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3. Scientometric evaluation of results of scholarly research activity and quality of periodical scientific publications V.A. Kirvas 5-15
4. Method of determination of directions of assistance forming of purposeful own conduct of development of process of functioning of the difficult system V.M. Bilchuk, D.A. Grib, I.G. Dzeverin, O.V. Vorobiow 16-23
5. Synthesis and design of automatic control system of objects oil and gas industry T.O. Berbets 24-31
6. The systems of dynamic positioning of courts as ergatic are instrument of increase of safety of navigator D.М. Gudkov, I.V. Tikhonov 32-36
7. Creation of the field spectral hardware-software complex for subsatellite validation of the controlled from distance research of vegetation V.V. Donets, S.M. Коchubey, V.А. Yatsenko, T.A. Каzantsev, V.V. Вrovchenko 36-42
8. Assessment of the error possibility of the information transfer for the two-dimensional quasi-orthogonal signals A.N. Degtyarev, D.B. Kucher, V.N. Miryanova 43-47
9. Computerized eddy-current nondestructive testing system O.V. Dergunоv, Y.V. Kuts 47-50
10. A method of diagnostics of phased array antenna is in the field terms V.D. Karlov, M.M. Petrushenko, D.V. Karlov, G.A. Golovin 50-53
11. Multifunction laser informatively-measuring system for ground proof-of-concept complex О.V. Kolomitsev, S.I. Klivets, О.S. Petrenko, D.V. Rydenko 53-58
12. Method of increase of dynamic reliability of invariant control the system Н.В. Krivenko, S.M. Kucheruk 59-62
13. Image filtering using Har transform in blocks S.S. Krivenko, E.O. Kolganova, V.V. Lukin 63-69
14. Automate model of a sensor network node A.I. Levterov, P.A. Plakhteyev 69-73
15. Research of power ranges it is difficult phase-frequency the modulated signals N.F. Linnik 73-75
16. Kalman filter use in microwave multiprobe multimeter M.A. Miroshnik, O.B. Zaichenko 76-79
17. The structure and parameters of quality of information processing systems, surveillance of airspace I.I. Obаd, A.A. Strelnickiy, V.A. Andrysevich 80-83
18. Radio-signals detection theory development. Fundamentals of energy detection G.V. Pevtsov, A.Ya. Yatsutsenko, D.V. Karlov, М.F. Pichugin, Yu.V. Trofimenko, O.Yu. Chernyvskiy, M.V. Bortsova 84-94
19. Design of freeform signal shaper based on FPGA for testing of multichannel bioimpedance analyser A.Ye. Perepelitsyn, P. Ellervee 94-97
20. Researching of detection system of contact rail position A.O. Podorozhnyak, O.M. Legeza, T.A. Kozub 97-102
21. Determination of way and time of acceleration of car which works on biotdiesel fuel A.P. Polyakov, D.O. Galuschak, P.A. Polyakov, D.L. Korolyuk 103-105
22. А unified method for filtering an image pulse noise K.S. Smelyakov, I.V. Ruban, O.V. Vodolazhko, V.A. Pavliy 105-109
23. Alarm-trajectory method of estimation of parameters of near objects with extensive image on series of stills S.V. Khlamov, V.Ye. Savanevich, M.M. Bezkrovnyy, N.S. Sokovikova 110-115
24. Suggestion on perfection of algorithms of roughing-out of information in automated control the system radio engineering’s troops of aircrafts of military powers of ukraine at search and finding out air objects D.B. Zhuykov, G.V. Khudov, R.P. Shcherbina, D.O. Chibisov 116-120
25. Metrological analysis of device to control the degree of wettability of solid by liquids in capillary defectoscopy М.М. Chuyko 120-125
26. Peculiarities of assessment of error and uncertainty at carrying out of tests of objects of rocket and space technique on broadband random vibration А.V. Chumachenko, K.Y. Golub, Y.I. Pustovar 126-129
27. Priory unknown distribution random circle sample processing S.V. Shengur 130-135
28. Models of flight situations development while decision-making by air navigation system's human-operator T.F. Shmelova, Y.V. Sikirda, T.R. Jafarzade 136-142
29. Method formalization semantic dictionary based on the function N.A. Valenda 143-146
30. Method for determination of labor engineering labour professionals to provide quality using a hierarchically nested template processes V.G. Kotelenets, S.Ye. Kravtsova 147-151
31. Problem’s solution of estimation state of the socio-economic system T.V. Lukyanenko 152-158
32. Analysis methods for solving problems information extraction M.A. Pavlenko 158-162
33. Consolidated analysis of models of word-formation motivated adverbs of russian language D.A. Polyakov 163-166
