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2. Contents 289-293
3. The principles of Software certification Intellectual System V.S. Kharchenko, I.V. Shostak, Y.S. Manzhos 3-7
4. On-line testing reliability of computing circuits for the approximate data pro-cessing A.V. Drozd 8-13
5. Analytic reliability model of digital devices with relaxing V. I. Gridin 14-18
6. Estimation of extreme impacts’ effectiveness with survivable systems’ destruction A.P. Batukov, V.V. Sklyar, V.V. Digtyarenko 19-24
7. Method of fast reactivation of binary data A.V. Korolyov 25-29
8. Determination algorithms of back multiplicative size number in permanent classes system V.A. Кrasnobaev 30-32
9. Frequency solution of pulse signals in incoherent optical-acoustic spectrum analyzers A.I. Strelkov, A.M. Stadnik, V.V. Marchenko 33-40
10. Method of complex determination of economic structures status V.M. Vartanian, V.G. Kuchmiev, V.M. Momot 41-48
11. Features of screening of electromagnetic fields by shields with openings V.D. Sakhackiy, S.V. Khutornenko, V.N. Savchenko 49-55
12. Definition and control of a level of reliability of a composite technical system B.A. Demidov, O.V. Ivanchenco, D.A. Pivnev 55-61
13. Influence of the psychophysical condition of crew on combat efficiency of aircraft V. Tabunenko, A. Tarasov, S. Shevchenko 61-65
14. Adaptive measuring system with wideband pseudonoise signal B.А. Chumak,  А.V. Dremliuga, I.G. Lisachenko 65-68
15. Target setting of minimum complication algorithm synthesis V.E. Savanevich 69-79
16. Optimisation of parameters of radiotransmiter devise by criterion of electromagnetic compatibility V.E. Pustovarov, K.I. Khudarkovskiy, Y.B. Pribylev 80-83
17. Methods of elimination of non-indentations of processing tracts of seismic signals M.N. Gzuravskiy, I.V. Tereshenko, O.I. Soloneck 83-88
18. Account algorithm of elements of polarized matrix of goals dispersion taking into account influence of characteristics of polarized measuring radars basis with diversity reception A.E. Kazakov, V.V. Karnaukh 89-93
19. Influence of parameters of hanging of igniter pyrotehnic composition to process of rocket solid fuel starting V.A. Boradavka 93-96
20. Distribution of similar reserve means in motion conflict situation of two forces V.B. Kоnоnоv, Y.I. Кushnеruk, D.I. Evstrat 96-102
21. Forecasting technique of cloudy cover for scheduling an on-board special complex V. I. Bogomia 102-104
22. Adaptive method of effectiveness increase of cosmic system radiolines with choosing of rational information rate А.N. Zagorulko 105-111
23. Loss of power calculation of radiolacation means under computing of radiolocation field parameters M.R.Araslanov, V.G. Gartovanov, А.N. Kolesnik 111-116
24. Preconditions of method creation of automated designing of digital systems based on space-time model O. Bogatov, A. Nizovtsev, E. Kondratyeva, V. Kondratyev, I. Prokopenko 116-124
25. Use the system of numeration in remaining classes for cryptoanalysis algorithm RSA V.M. Fedorchenko, L.S. Soroka, A.A. Smirnov 124-126
26. Representation of solution process of rated-logical problems of control with usage of network model D.E. Dvukhglavov, V.A. Zatkhey 127-131
27. Estimation of possibility of using of ceramic heat-shielding covers, which do not require a calcinations, for an internal thermal shield of supplementary rocket engines of solid A.L. Vinnik 132-138
28. Graphic-analytical methods of estimation of executive system abilities M.F. Pighugin, V.V. Obriadin 138-141
29. Synthesis of high-accuracy laser six-parameters system G.V. Alioshin, A.V. Kolomiytzev, A.V. Borovik 145-149
30. The method of signs space forming and classifications of composite objects conditions A.V. Kharchenko 150-155
31. Influence research of special photochemical processing to photosensitivity rising of aerofilms V.V. Mihalko 163-165
32. Quality maintenance of electric energy in synchronization process B.T. Kononov, A.N. Malish 166-174
33. Capacitor stabiliser of a constant voltage A.M. Panchenko, A.B. Kulchickiy, A.S. Rogozin 174-179
34. Artefact of modulating functions of the multifrequency signals and its influence on the adjectives of radar stations I.G. Leonov, A.V. Kondratenko, D.V. Maksyuta, Y.M. Riabuha 180-184
35. The analysis of stability of a technique of restoration of parameters of an equivalent circuit three-phase cables by results of indirect measurements B.G. Naboka, A.V. Besprothvaneeh, S.V. Rudakov 192-197
36. Research of magnetic system of measuring of relative coordinates and angle position of these aircraft in group under their movement S.M. Andreev, V.V. Afanasiev 198-204
37. Non-linear differential equations solutions of conflict structures S.V. Gadetska, V.Yu. Dubnitsky 205-208
38. Fractal model of surface in optical wave region Y.G. Danik, M.V. Мaliarov, V.V. Baranov, М.Y. Pakshin 209-214
39. Bandwidth of system of a radio communication with bilateral search of VHF of a range O.P. Bataev, A.Y. Kolesnik 214-218
40. The determination method of parameters of digital synthesizers of in size distortions of compressed signals with linear FM in radars of different purposes N.P. Kandyrin, A.M. Dzigora 219-224
41. Continuous properties of nonequilibrium semiconducting coatings А.М. Sotnikov, G.F. Коniahin, A.Yu. Меlashenko, Z.Yu. Litvina 225-227
42. The composite zone algorithm of geodesic siting objects on radiometric images V.I. Antyufeev, A.M. Grichanyuk 228-232
43. Estimation of the probability performances of discovery of short radio pulses in an optical-acoustic spectrum analyzer A.I. Strelkov, А.А. Kopilov, V.V. Korotkov 233-237
44. Methods of period determination of control of complicated technical systems parameters A.M. Kriukov, S.A.Tishko 238-245
45. Universal algorithmic converters I.V. Chumachenko, V.V.Kosenko, N.V. Do-tzenko 243-246
46. Methods of determination of resolving capacity of optical systems while visualization with using of the optical signal amplitude filtration S.V. Cherniy, A.A. Gzevtiuk 247-250
47. Conditions of constructing of derivatives of quasiorthogonal systems of cues S.L. Gorodeckiy, А.О. Ivasiuk 251-254
48. Interval convex set of the space I.V. Grebennik, L.G. Evseeva, T.E. Romanova 255-262
49. Parallel operation of aims of the guaranteed power supply at variation of a condition of stimulation and alternating stress of a web Yu.A. Kusakin 262-270
50. Abstracts 271-288