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2. Contents 293-297
3. Analytical decision of the problem of the optimal distribution of the flows in the data transmission nets L.A. Fomin, N.N. Gahova, S.N. Zdanevich, A.I. Vataga, Y.O. Malofey 3-15
4. Casting moment of the inertia of planetary mechanisms with pair satellites V.T. Abramov, O.Ju. Dovgopola 16-25
5. Estimation of operation subjects interaction with taking into account their relation to the risk Je.V. Bregnev, A.D. Buhantsov 25-27
6. About influence of a thermal state of a tube of a weapons on a muzzle velocities of the bullets A.I. Bilenko 28-32
7. Adaptive method of control of the data flows for build-down of transfer time of data S.A. Sokolov, D.V. Sumtsow 33-37
8. The role of interaction of anharmonic mods in the frequency spectrum of localised oscillations of piezoelectric resonators H.A. Ganenko, T.V. Emeljanova, S.S. Nedorezov, V.Je. Pustovarov 38-42
9. Determination of the quantity of the icon information regarding the quantity of the several elements series A.V. Korolyov, V.V. Barannik 43-46
10. Joint estimation of spatial coordinates of double-base passive systems Ju.A. Sirotin 47-51
11. Searching algorithm of the problem of partially integer programming solution G.B. Varshavyak, V.Ju. Dubnitsky, L.G. Shemaeva, V.N. Shemaev 51-55
12. Coordinate tiring of photographs and photoplans on the basis of the bit-linear transformation of the raster Ju.V. Stasev, O.V. Kasianov 56-59
13. Indicators of fault-tolerance and reconfigurability SBIS-systems of real time N.P. Blagodarnyi 60-64
14. Compression of the matrix of sign of bidimentional integer wave transformation Al. Ju. Strjuk, Al - r. Ju. Strjuk 65-70
15. Modeling of the imagery definition process in the radiometric correlation-extremal systems of the navigation of the millimetric range waves V.I. Antufeev, V.N. Bikov, A.S. Vilchinskiy, Je.D. Prilepskiy 70-75
16. Heat-shielding ceramic tile coverings of combustion chambers of rocket engines of solid fuel I.M. Prihodko, V.Je. Ved, A.L. Vinnik, V.A. Dureev 76-79
17. Enchancement of the accuracy of filtering of space objects motion parameters at multichannel observation B.A. Chumak, A.V. Dremluga, I.G. Lisachenko 80-85
18. Methods of the igniter mass selection for starting of the rocket of solid fuel I.M. Prihodko, V.A. Borodavka 85-91
19. Analysis of methods of constructions shortes alternative codes A.V. Severinov, N.V. Pastukhov, S.L. Gorodetskiy 91-94
20. Modified sigma - filter for the one-dimensional informational signal processing S.K. Abramov, Ju.A. Litvyak, V.V. Lukin, A.Ju. Proskurin 95-104
21. The conditions of stability provision of the controlled course movement of the systems with non – integrated links of wheel type B.G. Vasilyev, D.A. Pivnev 104-109
22. Nonquilibrium plasma use in the impulsion discharge for the air cleansing from fluid virulent poisonous substances A.M. Grek, Ju.I. Gudzii, A.V. Kobzar 110-113
23. Analysis of the performance capabilities of the screening statistical methods using of anomalous measures for the probability rising of the telemetry data P.P. Topolnizkiy, A.V. Andreev, A.R. Rihalskiy 114-120
24. Technique of localization of fractal-homogeneous sites as a result of supervision Ju.G. Danyk, M.V. Malyarov, A.A. Tolstaya 120-126
25. Identification of the frequency group standard by stochastic model of connected oscillators system Ju.I. Evdokimenko, A.P. Narezshny 126-131
26. Analyses of the devices of the derivatives from the altitude-modulated signals by the methods of the polyharmonical linearization S.V. Cherny 132-138
27. Imitation model of cosmic data transmission net S.V. Kozelkov, V.F. Stolbov 138-142
