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3. Decision of a problem to optimization of the distribution fire influences of the sides between heterogeneous group of types arms (amount 1хМ) S. Bagrov, A. Vlasov, S. Zvarich 3-11
4. Method of renewal of video V. Barannik, P. Gurzhy 12-15
5. Method of calculation of the pipelines systems of power plants at the high-frequency ladening А. Baranov, S. Polishuk, A. Kiporenko, A. Manuzin 16-21
6. Аnalysis of approaches OF USA and Israel to development and exploitation of reconnaissances pilotless aircraft of large duration of flight M. Bejlin, S. Nemchenko 22-28
7. Mathematical model of battle functioning of multichannel zenithal rocket complex with the improved functional structure V. Voronin, A. Skorik 29-35
8. Construction of acoustic arrays for realization of infrasound monitoring J. Gordienko, E. Karjagin, A. Ljaschuk, A. Solonets 36-42
9. Informatization as one of ways of improvement of preparation of flying composition of aircraft of military powers of Ukraine D. Djachenko, A. Erilkin, A. Koshel 43-48
10. Multigrocery transport task of continuum linear programming G. Zholtkevich, Ali Nayef Khaleel Alhejoj 49-53
11. Analysis of the control system space vehicle in the conditions of one-station technology A. Zagorulko 54-60
12. Estimation of errors of angulator rotation of purpose in radar with set about reception E. Kazakov, A. Kazakov, V. Bzot 61-66
13. Application of terminators of overstrain on the lines of electricity transmission without ropes E. Krasovska 67-69
14. Structure managing subnet data networks G. Kuchuk, A. Boljubash 70-74
15. Scientific and technical accompaniment of exploitation and repair of facilities the zenithal rockets systems: substantive provisions modern state and suggestions on the improvement B. Lanetsky, V. Burtsev, V. Karpenko, V. Lisovenko 75-80
16. Calculation-experimental method of estimation indexes of remaining term service (resource) of REM of exploited AMC on results the tests and operating supervisions B. Lanetsky, V. Kobzev, V. Lukyanchuk 81-88
17. Analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of radios electronic facilities in the conditions of introduction in Ukraine of the digital broadcasting S. Makarov, V. Pozdnjak, G. Dukin 89-93
18. The general model’s mass management of marketing in the system of information processing of a project S. Meleshenko, I. Vlasenko 94-100
19. Analysis of model of recrutization Mohamed Salame Ibrahim Arabiat 101-105
20. Method of estimation of the technical state and remaining resource of electric machines of backer-ups commuter-technical flights A. Nikiforov, A. Babich 106-109
21. Analysis of algorithms of forming of the nonlinear quasiorthogonal systems of signals with the set properties An. Nosik, Al. Nosik, V. Kalachova 110-114
22. Change of mass of active matters in the processes of chemical sources of current Olhovikov 115-118
23. Decouplig of structures of contour images with projects distortions Ju. Parjin, D. Grinev, V. Onishenko 119-122
24. Formalization of task of optimization of the spatial placing of radio-location mean on locality D. Svistunov 123-129
25. Estimation of the required channel carrying capacity for the passing messages of air objects in perspective ACS by Air Force A. Siskov, S. Shilo, G. Akulinin 130-134
26. Approach to development of model of internal language for the system of support of decision-making B. Sudakov. A. Pershin 135-144
27. Identification of the time and frequency guided measure behavior model by mean of multilayer feedforward neural network V. Chinkov, M. Trotsko 145-149
28. Optimum algorithm of detection low flying of surface object on a background “angel-echo” outside radio horizon S.V. Yarovoy 150-154
29. Conversion of radiation of impulsive lasers in relativisms electronic bunches and x-ray photography radiation for action on objects V. Karas, B. Gavrilenko, A. Zalivan 155-164
30. Radiophysics methods of determination component composition of dispersion mixtures. Part 1 O. Suhoruchko, V. Lutsenko, A.Koretsky 165-168
31. Interval mathematical model of combinationoptimization task of placing of interval parallelepipeds L. Evseeva 169-179
32. Usage turbo codes in serial concatenated code constructions with Reed-Solomon codes A. Timochko, A. Severinov, A. Zhuchenko, V. Lusechko 180-185
33. Criteria and indexes of efficiency nonlinear transformations of symmetric cryptoalgorithms A. Yukalchuk 186-190
34. Model of subsystem software of ASCM RCB protection N. Budanov, P. Budanov 191-197
35. Еcological consequences of local soldieries conflicts S. Minka 198-202
36. Comparative analysis of methods of ecological estimation and feature of their application for estimation of influencing of grounds on a natural environment S. Chumachenko 203-209
37. Algorithm of organization of the control system for the adaptive computer departmental teaching Je. Bobjir, I. Leshenko 210-213
38. Suggestions in relation to the method of rating estimation of possibility of department from organization of teaching of educational disciplines V. Prihodko, K. Sadovij, D. Golubnichij, E. Karmannij 214-218
39. Social and psychological aspects of transition on military service by contract V. Stasjuk 219-224
40. Abstracts 225-235
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42. Index 240