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3. Algorithm of record and read-out of information in the majority reserved memory O. Malofey 3-6
4. Estimation of efficiency of the control system by troops O. Bogatov, V. Doda, V. Sklyar 7-8
5. Analysis of modern developments and technologies in area of construction of dependable web-services A. Boayrthuk, V. Harсhenko 9-14
6. Influence of laying surface on efficiency of indemnification in radar with phased array O. Voytovith 15-18
7. Decision of tasks of allocation of resources at the interval parameters of models N. Kalita 18-23
8. Possibilities of increase of efficiency of accompaniment of difficult aims in phase monopulse ra-dar V. Karlov, O. Lurjvsky, A. Prisyazhniy, A. Chelpanov, V. Gavrilkin 24-27
9. Development of method of the trajectory measurings for the ballistics-navigation providing of management by the spaces vehicles of middle and distant space S. Kozelkov, A. Morgun, D. Pashkov 28-31
10. Measuring of instability of small duration bearing frequencies of continuance V. Klimchemko, A. Bovkun, A. Malishev, I. Nevmerzhizky, V. Kupry, A. Ochkurenko 32-37
11. Analytical model for calculation of efficiency of functioning of antiaircraft missile complex in the terms of technical condition and reliability of its combat means B. Lanetsky, S. Dontsov, A. Zverev 37-41
12. Formalization of process of presentation of queries in the control system by databases I. Lebedeva, Ya. Staseva, R. Zhermeleva 42-44
13. Principles of construction of the system of treatment of information in the automated traffic control system of space vehicle directionally programmatic I. Lisachenko, A. Royanov, B. Chumak, T. Dedenok 44-48
14. Methodic forming plan acts of administrator on results the control of protected O. Mazulevskiy 49-53
15. Method and algorithm of tuning and adaptation of phased array to the technical state and influencing of interconnection of emitters on the parameters of diagram of orientation of aerial N. Svitenko, G. Golovin 54-56
16. Method of planning and testing of symmetric sectional algorithms of transformations of information S. Sidchenko, V. Petrov, A. Belokurov 56-62
17. Models and methods of engineering of quanta of knowledges for the decision-making in the intelligence systems I. Sirodzha, I. Veretshak 63-81
18. A method of complex verification of automata with programmable logic for Instrumentation and Control systems V. Sklyar, V. Golovir 82-84
19. Method of renewal of official information of aperture presentation of images Yu. Stasev, V. Barannik, E. Bridnay 84-86
20. Obfuscation algorithmic structures I. Chumachenko, E. Malofeev, E. Shevzov 87-89
21. Ground and choice of methods of construction of databases and knowledges bases in the perspective automated air traffic control systems O. Shevchenko, А. Perepeliza, M. Pavlenko, P. Berdnik 90-92
22. Analysis of electromagnetic situation on the technical objects of complex spatial structure V. Barsov, Т. Strelkova, Е. Zhilin, А. Kalmikov 93-95
23. Evolution of distributing of x-ray quantums on energies at co-operation of their stream in the matter E. Homenko, V. Novikov 96-100
24. Analysis of striking factors at a failure on artillerymans storages V. Sidorenko, S. Azarov 100-105
25. Results of the statistical testing of safety of theoretical-codes cascodes A. Kuznetsov, V. Grabchak, S. Evseev 106-108
26. Method of rapid search of associative rules A. Zavgorony 109-114
27. Decision of optimization task of placing of rectangles in a bar taking into account possibility of their breaking up M. Novozhilova, N. Popelnyuh, I. Belenchenko 114-116
28. Electromagnetic radiation of cages and their co-operation I. Cherepnev 117-118
29. Using hard-soft imitation system of the signal-jamming environment «Virage» for studying of specialists of radiotechnical troops V. Borovoj, O. Visotskiy, V. Kovkin 119-120
30. Organization of educational-educating process on the controlled from distance form of studies V. Stolbov, I. Ruban, V. Kalachova 121-123
31. Chronicle and information 124-125
32. Abstracts 126-130
33. Authors 131-133
34. Index 134