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2. Contents 293-297
3. The conception model of intellectual base of the data of the electromagnetic biocomplex A.R. Korsunov, P.F. Poliakov 3-7
4. Exactness of the algorithms of the imagines comparing, which are based at the decisive function interpolation V.I. Antufeev, I.E. Bakulin, V.N. Bikov, А.M. Grichanuk, T.V. Miroshnik-Bikova 7-12
5. Modelings of change frequency of properties of transistor structures at an irradiation A.K. Gnap, N.J. Kovalenko, E.F. Khramov, G.V. Prohorov 13-21
6. Control algorithm of many-tier AMRS adaptation at present criterion of correlation failure of high-integrated elements of its tiers A.P. Zenin 22-27
7. Principle of measurement accuracy increase of aircraft rates of movement radial compound by a six-parameter system G.V. Alioshin, Ju.P. Rondin, A.V. Kolomiytzev 28-31
8. Methods of determination of the optical systems definition resolution for visual observation А.A. Gzevtuk 31-34
9. Adaptive method of functioning effectiveness increase of synchronisation microwave systems of high-speed communication lines S.V. Kozelkov, A.N. Zogorul’ko 34-39
10. The estimation of the results of the compression of the videodata by the method of difference series with extraction of the “burst” D.E. Petrukowich 40-43
11. Vector optimisation logistical processes of supply of enterprise G.B. Varshavyak, V.Yu. Dubnitsky, L.G. Shemaeva, V.N. Shemaev 43-45
12. Grapho – analytical method of disjunctive normal forms determination of generalized logical functions V.G. Rubanov, E.N. Korobkova 46-53
13. Type System in the Software-Intensive System Ju.S. Manzhos 54-57
14. The model of the metrological severing system of measurement technique means V.N. Chinkov, S.S. Vojtenko 58-63
15. The analysis of the information amount which is required for classification of the location data with given average risk V.E. Savanevich, A.V. Pugach 63-70
16. Choosing of the efficient variant of the management construction V.N. Labenko 70-72
17. Correlative method for determination of an angle of elevation of aerial objects above uneven surface V.G. Gartovanov, M.R. Arsalanov, I.V. Kabazenko,        S.V. Pshenichnih 73-84
18. Factorial modeling of the functional subdivisions activity of the financial-industrial systems V.G. Kuchmiev, A.I. Lisenko 85-93
19. The structure of mathematical maintenance of the computer trainer for studying of operator on the base of expert systems technology V.A. Timofeev, V.V. Tulupov 94-98
20. The topologies of geoinformatic control systems in electric networks O.G. Grib, V.N. Burtsev, A.L. Yerokhin 99-105
21. The analysis of influence of a level of filling of a fuel tank and the character of reference connections at the dynamic characteristics of a thin-walled design of an aircraft V.А. Tabunenko, A.V. Priymak, V.V. Loginov 105-108
22. Mathematical model of origin of transmission errors in a storage channel L.A. Klimenko, D.V. Sumtsov 108-113
23. Increasing the acuracy of angular measurement in radar with antenna array operating on the background of active jamming V.A. Tarshin, V.A. Vasilyev 113-119
24. Method of expert cryptoanalysis of Rao-Nama’s system A.D. Buhantsov, S.V. Malahov, Je.V. Brejnev 119-123
25. The method of designing and particularities of controlling parameters of signals with FM in tabular digital synthesizers N.P. Kandyrin, A.M. Dzigora 124-128
26. The estimation of intensity of determined attenuated optical signals E.I. Zhilin 129-141
27. Algorithm synthesis procedure for detection – tracking and recognizing of the air object in the complexes and systems of passive location V.M. Grachov, A.V. Dovbnja 141-145
28. General method of the functioning of the adaptive self-organizing computer system O.I. Bogatov, S.S. Bagrov, Ju.E. Parfionov, I.I Prokopenko 145-150
29. Estimation of Indeces of Reliability of Emergent Electric Supplying of Consumer of Personal Need of APP T.A. Pisarenko, V.E. Pustovarov, A.D. Savoskin 150-154
30. Estimation of parameters of a key of cryptography system S.V. Dudenko 155-158
31. Estimation of noise immunity of the decametral radio-link while using signals with spectrum spreading Ju.V. Stasev, A.S. Kolomiez, А.А. Lavrut 158-162
32. Processing specialities of the optical sensor signal of acousto-optic modulator in duty observations of the shot ratio-frequency pulse А.I. Strelkov, А.А. Kopilov,  V.V. Korotkov 162-171
33. Dielectric permeability of the substance and interaction modeling of wave beams with metals and semiconductors A.M. Sotnikov, G.F. Konyakhin, V.E. Novikov,       S.I. Klevets, V.V. Belimov 172-178
34. Design architecture of acousto-optic filters on the basis of first and second brag’s resonances A.G. Korobka 179-183
35. Quasioptimum detection of pair - correlated signals in strong Poisson’s noise Т.А. Strelkovа, A.M. Stadnik, S.I. Kalmykov 184-192
36. Methods of photosensitivity rising of aero films by the way of temperature influence at the emulsion cover V.V. Mihalko 193-195
37. Effectiveness increase of lightning guard of the former category structure A.I. Akimov, Ju.A. Akimova 196-198
38. Building technique of movement routes of motor and tractor equipment columns K.Ju. Dergachev, V.A. Prokopov, D.Ju. Svistunov 199-202
39. The subsystem development to structured identification of signals in cardiological system A.E. Filatova 203-206
40. Methods of the cryptoanalysis of block codes and cryptosystems RSA A.M. Tkachov 207-212
41. Development of an algorithm of the computer-aided complex program systems dynamics S.А. Оlizarenkо 212-217
42. Evaluation of the model complexity of information systems А.A. Serkov 217-220
43. Repetition-free algorithmic structures I.V. Chumachenko, V.V. Kosenko,   N.V. Dotzenko 220-223
44. Cloud cover forecast in the fixed survey region V.I. Bogomia 224-228
45. Magnetometric inspection system relative to position of aircraft S.M. Andreev, V.V. Afanasiev 228-238
46. Measuring distances at the objects, which is moving, by the method of physical fields prognosis S.V. Chorniy 238-243
47. Content of system analysis process of complex systems under its effectiveness evaluation Ju.S. Litvinov 244-247
48. roject Risk Management Program Taking into Account Organisation Failures V.S. Kharchenko, T.I. Syedina 247-252
49. Synthesis of family of trajectories UPFD in conditions of uncertainty О.N. Fomenko, А.А. Zhuravlov 253-258
50. Some recommendations for registration domain names in Internet А.А. Feklistov, O.Ja. Lazareva, A.V. Nizovtzev 259-261
51. Directions of mobility rizing of the movable means of arming and defense technology E.A. Artiomenko, K.M. Efimov 262-264
52. Experimental investigations of backscattering relation of radiowaves with soils parameters under the multifrequency methods of radar sensing V.K. Ivanov,   А.А. Mozaev, А.O. Silin, S.E. Iatzevich, E.I. Iatzevich 265-268
53. About one of the approaches to multiindex problem solving of observation planning at grouping of space objects V.P. Dedenok, V.A. Kochura 268-275
54. Abstracts 276-292