34. Method of decision of optimization task of distributing battle facilities of operating groupments in terms to insufficient information about opponent L.G. Raskin 167-170
35. Determination of interval of uncertainty by use of index method of economic statistics V.Iu. Dubnytskyi 171-175
36. Way of implementation of cyclic codes with correction of repeated errors in the accepted combination N.D. Rysakov, V.V. Kutsenko, I.L. Kostenko, A.P. Kulik, D.N. Voronov 175-180
37. Atomic-emission sodium determination in mineral water samples using flyback generator for spark atomization D.S. Olkhovikov, V.V. Markov, O.A. Pipa 181-188
38. General principles of application of chaotic maps discrete approximations for the hash functions construction A.V. Antonov, I.Ye. Kuzhel, N.V. Shigimaga 189-194
39. Classification of skill to communicate of data carriers І.O. Gromyko 195-198
40. Analysis methods for constructing pseudorandom sequence generators O.V. Severinov 198-201
41. Local characteristics detection of biometric images based on wavelet-neuro-compressor О.A. Vynokurova, Yu.Ye. Tatarinova, О.V. Asieiev 202-207
42. A concept and principles of dependable service-oriented systems development А.V. Gorbenko 207-212
43. Ensemble properties of the characteristic discrete signals A.A. Zamula 213-216
44. Model heuristic analyzer malware based on artificial immune network N.M. Korablyov, M.V. Kushnaryov 216-222
45. Performance indicators system control of computer network U.I. Losev, K.M. Rukkas, S.S. Plokhov, Mohammad Salameh Ibrahem Arabiat 223-225
46. Creating high definition video storage and transmission via the internet A.A. Mozhaev, Y.O. Okunev 225-228
47. Statement of the problem development of information technology for precision agriculture V.V. Sklar, O.N. Odaruschenko, A.O. Ivasjuk, E.N. Bulba 229-233
48. Research of influence compression ratio images on the promptness of delivery in telecommunication systems A.A. Smirnov, О.M. Dreyev, O.P. Dorensky 234-239
49. Formation of availability vulnerability subsets for commercial web-services V.S. Kharchenko, Alaa Mohammed Abdul-Hadі, Yu.L. Ponochovny 240-243
50. Model of the messages formation from the received frames at multipath data transmission in computer networks S.I. Shmatkov 243-248
51. Management the cost of regional development program Y.Y. Gusieva, V.K. Dola, N.O. Manakova 249-252
52. Methods of developing an automated system for the imposition I.O. Bondar, Y.A. Shevchenko 253-258
53. Information technology for diagnosis economic safety engineering companies in parametric uncertainty А.N. Skachkov, D.S. Revenko, M.A. Grishchenko 258-263
54. Modeling components of decision support information systems of production logistics A.I. Sukhomlinov 264-267
55. Development of ecological transport cryogenic power installation with reduced level of thermal radiation N.I. Adamenko, I.N. Kudryavtsev 268-272
56. About the use of terms «explosion of oxygen bulb», «explosion of gas bottle» N.V. Beloshitsky, A.V. Prusskiy 273-277
57. Determination character (scales) of flood floods at unclear description of factors of influence O.S. Butenko, M.V. Burjchenko, L.S. Veselskaj, R.E. Paschenko 278-287
58. Determination of quality indicators for preparation of report documentation according to the resultst of the technical investigation into the cause of a fire O.O. Dyadyushenko 288-290
59. The review ofprogrammatic complexes for timing evacuation ofpeople from buildings and buildings S.V. Kucenko 290-294
60. To justify the need level of regional security element with regard to the level of its development pressure A.M. Polezhaev, O.D. Mal’ko, S.A. Tuzikov 294-296
61. Mathematical modeling of the smoke spread inside buildings using cellular automata V.M. Rudnickij, I.G. Maladyka, M.O. Pustovit 297-500
62. The activating of educational – cognitive activity of students on special military subjects lessons O. M. Vorobyov, M.N. Iasechkо,V.N. Geraskin, L.V. Oliynik, D.A. Okipnyak 301-304
63. Modern software analysis for automation of lesson scheduling process I.V. Ruban, S.V. Dudenko, Yu.V. Busygin, М.М. Kalmikov, A.A. Trublin 305-310
64. Automated system of estimation of skills of aviating D.V. Sinenko 311-315
65. Information and software environment of the discipline «Computer schematic» A.Y. Churakov, O.V. Strokan 316-318
66. Authors 319-322
67. Index 323