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2. Contents 238-241
3. Matings multispectral of the maps А.I. Strelkov, А.А. Kopilov, S.А. Sinchikov 3-10
4. Method of determination of indication of effectiveness and risk of decision-making process on taking operations in conditions of non stochastic uncertainty V.M. Bilchuk, O.V. Desyatov, I.S. Nikolaeva 11-23
5. Synthesis of nonparametric algorithms of recognition of groups of radio emissions with the average functions of plausibility by a method of histograms G.V. Pevtsov, V.A. Lupandin 23-34
6. Choice of parameters of efficiency of parallel realization of algorithms О.I. Bogatov, D.P. Labenko, I.I. Prokopenko, V.V. Bogatova 34-44
7. Automated calculation of the duration of the aggregate modular industrial robots’ gripper moves V.А. Кyrylovych, I.V. Sachuk 45-51
8. Amplitude-phase distribution of the field in antenna aperture and its influence on angular coordinates definition of object M.V. Barkhudaryan, O.Z. Sazonov, O.I. Sukharevsky 52-58
9. General pattern of forming demands of subsystem supply A.A. Morozov 59-68
10. Heuristic method of structured syntheses of territorial distributed systems V.V. Beskorovainyi 69-74
11. Technique of identification processes of a working zone DGU R.P. Miguschenko, O.Yu. Valuyskaya 75-80
12. Estimation of selfdescriptiveness of transforms discretic cosine transforming A.V. Korolyov 81-86
13. Optimal control by allocation of homogeneous facilities of a spare at a unknown of time of a termination of a conflict situation and incomplete draft on funds of a spare V.B. Kononov 86-92
14. The markovian pattern of reliability and survivance of reserved systems with a many-staged degradation M.I. Ginevski, Z.G. Muhametov, I.S. Vasilenko 92-98
15. Choice of the structure of FM signals with small base for surveillance radars N.P. Kandyrin, A.M. Dzigora 98-108
16. Model of reliability of functioning of antiaircraft missile complex at shooting on the individual target A.A. Zverev 108-111
17. Investigation peculiarity the visual analysis of imageries during of the inspection certification the apparatus observations S.V. Chorniy, S.A. Kibitkin 112-117
18. Synthesizing of the trace pattern of operation of computing systems in composition of a management information system of a real time with usage of the vehicle of Petri nets L.C. Ugorenco 118-124
19. Methodical approach to the choice of working body and to the calculation of mass filling of the two-phase thermosiphon N.P. Popov, A.A. Svidlo, G.B. Cherepennikov 124-129
20. Methods of the estimation to efficiency of the undertaking the metrological service complex sample armies and military technology V.N. Chinkov, S.V. Gerasimov 130-135
21. The strategy of forecasting of change the factors to reliability of technical systems of one-shot using at account of conditions of usage A.A. Nakonechnyy, K.V. Borisenko 136-143
22. Technique of selection of pairs source of handicapes - receptor of handicapes in view of losses of capacity of a handicap at following from a source to receptor of handicap’s for a complex of electrotechnical means А.V. Gnatov 143-149
23. Method of synthesis of algorithms of management of support of trajectories of air objects in triangularly systems of a passive location V.M. Grachov, A.V. Dovbnya, S.N. Anastasenko 149-154
24. Feasibility study of alternatives of reaching of the purposes in conditions of resource-temporary limitations and equivocation of basic data S.I. Karpov, L.I. Matjushenko, S.G. Nazarenko 155-159
25. Structural identifying of the diagnostic signs on the basis of algorithm "of defect" T.N. Budyanskaya, А.I. Povoroznuk, N.V. Maksuta 159-165
26. Technique of an estimation of parameters of residual resource REM AMC according to operational supervision B.M. Lanetsky, V.V. Kobzev 165-168
27. The concept of regional information service on the basis of geoinformation technologies V.N. Kopaniza, V.М. Levikin, Е.Е. Malafeev 169-175
28. Single-stage neural recognition of the aerial target type using their sigle range profiles V.M. Orlenko, A.S. Bityutskiy 175-180
29. To a problem of processing of results laser vibrometer G.M. Dolya, А.N. Pastushenko 181-186
30. Method of determination of angular coordinates with the sanction of ambiguity of the maiden differentials of phase GPS-measurings S.N. Flerko, O.I. Votjakov 186-190
31. Definition of Poisson’s complex distribution numerical characteristics and their application in actuary calculations V.Yu. Dubnitsky 191-196
32. The method of application of discovery of the extremely high frequency of RF signals А.N. Bogdanovskiy, M.В. Kozelkova 197-201
33. Adducing variants of investment projects by service life T.I. Zaderihina,  J.L. Bahnova 201-204
34. Forming of topology of a web of a mobile radio service in conditions of restricted resources on the basis of intelligence systems P.А. Budko, V.А. Rachkov, D.L. Osipov, V.А. Мironov, А.V. Doroshev 205-214
35. Determination of a function of injury at an estimation and matching of an extent of hazard of emergency on dangerous manufacturing plants Ju.S. Litvinov 214-218
36. Features of sensory properties of semiconducting fractal patterns P.F. Budanov, Ju.G. Danik, S.E. Kalnoj / 219-223
37. Abstracts 224-231