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2. Contents 175-176
3. Informational problems in acoustic, electronic, and telecommunication systems teory S.M. Poroshin 2-4
4. Acoustic methods of water environment state control Е.V. Azarenko, M.M. Divizinyuk, Yu.Yu. Goncharenko, D.G. Goncharenko 5-8
5. To determination of temporal descriptions of piano sounding V.S. Didkovsky, V.P. Zaetz, A.I. Lunyov 8-13
6. Fairings of designs for hydroacoustic antennas O.G. Leyko, A.V. Derepa 13-16
7. Liquid acoustic technologies and the electric durability analysis of electro-acoustic devices designs for them O.G. Leiko, O.I. Drozdenko
8. About the acoustic impedance of the ear of the human in norm in the voice frequency interval S.A. Naida 20-25
9. Concept of automated complex for trick photography Y.O. Okunev 26-28
10. Statistical dynamics of accelerated particle ensemble A.V. Statkus 29-34
11. Compression method of images based on discrete wavelet transform S.G. Udovenko, A.A. Shamraev, E.O. Shamraeva, U.Y. Chigenkov 35-40
12. Synthesis and analysis of acoustic systems using existing software V.V. Usik 41-44
13. Diffraction of sound waves in electroelastic cylinder placed in circular layer N.Yu. Filipova, A.V. Korzhik 45-50
14. Electronic suboptimal control system for tracked mobile robot A.A. Kabanov, V.A. Kramar 51-55
15. The use of radiointerferometers in the multisite radar complexes O.V. Karpenko, V.V. Onischenko 56-61
16. Experimental research of pause in current occured after rapid electrical explosion of easily melting conductors D.B. Kucher, T.V. Zontova, L.V. Litvinenko 62-65
17. Recurrent estimation of transfer gram matrix for identification of nonlinear nonstationary dynamic systems L. M. Lyubchyk, V.A. Kolbasin 66-70
18. Research methods for diagnosis of complex systems M.A.Myroshnyk, Yu.N.Salfyetnikova 70-75
19. Analysis main directions of modernization of certain radio engineering units for solving problems of control and analysis space conditions А.А. Morgun, A.L. Polakov, S.E. Lomonosov 75-80
20. Information technology to improve the quality of information support systems provide consumers with the observation of air space I.I. Obоd, G.E. Zavolodko, M.Yu. Okhrymenko 81-83
21. Continuous planning of the troubleshooting process for digital modules of electronic systems B.A. Shostak 84-87
22. Multipath routing optimization in networks with package commutation under conditions of dynamically variable topology V.V. Vorotnikov 88-93
23. Method for virtual connection multiservice network download analysis V.V. Kazimirova, V.E. Kuzmenko, K.V. Kluchkevich 93-96
24. Vectorial boolean functions application in substitutions generation for symmetric cryptographic transformation A.V. Kazimirov, R.V. Olejnikov 97-102
25. Analysis of service workflows distribution and service de-livery platform parameters M.M. Klymash, I.V. Demydov, O.A. Lavriv, Yu.D. Dobush 103-107
26. Synthesis of test generation for telecommunications network based on cyclic distinguishing sequences J.Y. Klimenko, M.A. Muroshnuk 108-112
27. Analysis of the condition protocol to safety of the modern telecommunication networks O.G. Korol 113-120
28. Autoregressive model: an integrated moving average in the problems of the expert forecasts formation of the quality indicator values for telecommunication systems designed S.G.Kotenko, M.A. Mozhayev 120-124
29. Computer network model as object of control U.I. Losev, K.M. Rukkas, S.I. Shmatkov,Mohammad Salameh Ibrahem Arabiat 125-127
30. Application of mathematical apparatus of nonlinear dynamical systems to traffic simulation in heterogeneous networks А.А. Mozhaev 128-133
31. Methods for dynamic instrumentation of binary code O. G. Rudenko, S.V. Miroshnychenko 134-138
32. Self-organizing neuroautomaton-network switching structures of branching I.G. Filippenko, O.I. Filippenko 139-144
33. Simulation of pipeline network system using grid A.А. Chemeris, M.Yu. Savchenko, S.A. Reznikova 145-148
34. Authors 171-172