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2. Contents 324-326
3. Modal and vector theory of the formal intellectual systems. Basic determinations Y.V. Parzhin 2-12
4. Character recognition of text based on a fuzzy representation A.A. Kargin, О. Ye. Piatykop 13-17
5. Information semantic properties of association dependence between objects attributes in database D.E. Sitnikov, S.V. Titov, E.V. Titova 18-20
6. On the estimation methods of functional stability of mobile agricultural machines N.P. Artiomov 21-24
7. Information-processing device in the modul ar number system based on using coding method of unitary V.I. Barsov, V.O. Zhadan, V.A. Krasnobayev, E.A. Sotnik 25-28
8. Ways of increase of efficiency of control algorithms are at the synthesis of control the system by a production and consumption of electric energy N.V. Bilyk 29-31
9. Protecting of electronic components of the complex automation systems of lifting-transport machines from mixing influences on the basis of application of radioisotope semiconductor coverages and materials P.F. Budanov, A.M. Sotnikov, A.M. Chernyuk, A.B. Egorov 32-38
10. Accounting error due to finite resolution during measurement uncertainty estimating with multiple observations S.V. Vodotyka, I.P. Zakharov 39-44
11. Model of survivance calculation of metrology system maintenances of measuring technique facilities S.S. Voytenko 45-47
12. Robast evaluation of descriptions accuracy of supervisions results Е.Т. Volodarskiy, D.A. Palyanichko 48-52
13. Algorithm of the evaluation of plane active jamming sources coordinates in a multipositional bearing system for multiple radio objects Y.V. Glebov, R.V. Svitlyk 53-57
14. Adaptive control system of the difficult multicoherent control object with intellectual prediction I.G. Gulina, V.I. Korniyenko 57-62
15. The complex system of the guarantee electrical supply for the info-communication equipment with use of the untraditional renewal electric power resources O.A. Drobot 63-66
16. Automated method for evaluation of technical condition mobile mixer N.Y. Iemelianova 67-70
17. Analysis of air aims measuring coordinates accuracy at different-range-finder method of passive radio-location G.V. Yermakov, V.V. Kucenko, S.M. Telyukov 70-74
18. Modeling of transient processes in electrochemiluminescent sensor with modified electrode Yu.T. Zholudov 75-78
19. Planning of experiment in studying the influence changes effective throat nozzles spray injector diesel enginepower specifications MTU, which using alternative fuels A.T. Lebedev, M.L. Shulyak, E.I. Kalinin 79-82
20. Some problems, which arise in the process of work with the use of SystemView (SystemVuetm) program of system planning the radio electronic devices I.G.Leonov, V.A. Prisyazhniy, D.S. Sidorenko, V.V. Sidorenko 83-86
21. The synthesis of inversion threshold charts for realization in unalgebraic decoders of correctings kodas L.B. Makarov. O.M. Bitchenko. G.F. Konjakhin. M.O. Kovalenko 87-92
22. The basis circuit technology of the system of remaining classes realization in binary quadded system calculation O.G. Melnyk 93-95
23. Quaternion-wavеlet indemnification of motion V.V. Moroz, E.S. Chubach 96-98
24. Method of measuring of a few physical sizes of one monomorfic piezoceramical transformer by a transformer M.P. Musienko, A.M. Kovalenko 98-101
25. To question of the use of method of analysis of compendency of structure of difficult systems for decision of tasks of planning of fire defeat of objects of opponent S.V. Nemchenko, A.V. Tristan, Yu.G. Busigin 102-105
26. Structure and indexes of the informative providing quality of users by the systems of supervision of air space I.I. Obоd, A.E. Zavolodko 106-109
27. Development of the objective control device of the radar information with use flash stores. Part 1. A choice of methods and a format of digital record and recovery of radar signals of radars RTT Air Forces V.V. Sidorov 110-113
28. Research ofprobabilistic methods of nonlinear substitution boxes construction L.S. Soroka, A.A. Kuznetsov, S.A. Isaev 113-122
29. Select the template of project restoration area sewerage network on various criteria F.A. Stoyanov, O.V. Starkova, M.A. Tsibinoga, D.A. Bondarenko 123-126
30. Calculation of fault tolerance attitude control system efficiency for small satellite A.N. Taran, S.N. Firsov, I.V. Bichkova 127-129
31. Multivariable forecasting of quality of making of unsectional connections S.S. Fedin, N.A. Zubreckaya 130-134
32. On-line verification and correction of space SICS systems software. The purposes, scenarios and models V.S. Kharchenko, M.V. Zamyrets, S.O. Zasukha 135-139
33. Functions and structure of the CNC system N.V. Khrulov, V.I. Zadorojny, S.Y. Kunitskaya 140-146
34. Presentation and classification of non-structured patent information on base of the finite-predicate algebra O.I. Korol 147-150
35. Library package and toolbox for discrete interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems T.G. Petrenko, O.S. Timchuk 151-155
