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3. Methodological bases of process of functioning of difficult system V.M. Bilchuk, D.A. Grib, I.G. Dzeverin, O.V. Vorobiow 5-12
4. Evolution of software quality models: the tecnique and results of analysis in context of the standard ISO 25010 O.O. Gordieiev, V.S. Kharchenko 13-31
5. Information support of fuzzy expert systems L.G. Raskin, O.V. Sira, T.I. Katkova, V.O. Golovko 31-34
6. Early history of operations research 1. From origin to first half of XIX century V.Yu. Dubnitsky, B.G. Lyubartsev 35-44
7. Methodological errors in the calibration of multispectral scanning device of the wideband signal М.А. Аvdeev, S.V. Chornyy 45-51
8. Optimization of modeling the hyperbolic-elliptical shapes of the gas turbine engine air inlet contours according to dimensions О.А. Vishnevskiy, А.S. Davydov 52-56
9. Analysis of the characteristics of the mathematical representation a field and restore the image of a rough surface in the Fraunhofer zone V.K. Volosyuk, A.A. Shmatko, V.I. Zvorsky, E.A. Aksyonov 57-60
10. Influence of conditions of luminosity of geodesic region fixation on activity optical correlation extreme navigation systems of aircrafts A.M. Grichanjuk, Ya.N. Kozhushko 61-65
11. Mathematical model manual perspective samples of mobile laboratories measuring equipment military B.A. Demidov, M.V. Borisenko, M.P. Savchenko, V.V. Gerasimov 66-70
12. About exactness of measuring of delay useful signal on background of mixing V.D. Karlov, A.M. Cherney, D.V. Karlov, O.V. Besova 70-73
13. Promising means of automated calculation of the navigator I.O. Kashaev, S.I. Smyk 74-76
14. Statistic analysis of maximum likelihoods estimates of the partial correlation coefficient of adaptive lattice filters I.G. Kirillov, M.N. Rudenko, G.V. Chapliy, N.D. Berezhnaya, L.A. Yegorova 77-85
15. Two-stage selective reliability tests planning of single application products with a priori information including V.V. Kobzev, V.A. Vasilyev, D.V. Fomenko 86-89
16. The conditional least squares method for thermocouples error modelling O.V. Kochan 90-95
17. Determination of the basic concepts and geospatial intelligence I.A. Kuharskiy, V.О. Podlipaev, O.V. Atrasevich, V.O. Shumeyko 96-98
18. Application of trigonometric points in the data analysis phase measurements Y.V. Kutz, I.A. Kupriychuk, A.A. Ryzhkova 98-102
19. Invariant rules of finding out radar signals on background the passive hindrances in the conditions of apriory probability I.G. Leonov, A.Y. Prisyazhniy, D.S. Sidorenko, R.M. Zhyvotovskiy 103-107
20. Formalization for signs of air ships of reconnaissance’s informatic-menedgment systems through statutes of theory fuzzy sets I.A. Lyashenko, Ye.V. Tsvetkov, D.V. Bezkrovny 108-109
21. The accounting system of substances on the basis of ultrasonic flowmeters S.D. Nedzelsky, A.A. Stecenko 110-113
22. Method for recognition situations of violations of airspace use aircraft M.A. Pavlenko, O.G. Matyushchenko, S.Y. Simonov, D.V. Golovnyak 113-117
23. Analysis of the known methods of regeneration of optical-electronic images, distorted tailing V.O. Pavlіy, G.V. Khudov 118-121
24. Informative aspect of management the difficult man-machine systems on the basis of conformities to the law of statistics of their conduct V.M. Samsonkin, V.A. Druz’, O.O. Samsonkin, O.S. Fedorovich 121-127
25. Measurement of parameters of code rail circuits from a car-laboratory T.N. Serdyuk 127-133
26. Experimental confirmation of use method of spectral signal detection V.G. Smolar, S.A. Tyshko, I.I. Slusar, K.A. Vasilev 134-136
27. Efficiency signal detection analysis of the space control laser ranging systems in the turbulent atmosphere A.I. Strelkov, E.I. Zhilin, I.V. Liubich 137-142
28. Procedure of determination of values of parameters of routes of motion of run-time objects in the conditions of influence of external factors on basis of Pontryagin’s maximum principle O.I. Tymochko, V.M. Ushan 143-145
29. Setting and solution of the problem of receiving a cylindrical electroelastic screened audio converter with disconnect electrodes N.Yu. Filipova 146-152
30. Place and role determining of emergency situations on board R.V. Khrashcevskyi, N.I. Kushnerova 152-155
31. Substantiation of conceptual basic principles of modeling of deployment application for air defense of land forces О.V. Batourin, E.О. Ryabokon, О.О. Olifirov 156-158
