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2. Contents 177-178
3. Determination of numerical descriptions bilaterally truncated exponential and a gamma density S.V. Gadetskaya, V.Ju. Dubnitsky 2-5
4. Tasks of situation management and their feature difficult objects A. A. Kuandykov 6-11
5. Method of decoding of algebraic convolution codes S.I. Prihod’ko, D.M. Kuz’menko 12-17
6. Nonlinear equalizations in private derivative, having an operator structure of isospectral deformation T.V. Redkina, A.I. Karyuk, G.A. Lushnikova 18-28
7. Dynamic model of electromagnetic drive serve of small drilling head V.A. Borodinov, A.N. Klimenko, V.V. Kosenko 29-31
8. On-board algorithm of the calculation of the maneuver on output in attack on overland purpose in horizontal plane А.L. Bursala, А.P. Kornienko, А.V. Lisovets, V.M. Ptashnik 32-37
9. System approach to the concept of risk in software development M.V. Vladymyrova, Omar Mahmud Hasan Mahmud 38-44
10. Forming method of unique identifiers of objects for replication subsystems of information in the distributed systems of digital information treatment S.V. Dudenko, S.V. Alekseev, A.V. Perepelitsa 45-47
11. Integrated automated control system space vehicle A.М. Zagorulko 48-51
12. Account of ionosphere making error during determinations of navigations A.Е. Kazakov, A.А. Vodyanyh 52-56
13. To a question on use antenna systems in ground stations of a satellite communication V.D. Karlov, H.V. Lukashuk 57-62
14. Increase of efficiency management complex coefficient of reflection of multi-layered structure, containing semiconductor, in millimetric range of wave-lengths V.I. Karpenko, G.A. Moiseeva 63-64
15. Address method of determination of state belonging I.V. Koval 65-67
16. Methods of decision of tasks of optimum management of distributing of composition of battle facilities are in the situations of conflicts, described static models V.B. Kononov 68-71
17. Providing of the required indexes of quality of electric energy is in dynamic modes of operations of systems of trouble-free power supply B.Т. Kononov, O.V. Sahno 72-76
18. Experiment planning on quality measurings of discrete channels and processing of their results N.F. Logvinenko 77-82
19. One of approaches to the design of work of the computer systems of in-plants I.V. Magdalina 80
20. Method of research of accessible bar of admission to heterogeneous multiservice network of telecommunications A.A. Mozhaev, A.V. Lyubchenko, O.V. Bogatskaya 83-85
21. Influencing of masking fluctuation hindrance on defendants of systems of authentication of objects I.I. Obod, A.A. Tyurin 86-88
22. Influence of speed of wind on the change of speed pressure Yu.A. Oleynik 89-91
23. To the question of ground of methods of research of electromagnetic parameters of hollow electrical pathway I.V. Pantyelyeyeva, V.V. Balanchyk 92-93
24. Analysis of linearization effect of radar measurements results on accuracy of estimations of state vector of target A.V. Prosov 94-97
25. Special equipment for a armored technique for expansion of the ground passage-ways in mine-explosive barrages A.V. Serpuhov 98-101
26. The method of non-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing on the basic of the Hartley transform with quadrature amplitude modulation of the frequency carriers V.I. Slyusar, K.A. Vasilyev 102-104
27. A method of initiation of detonation is in unlimited space O.V Stahovskiy, K.V. Korytchenko, M.L. Ugryumov, Yu.A. Skob 105-107
28. Executable specifications are in planning of databases Tarek Yusef Badi Bishtavi, G.N. Zholtkevich, Yu.V. Solyanik 108-111
29. Use of the unclear set theory in the process of management difficult systems V.I. Tcachenko, Ye.B. Smirnov, A.V. Tristan 112-115
30. Effective use of distributed data processing for construction of decision making support system V.V. Tulupov 116-120
31. The influence analysis of quantizer parameters on quality digital processing of the spread-spectrum signal H.V. Kharchenko 121-127
32. Research of algorithms of compression of modern graphic formats Yu.A. Shkvyray, Z.B. Cholodnaya 128-130
33. Analysis of influencing of strategies check on metrological reliability of facilities measuring technique of the military setting M.Ju. Yakovlev, S.V. Gerasimov, S.I. Klivets 131-133
34. The experimental study of light emission from negative corona discharge on Trichel pulsed mode V.I. Golota, V.I. Karas’, B.B. Kadolin, O.V. Bolotov, D.V. Kudin 134-138
35. Physics of geopathogenic zones V.L. Sizonenko, N.I. Kovalenko 139-143
36. Substantiation of a choice of type quantum-dimensional structures – reagents of electrochemiluminescence sensor instrument O.N. Galaichenko 144-146
37. Calculation of consequences of action of thermal radiation on man at explosion on ordnance depot V.L. Sidorenko, S.I. Azarov 147-149
38. Application of fuzzy logic conclusion method for quality management of production in the conditions of uncertainty S.S. Fedin, R.M. Trish, A.S. Zenkin 150-158
39. Optimal strategies of educational material repetition V.V. Bylimov, S.V. Zalkin, A.А. Popelenko 159-161
40. Problem of formalization of managerial processes by combat training H.V. Rakovsky, K.A. Meteshkin, M.A. Pavlenko 162-165
41. Analysis of possible ways of интеллектуализации of the controlled from distance form of teaching in the context of bologna process I.A. Romanenko, I.V. Ruban, V.V. Kalacheva 166-170
42. An informative resource of the educational process control system is in higher educational establishment I.S. Yasenova 171-173
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