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3. Planning of network of access of multiservice telecommunication system with the use of multi-layered count D.V. Ageev 2-8
4. Increase of fast-acting of spectrometry system L.R. Bekirova 9-13
5. Hydrodynamic perforation of tubular purveyances A.P. Bragin, V.Ye. Zajtsev, S.A. Poltarushnikov 14-22
6. Method of choice of parameters of mechanism of getting up of arrow of manipulator V.F. Grekov, A.A. P'yankov, Yu.A. Tkachenko 23-28
7. Prediction of stream tasks loading on Grid-resource Yu.Yu. Zhebel', S.N. Nechausov, A.V. Shevchenko 29-33
8. Method of integral streams total volume minimization of the distributed i&r system I.V. Il'ina, G.A. Kuchuk, Yu.V. Mishunina 34-37
9. Optimization of choice of trajectory of treatment of surfaces of feather of shoulder-blades of turbines O.L. Kondratyuk, Yu.I. Sychev, A.O. Skorkin 38-42
10. To question about improving precision for accounting of rain influence on microwave radar А.В. Kotov, Yu.V. Levadnyi, Yu.I. Malyshenko, N.N. Petrushenko 43-51
11. The active sensor with the spatially-distributed sensitive zones in electrogastroenterografy and potentialografy O.Ya. Kruk 52-57
12. Methods of completing of details on basis of ranging for diminishing of admittance of locking link of size chain A.V. Kupriyanov, N.Yu. Lamnauer 58-61
13. Vectorial mixture of signal and hindrance in obedience to method of maximal plausibility E.S. Lisitsina, V.V. Shvidkiy, A.I. Shcherba, E.V. Faure 62-67
14. Methods of authentication of traffic and dynamic management turns in multiprotocol comcenters and estimation of their efficiency E.V. Meleshko 68-74
15. Perceived quality of service fair bandwidth allocation in the mesh radio network O.J. Striyuk, O.O. Lavrut, Y.V. Yansons 75-82
16. Example of complex application of formal methods of requirements specification and dependability analysis of computer-based control systems О.М. Tarasyuk, А.V. Gorbenko, V.S. Kharchenko, Ju.V. Motora 83-89
17. Perfection of tools of formalization of tasks on management dynamic objects O.I. Tymochko 90-93
18. Method of determination of classes of texts documents in relation to activity of government boundary service of Ukraine О.S. Androshchyk 94-99
19. Registration and calculation of cost of the order by means of system Asystem I.A. Bondar 100-105
20. Method of averaging-out of plural subjectivity of management organs at making a decision Ye.B. Smirnov 106-110
21. Estimation of processes of functioning of system of planning of air space of Ukraine R.V. Khraschevskiy 111-121
22. Approach to automatisation of normative profile forming for software product certification I.V. Shostak, I.I. Butenko 122-125
23. Simultaneous decision of direct and reverse task of Markovits by searching method V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, B.V. Samorodov 126-130
24. The type 2 fuzzy sets. Terminology and representations S.A. Olizarenko, E.V. Brezhnev, A.V. Perepelitca 131-140
25. A theorem on seven solutions of a strictly convex-concave antagonistic game with kernel on the unit square V.V. Romanuke 141-150
27. Information technologies and modern integrated marketing-logistics systems B. Roca, O.V. Dorokhov 159-164
28. Method of synthesis of enterprise management process pyramid S.V. Tupkalo, V.N. Tupkalo 165-173
29. Method of the adaptive forming of structure of the informative system to monitoring of fire safety V.U. Dendarenco 174-178
30. Method for determining the scope of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere based on regression analysis I.V. Shostak, V.O. Davidenko 179-181
31. Basic moments of sites construction process V.V. Berkovsky, D.V. Grishchenko 182-184
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