32. Semantic maps view of organizational knowledge Z.V. Dudar, А.V. Banban, O.V. Kalynychenko, S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko 159-161
33. Semantic maps view of organizational knowledge A.V. Tristan 162-164
34. The method of constructing algebraic convolutional codes in the frequency domain A.S. Volkov 165-167
35. Symbol recognition based on the model clonal selection N.M. Korablev, A.V. Legedina 168-173
36. About the algebra-logic concepts description task V.A. Leschynskiy 174-177
37. Computational complexity of decoding methods of low-density parity-check codes N.A. Shtompel 177-180
38. Method of information protection subsystem modernization in automated system without validation procedures A.L. Voloshyn 181-188
39. Rationale for selection round function for the iterative hashing information O.G. Korol, L.T. Parkhuts, S.P. Evseev 189-193
40. The method of rapid processing of cryptographic information in a modular number system V.A. Krasnobayev, S.А. Koshman, S.V. Somov, Y.O. Kriuchko 194-198
41. Varieties of distributed systems. Architectural features. Advantages and disadvantages B.G. Ayrapetyan 199-203
42. Evaluation of the attacks rate on available vulnerability for commercial web services Alaa Mohammed Abdul-Hadі 204-207
43. Justification of approaches on management of routing with distribution of network resources in information communication networks of the special purpose О.A. Drobot, V.K. Medvedev, V.V. Tkachov, A.V. Yakobenchuk 208-214
44. Authentication of users of the informative computer systems: analysis and prognostication of approaches N.A. Koshevaya, N.I. Maznichenko 215-223
45. Practical analysis of internal quality of software with the opened code Yu.A. Kuznecova, A.V. Syromyatnikov, I.B. Turkin 224-233
46. Mathematical model of technical telecommunication network structure G.А. Kuchuk, V.V. Kosenko, A.P. Davikoza 234-237
47. Algorithm of comparative estimation of complications of exchange by reports during fragmentation of temporal parallel models of tasks for DCN G.A. Polyakov, G. Geakhpur, R.V. Bublik, E.G. Tolslolujskaiia 238-242
48. On-line analytical processing for media systems in the indefinite conditions A.V. Popov 242-245
49. Extended method of choosing observed variables for network monitoring V.I. Sayenko 246-251
50. Combined multiple access techniques in telecommunications networks A.A. Serkov, I.I. Obad, S.A. Nikitin 252-254
51. Rationale for the establishment of technical diagnosis of integrated information systems A.A. Smirnov, A.S. Kozhanova, A.V. Kovalenko 255-257
52. The method of evaluation time delivery message into computer networks S.I. Shmatkov 258-261
53. Select performance indicators for the threading model for multipath routing А.В. Шостак, Ю.І. Дорошенко 262-264
54. Application of medical decision support system based on the combined decision rule for the blood diseases diagnostics M.V. Burtsev 265-267
55. Database development of information systems decision support general practitioners O.V. Visotska, I.Y. Panferova, O.N. Shukin, І.S. Dobrorodnia 268-271
56. Equipment for EHF electromagnetic irradiation of internal organs V.K. Ivanov, Yu.V. Ivanova, O.O. Silin, O.M. Stadnyk, O.S. Fateev 272-276
57. Bioenergetics methods of research as health is saving nanotechnology in pedagogical process L.A. Pisotskaya, T.V. Lakiza, Yu.A. Loyan, L.V. Fadeeva, N.G. Kuchuk 277-280
58. The use of diamond-like films for building sensor systems O.M. Semeniy, М.М. Rozhytskii 281-285
59. Models and methods for quality evaluation of embryos A.S. Chupryna, Al Dulaimi Ahmed Abdulmunem 285-288
60. Verbal analysis methods using in information-analytical systems of organization management N.S. Kosilo, D.B. Elchaninov, N.V. Belova 289-292
61. Design of information systems mobile for enterprises D.V. Lubko 293-295
62. Management of competitiveness of enterprises V.A. Timofeev, E.V. Leshenko 295-298
63. Bases of calculation of action of plug and play of localization of chemical extrass M.I. Adamenko 299-301
64. Systematic approach as methodological basis for safety R.I. Pahomov, T.V. Lavrut, E.V. Dyachenko 302-304
65. Analysis of the existing mathematical models of fire spread for computerized training complexes M.O. Pustovit 305-310
66. Analysis of existing methods evaluation of quality of water resources I.O. Ushakova, K.I. Popov 310-313
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68. Index 319