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2. Contents 246-247
3. Creation the concept of information system distribution, which built on ontology knowledge base M.V. Biloivanenko, G.A. Voskoboynykova 2-7
4. Recognition of emotion concepts in the linguistic processor of expert system J.Y. Shamaeva, A.A. Podorognyak, N.Y. Lubchenko 8-12
5. Dynamic chaos in telecommunications systems K.S. Vasiuta, A.V. Chechuj, N.A. Gluschenco 13-16
6. The architecture of the grid simulation system based on plug-ins M.O. Volk, A.S. Gorenkov, R.M. Gridel 17-20
7. Estimation of possibilities of measuring of co-ordinates of objects gis by vehicles of spaces of navigations on geostationary orbit A.S. Greben’ 21-24
8. Errors of radiolocations imaging in multistatic systems of synthetic aperture radar І.А. Evseev 25-29
9. Object model of software for process of metallographic checking of metals quality V.A. Yemelyanov 30-33
10. Procedure of determination of the equivalent probability of the error, mean and variance of time by transmission of the code pattern to feedback systems Z.Z. Zakirov 34-36
11. Problem of management of data flows in the distributed system of processing of specific materials space reconnaissance O.B. Zakharov 37-41
12. Presentation of knowledge about the actions of orderly air forces concerning prevention of air space’s violation S.I. Ivanov, Yu.V. Nedashevskiy, A.N. Beschasny 42-45
13. The synthesis of optimal meter phase difference between ordinary and extraordinary components of the signal, dispersed on the thermal fluctuations of electron concentration of ionosphere V.D. Karlov, S.A. Kornyakov, D.V. Karlov, V.M. Konovalov 45-48
14. To a question on modeling of characteristics of radiation of elements of a convex antenna lattice V.D. Karlov, I.G. Leonov, N.N. Petrushenko, Е.V. Lukashuk 49-51
15. Experimental dependency of the data rate from complexity of the long-range hydro-acoustic channel K.G. Kebkal, A.G. Kebkal 52-57
17. Methods of static design of the radio engineerings checking of perimeters protection control systems K.V. Kolesnik, Yu.P. Machekhin, G.I. Churumov 61-65
18. Estimation of amplitude of resilient vibrations of object by means of the compensating static loadings G.F. Konyakhin, S.A. Kosikov 65-67
19. Complex going near the estimation of battle vitality of aircraft on the condition of aeroresiliency О.А. Korochkin, A.P. Kornienko, A.I. Kremeshnyy 68-17
20. Information system look group and her fight efficiency J.F. Kucherenko 72-74
21. About a method of construction of the directed schemes of relational logical networks for equivalence relation І.O. Leschyns’ka 75-81
22. Methods of determining statuses of binary discrete communication channels N.F. Logvinenko 81-84
23. Algorithm of detection of optical signals from low-orbit space objects in daytime O.P. Lytyuga 85-89
24. Determination of the features of the finding radar signal on background of the passive hindrances in sea condition V.A. Mironov 90-94
25. An increase of exactness of distance measuring of air objects in the marine tropospheric waveguide V.L. Misaylov 95-98
26. Wireless network design method taking into account user’s throughput requirements Mokhamed Said Gazal, V.S. Kotik, А.V. Gorbenko, О.М. Tarasyuk 99-103
27. Alarm providing of the address systems of authentication І.І. Оbad, P.A. Borzenko, A.A. Tyurin 104-105
28. Determination of probability of the conditions the rolling system of the military technology Yu.A. Oleynik, Al.S. Balabukha, Ya.M. Kozhushko 107-109
29. Survey of parameters of meteoric reflections of signals of television broadcasting by the forward scatter radar A.N. Oleynikov, Y.V. Lуkov, V.D. Kukush, A.I. Shcarlet 110-118
30. Application of object-oriented planning facilities for decision of removal task of deadly embraces in multiprocessors calculable complexes С.В. Osievskiy, I.E. Kuzhel', A.P. Litvin 119-122
31. The methodology of modeling available for data traffic bandwidth telecommunications network N.V. Rvachova 123-133
32. Vibration sensors of main electric motors of own needs of electric power stations N.N. Sapiga, T.N. Zfkharova, N.V. Merka 134-136
33. Fuzzy task of cluster analysis O.V. Sira 137-139
34. Comparison of efficiency of image contrasting criteria К.S. Smelyakov 140-143
35. Analysis of models of attacks of malefactor on subsystem of cryptographic defence in computer systems and networks B.P. Tomashevskiy 144-146
36. Model of motion of artillery shell stabilized by spin A.N. Shiyko, P.V. Polenitsa, I.V. Koplyk, O.P. Ostapova, E.N. Avdeeva 147-152
37. Coding of topologies of computer network n genetic algorithm E.V. Shubin 153-155
38. Structure of programmatic complex of synthesis and verification of models of digital automats L.A. Shuvalova, D.N. Moamar, T.Yu. Utkina 156-159
39. Influence of handicap phase fluctuations on the efficiency of work autoscraies with different antenna systems I.Y. Shumeiko, A.D. Florov, А.А. Loskutov 160-164
40. The analysis and calculations of reliability electric motors of the direct current J.A. Yasinsky, P.V. Vasjuchenko, D.I. Grishin 165-168
41. Comparison of one class population dynamics models taking into the account trade A.G. Balakireva, S.N. Gerasin, N.A. Matiychenko, A.I. Presnyakov 169-172
42. Evaluation of the state of a complex open system under bilateral limitations to the area of its properties change V.Yu. Dubnitsky, V.L. Chernyavsky 175-178
43. Mathematical model and solution method for translational polygonal containment problem T.E. Romanova, S.B. Shehovcov, A.V. Kamak 178-182
44. A design of process of parallel addition of five and less summands is in the redundant number systems V.N. Rudnitsky, O.B. Piven, I.N. Fedotova-Piven 183-185
45. Forming of tasks of coordinator of the planning system R.V. Khrashchevskyi 186-191
46. Mathematical modeling of the man-machine operator transform teaching on the structural models teaching base P.P. Chabanenko, P.N. Berlad 192-195
47. The formalization of the conditions of mutual nonintersection facilities location problem of polygons in the anisotropic field in the polar coordinate system I.A. Chub, M.V. Novozhilova 196-199
48. Prognosis of development of the professionally conditioned diseases on basis of diskriminant analysis A.I. Povoroznyuk, N.A. Сhikina, Yu.L. Gevorkyan, I.V. Antonova 200-203
49. Neuro-surgical complex for removal of cranial defects Е.О. Shamraeva, А.А. Shamraev 204-208
50. Emulation of a measurement of electrical parameters of alive tissues V.O. Yaruta, V.D. Lipanov, T.G. Bilova 209-212
52. Criteria and methods of the information system’s efficiency estimations O.V. Dorokhov 219-222
53. Analysis of ways of development of bioеnergetic I.V. Panteleeva, S.A. Cozyopa 223-225
54. Providing of exactness of neural networks forecasting of quality and competitiveness of products S.S. Fedin 225-233
55. Ground of possibility of application of televisional sensor for the controlled from distance monitoring of turbulent atmosphere with the purpose of early discovery of igniting G.N. Dolya, E.S. Chudovskaya, A.N. Katunin, A.N. Bulay 234-236
56. Algorithm of the integrated rating estimation of activity of student K.S. Barashev, V.A. Kirvas, V.P. Kozirenko 237-240
57. Authors 241-244
58. Index 245