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2. Contents 238-241
3. Definition of parameters about circular orbits of space objects on measurements of angular coordinates in conditions of absence of the aprioristic information V.P. Dedenok, А.А. Tkachenko 3-12
4. The modified algorithm of adaptive processing of signals and handicapes of simultaneous action in lines of an information exchange B.B. Pospelov, М.V. Grushenko 12-21
5. Method of formalization of the logical ambiguity operators in the intellectual decision support systems A.A. Feklistov, O.Ya. Lazaryeva, A.A. Feklistov 22-27
6. Influence denuding molecules of gas on speed and sensitivity semi-conductor fractal gas-sensor elements P.F. Budanov, Yu.G. Danik, S.Е. Kalinoi 27-32
7. Account of a field under the dielectric ogival radome for case of a flat electromagnetic wave incidence S.V. Kukobko, A.Z. Sazonov, V.E. Kuznetsov, O.I. Sukharevsky 32-38
8. Modeling of environment influence on works implementation plan effectiveness I.V. Grebennik, A.U. Khabarov 38-48
9. Features of inclusion of the loaded transformer А.N. Panchenko 48-55
10. Algorithm of work of a control system at the decision of a problem of optimum distribution of diverse means of the operating parties at set time and absence of a reserve V.B. Kononov 55-63
11. Aggregate describing of trace net models of computing systems in structure of the ACS real time L.C. Ugorenko 63-68
12. Realization of adaptive algorithm of search of the minimal ways on objects with the network organization Ju.E. Parfenov, S.S. Bagrov, О.I. Bogatov 69-74
13. Choice of algorithm of search of a median at small dimension of a task А.V. Shos-tak 75-78
14. The methods of the identification of the law of the sharing the random quantity by graphic and analytic method S.V. Rudakov, O.Yu. Dubiychuk 79-86
15. Virtual means of measurements Ju.I. Skorin, V.Е. Kozlov, V.V. Stadnic 86-88
16. Model of search of mobile object with the help of the flying device V.А. Furlet, R.R. Shakirov 89-95
17. Perfection of methods of stochastik analysis of power installations’electric signals parameters I.V. Panteleeva, N.M. Panteleeva 96-100
18. Analysis of damaging and result of diagnostics of equipment of O ZAPP V.E. Pustovarov, Ju.A. Perejasov, E.T. Krasovskaja 101-106
19. Technique of optimization of recalibration intervals of means of measuring devices at the limited information on their metrological refusals V.N. Chinkov, А.Е. Meli-nichenko 107-111
20. The criterion of an estimation of efficiency of algorithms of edge detection V.G. Maluk, A.V. Kharchenko 111-117
21. Optimum speed of two-level correlation algorithm of a binding of images in bidimentional correlative-extreme systems of navigation V.I. Antufeev, V.M. Bikov, М.G. Shokin 118-124
22. Technique of an estimation of potential accuracy of definition of angular orientation at secondary processing phase measurements in the equipment of satellite radionavigating systems V.P. Dedenok, G.G. Pisarionok, S.N. Flerko, О.I. Votyakov 125-131
23. Method appraisement regular delays in analog pathes of two-frequency receivers of system GPS V.N. Deineco 131-135
24. The models and technologies of distance learning A.V. Boyarchuk 135-138
25. Computer modelling of a condition of crossing in problems of accommodation in anisotropic area M.V. Novozhilova, E.A. Astakhov 138-142
26. Elements of methodology and dynamic rating system in personnel management L.D. Kharcheko 143-147
27. Mathematical model of valve inverter for definition of diagnostic attributes of refusals snabbal circuits D.S. Shimuk 148-155
28. Applications of software of delimitation of access to the information in information reference-settlement systems of armies of air defence S.I. Karpov, L.I. Matjushenko, S.G. Nazarenko 156-161
29. About ranging the factors influencing functioning of system of metrological service of means of measuring technics V.N. Chinkov, S.S. Voitenko 161-165
30. Economic feasibility of operation of complex technical systems on an extent after guarantee the period V.F. Avdeev, А.V. Koshel, V.V. Janov 165-169
31. Influence of divergence of light and ultrasonic bunches on diffraction efficiency of spatial components of the first and second orders in acoustooptical processors А.А. Kopilov, А.V. Shevchenko, Е.L. Cherkashina // 169-174
32. The general proposals of the methods of the system motivation of the requirements to the parameters of radioelectronic means reliability of antiaircraft missile complexes B.N. Lanetsky, A.A. Zverev 174-180
33. Algorithm of noise-resistant encoding with usage of codes on curves of Hermite A.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Severinov, V.N. Lysenko, I.V. Naumenko 181-185
34. Errors of measurements at use of system of global positioning А.К. Gnap, N.I. Kovalenko, N.Ja. Rokhmanov, М.I. Klimenko, А.М. Injagin, А.V. Vlasov 186-195
35. Effect of a lay of land at remote research of woods V.К. Ivanov, А.М. Stadnik, S.Е. Jazhevich, А.S. Vasiliev, L.А. Egorova, Е.I. Jazhevich 193-200
36. Radar-tracking characteristics damp bottom depending on the maintenance of salts in a ground Ju.V. Gorishnaja 201-206
37. Application GIS of technologies for definition of ecological composers at calculation of a monetary estimation of the grounds of settlement О.B. Gopciy, L.M. Kazachenko 206-211
38. GIS-technologies in a system of radiation monitoring M.M. Pelikhtiy, N.D. Gernet, V.L. Bezsonniy 211-216
39. Research of characteristics of the wires of electric transmission lines for mechanical strength using cardan’s formulas A.F. Lopukhin, V.E. Pustovarov 217-219
40. MechanIsms of nonelasticity and hardening of irradiated silicon single crystals N.Ja. Rokhmanov, А.К. Gnap, V.M. Andronov 220-225
41. Abstracts 226-237

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