28. Thermal field identification of the calcic furnace A.K. Gnap, M.I. Kovalenko 143-151
29. Technique of optimization of expenses at meteorological maintenance of armed Forces of Ukraine S.S. Vojtenko 151-155
30. The method of solution of the force and means distribution problem in conflict situation V.B. Kononov 155-158
31. Adaptation algorithm of the aircraft manipulation by the way of the energy resources redistribution when controllers are damaged A.S. Lihodeev 159-162
32. Construction analysis of invariant satellite communications radiotechnical systems S.А.Тischuk 163-166
33. Accuracy rating of the frequency ratio measuring instrument in influence term of the fluctuation noise G.V. Aleshin, Ju.A. Bogdanov, A.V. Kolomiycev 166-169
34. Algorithm of the heavy numbers division V.Y. Pevnev, V.O. Agafonova 170-175
35. The choice of nominal models on the achievability properties base for robust control problems V.I. Коrtunov, V.I. Petrenko, I.Ju. Dybska 176-186
36. Methods of the photosensitivity rising of the aerial films by the way of the external electric field influence V.V. Mihalko 186-189
37. Methods of the quolity determination of the optical systems icon C.M. Andreev, K.F. Fomichov 190-193
38. Meteoric radio channel using for the local net organization of the packet radio V.I. Barsov, K.Ju. Dergachev 194-198
39. Trainer systems using in the process of the military specialists training Ju.A. Gusak, Ju.V. Pargin, M.F. Pichugin 198-201
40. Hybrid encoding algorithm O.A. Smirnov, V.Je. Chevardin 202-205
41. Trajectory manegment calculation of the aircraft motion under conditions of the general view limitations A.O. Klimishen 206-208
42. Masking behavior of the aerosol curtains I.N. Chepil, I.A. Radchenko, S.A. Pisarev 209-211
43. Analyses of the size of graphics files D.V. Grinev, C.Ju. Gaidarov 212-214
44. Efficiency factor selection of the communicational system and radio ensuring of the air-unit A.I. Babenko, A.L. Riabuha, I.L. Kostenko 215-220
45. Influence of the nonquilibrate solid plasma at the extinction of the electromagnetic waves G.F. Koniahin, A.Ju. Melashenko, V.V. Belimov, V.Je. Novikov, A.M. Sotnikov 221-224
46. Determination of the minimization algorithm of the logical function with dependent parameters N.G. Korobkov, E.N. Korobkova 225-230
47. Aerodynamic features of the combinations of solids of revolution and supporting surfaces Ju.N. Agafonov, V.Ja. Turchenko, Ju.A. Tkachenko, M.A. Gelevei 231-238
48. Research of influence of various levels of filling of a fuel tanks at varied rigidity of support elements on dynamic characteristics of a thin-walled design of aircraft V.A. Tabunenko, A.G. Tarastsev, A.Je. Tihomirov 239-242
49. Safety determination of the multichannel architectures of the adaptive majority-redundant digital superintendents and computation systems I.V. Piskаchоva 242-247
50. Optimization of structures differential subsystem of navigation-time service using genetic algorithms I.A. Kashaev, А.A. Podorozhnyak 248-252
51. COTS– and CrOTS– approaches to ensuring of critical and commercial IT-projects effectiveness V. S. Kharchenko, К. V. Kharchenko 252-258
52. Space-time characteristics of the ultra-wideband vibrator G.V. Ermakov, S.S. Bagrov, V.F. Sheyanov, S.V. Kurovsky 259-262
53. Determination of the zones with the rising of the active interference rate and possibility of the effective using of the integrated radio navigational systems S.I. Krivo-sheya, A.V. Nikitin, A.V. Cherniatev, B.B. Pospelov 263-269
54. Secondary processing the ultrasonic images A.V. Kharchenko 269-272
55. Optimization of the datapieces allocation of the informational systems G.A. Kuchuk 272-275
56. Abstracts 275-292