdanevich, A.I. Vataga, N.N. Gakhova 61-75
15. Planetary mechanism synthesis with pair satellites of minimum mass V.T. Abramov, O.Ju. Dovgopola 76-84
16. Features of knowledge representation in the decision support system S.V. Somov 85-88
17. The equation of flat upright of a vehicle to the start position U.A. Oleinik, V.F. Slobodyanuk 89-92
18. The prognosis of characteristics of the operation object model with the usage of temporal series interpolatio Je.A. Morshakov, Je.V. Breghnev 93-96
19. A structure of simulation model of thoroug (logistical) optimization of commodity traffic at an enterprise G.B. Varshavyak, V.Ju. Dubnitsky, L.V. Shemaeva, V.N. Shemaev 97-102
20. An imitation model of digital systems reliability with diverse operation modes of heterogeneous reserve canals V.S. Kharchenko, V.I. Gridin 103-108
21. The reference map synthesis matching aircraft navigation systems A.M. Grichanyuk 109-113
22. The increase of operation speed of acoustic and optic digital processors by Bragg resonances of the first and second order A.V. Shevchenko 114-118
23. Principles of the development of the informational systems protective nets A.A. Serkov 119-122
24. Nine - point circumference in case of an arbitrary triangle S.V. Gadetskaja 123-128
25. An algorithm of synthesis of minimum covering tree on an arbitrary group of connected graph nodes A.V. Kuznetsov, V.N. Batsamut 129-134
26. Decision rule of objects detecting against an underlying surface B.V. Khrabrostin, A.I. Omelchenko, A.F. Katasonov 135-139
27. Sequence Algorithm of Asynchronous Engines Triggering V.Je. Pustovarov,  A.B. Jegorov 140-143
28. A multipolynomial variant of «quadric sieve» method of factorisation of RSA module of the autentification system Ju. V. Stasev, L.S. Soroka, A.A. Smirnov 144-148
29. On an approache to the simulation of the aerosol - making objects I.N. Chepil, S.A. Pisarev, V.V. Jatskov 149-151
30. The regressive analysis as a method of interpretation of results of radar-tracking images processing T.V. Lavrut 152-153
31. Diabetes diagnostics based on the analysis of the system phase - plane portrait O.N. Velichko 154-157
32. Definition of the information–probable indications of the control system operation C.N. Zviglyanich, Ju.V. Lоyevskiy 158-160
33. Design of decoding algorithm of algebraic geometric codes A.V. Severinov, A.A. Kuznetsov, V.V. Kurish 161-163
34. Methods of determination of the zone of estimation of a slowly falling body trajectory by optical means of the exterior trajectory measures P.I. Ivanov, V.I. Masyagin, S.A. Bebeshko 164-168
35. Determination of the expenditure rate of the plane resources while flying in the turbulent atmosphere S.V. Shevchenko, A.G. Tarastsev, S.M. Kurennoy 169-171
36. Mathematical models of verification of electromechanical and electrodynamical measuring instruments of alternating current by the right-angled signals V.N. Chinkov, A.A. Karevik 172-176
37. The structure of the control system of air environment parameters of objects P.F. Budanov, D.Ju. Golubnichiy, Ju.G. Danik, V.D. Kalugin 177-186
38. Features of selection of orbital construction of multisatellite low orbit network structures S.V. Kozelkov, V.F. Stolbov 187-190
39. Fuzzy logic use when solving situation recognition problems A.V. Scherbakov, A.N. Magera, A.L. Stokipny 191-193
40. Single-base coordinates measuring instrument of a ground radiation source with the space vehicles use D.V. Golkin, S.I. Berezina 194-197
41. Mathematical model of the problem of identification in multilevel radar system Ju.A. Sirotin 198-203
42. The inductive methods of the hypothesis generalization T.N. Novozhilova 204-208
43. The features of synthesis of the control laws of manoeuvring of the system with non-integrated links and with inertial points B.G. Vasilyev, D.A. Pivnev, S.A. Martsinkevich 209-213
44. The solving of work distribution problem on basis of genetic algorithm A.S. Turkovskiy, S.I. Simonov, A.V. Siskov 214-218
45. Mathematical model of the synchronization process in the system of electrical supply with the diesel – electrical plants of guarantied feeding with the combine electrical machines B. T. Kononov, Ju.А. Kusakin, A.N. Malish 219-224
46. Storekeeping model at the determined constant of demand intensity A.F. Lazutsky, S.V. Voroshilov 225-227
47. The estimation of macroscopic parameters of solid plasma in a semiconductor G.F. Konjahin, A.Ju. Melashenko, A.M. Sotnikov, V.V. Belimov 228-231
48. An algorithm of determination of a sighting line angular speed K.F. Fomichov, S.M. Andrejev 232-235
49. The analyses of the derivatives measuring device with nonlinear comparator by the polyharmonical linearization method S.V. Chorniy 236-239
50. The use of genetic algorithms for optimization of image processing neuronet structure А.A. Podorozhnyak 240-243
51. The ways of satellite communication systems integration V.N. Harchenko, A.A. Lavrut 244-247
52. Optimization of the algorithm determination in the transforming of the informational problems I.V. Chumachenko, V.V. Kosenko 248-252
53. Modelling of processing the requests in information systems G.A. Kuchuk, M.I. Ginevskiy 253-257
54. Abstracts