36. Data mining of the news on the example of polymers market I.A. Cherenkov 156-159
37. Mathematical model of estimation necessary power for the functioning agricultural aggregate V.M. Antoshchenkov, R.V. Antoshchenkov 160-162
38. A method’s choice of estimation prognostication of the stability of banking system taking into account the Hurst coefficient for dynamic row of supervisions V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, N.P. Pogorelenko, O.N. Sidorenko 163-169
39. Mathematical design of functioning processes of components mobile fragment of network communication of Ukraine Army А.А. Lavrut, L.N. Blazhko 170-174
40. The modelling of fuzzy semantic fields in text documents arrays B.M. Pavlyshenko 175-178
41. An expected case in the antagonistic model of making the four-mount construction under interval uncertainties with incorrectly pre-evaluated one left and two right endpoints V. V. Romanuke 179-183
42. Systematization of the full set of logical functions of cryptographic data conversion V.N. Rudnitsky, I.V. Mironets, V.G. Babenko 184-188
43. Method of dynamic management parameters is an aperture of approximation of videosequences V.V. Barannik, N.A. Korolova, A.Yu. Shkolnyk 189-193
44. Substantiation of a choice of a method of modeling of communication systems A.E. Goryushkina 194-196
45. Estimation of functionality and reliability of database with the universal data model V.I. Yesin 196-198
46. Ground base technologists of compression without the loss of information with the use aperture of description of images D.S. Kalchenko 199-203
47. Intelligent system for detecting network attacks on the information resources that are based on the principal component analysis M.P. Komar 203-207
48. Identification and prediction of traffic in telecommunication systems V.I. Korniyenko, L.V. Budkova 208-211
49. Parametric control method for data transmission intended for modification of transport protocols in wireless networks G.A. Kuchuk, A.S. Mohammad, A.A. Kovalenko 211-218
50. Development and research flow models of dynamic queues balancing on the routers in multiservice telecommunications network O.V. Lemeshko, Ali S. Ali, M.V. Semenyaka 218-223
51. Analysis of solving of the singlepath and multipath routing in multistream traffic in telecommunication networks O.V. Lemeshko, T.V. Vavenko 224-228
52. Testing of the performance of data integrity algorithms based on .net framework technology O.G. Protsenko 228-232
53. Comparative analysis of modern control systems for MPLS networks K.M. Rukkas, K.A. Ovchinnikov, N.A. Koroljuk 233-237
54. Estimation of statistical properties of informative traffic on basis of method of the rationed scope S.G. Semenov, R.V. Korolyov, A.V. Petrov 237-240
55. The analysis of web-site’s characteristics for maintenance of communicative making business-activity of the enterprises L.V. Sivko, O.V. Dorokhov, M. Draskovic 241-244
56. Education and functioning of system and real time of computer of IBM PC and algorithm of his adjustment V.V. Sydorenko, L.V. Pomasan, O.P. Dorensky 245-247
57. Method of synthesis of the interim management model parallel computing processes E.G. Tolslolujskaia, Iu.A. Artiukh 248-252
58. Parallel genetic algorithm synthesis topological structure computer network E.V. Shubin 253-255
59. Expert system of remote diagnostics of an organism: construction of the logic scheme of decision-making O.I. Pursky, S.S. Fedorenko 256-258
60. The neural network treatment of the OGTT glycemic data for increasing its diagnostic efficiency O.I. Solovjova, S.I. Lapta, S.S. Lapta 259-262
61. Models of formation strategy options development R.V. Artukh, A.A. Belotsky 263-265
62. Influence of model of informative trade-out on maintenance of projects of program of informatization A.D. Bolgarov, O.K. Pogudina, I.N. Babak, B.V. Gaydabrus 266-274
63. Algebraic-logical modelstructuresimplicitinthe choice of business processes N.V. Golyan, Yu.P. Shabanov-Kushnarenko 275-278
64. Classification of information products and services A.I. Pushkar, S.A. Nazarova 279-281
65. Classification of information products and services A. I. Pushkar, S. A. Nazarova 281-286
66. Selection of the relevant reengineering alternative for the logistic system of the distributed manufacture control O.Ye. Fedorovich, K.O. Zapadnya, D.V. Marinin 287-289
67. Basic factors of ecological pressure on constituents of agroindustrial complex A.D. Cherenkov, I.A. Cherepnev, G.A. Lyashenko, A.G. Kurchenko 290-302
68. The improvement of monitoring system structure of training in high school A.V. Veremko, S.E. Kravcova, K.N. Malovik 303-306
69. The concept of creation and use of an information portal of testing and estimation of knowledge О.Е. Konovalenko, V.А. Brusencev, V.A. Yaruta 307-309
70. Plagiarism, as the factor of fall of quality of formation V.V. Pobezhenko, I.A. Pobezhenko 310-313
71. Using IRT models at the monitoring and evaluation of scientific activity academic staff O.S. Radіvonenko, A.A. Avakyan, M.S. Mazorchuk, A.V. Volkovoy 313-318
72. Authors 319-322
73. Index 323