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3. The use of chaotic MSK-modulation secure data transmission in a radio communication system K.S. Vasyta, S.V. Ozerov, S.V. Yarovoy, V.P. Yasinecky, A.S. Miroshnichenko 3-6
4. Raising of problem of development of optimum method to control of parameters of the technical systems during exploitation on the state S.V. Gerasimov 7-11
5. Research the effectiveness of recognition of speech signals based on the method of estimating the spectrum Y.V. Danyuk 12-14
6. The recovery continuous signal from the discrete signal with the noise for information systems of the Naval Forces of Ukraine A.N. Degtyarev, D.B. Kucher 15-17
7. Mathematical model for semantic compression of textual information I.N. Iegorova, S.V. Iegorov 18-21
8. Intelligent thermogram image recognition method using contour analysis V.A. Iemelianov, N.Yu. Iemelianova 22-27
9. The results of natural experiment from a radio transmitting/ receiving of the digital images of surface from an aircraft board A.A. Zhevtjuk, I.Y. Tselishchev, V.M. Pautinka, V.I. Malov, V.B. Gayda 27-31
10. Using the invariant approach to solving the problem of processing information in the navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles I.O. Kankin 32-36
11. Forecasting mathematical model aircraft trajectory based on linear filtering and extrapolation stochastic process to mixed sequence its components I.Yu. Kravchenko 36-40
12. Three-mass control system by speed of rotation and pull of multimotive electromechanic of paper-lapping machine B.I. Kuznetsov, L.B. Kurceva, E. M. Ponomarenko, M.V. Luchaninova 41-45
13. Entropic scale for determination of measurement results Yu.S. Kurskoy 46-50
14. The modified method of joint likelihood identification of radio engineering measurements at support of objects S.V. Logachyov, G.V. Hudov, A.A. Shchennikov 51-55
15. Definition of type parameters of equivalent circuits power systems anti-missile system A.A. Musharov 55-59
16. Improved method for determining the accuracy of measurements radionavigation D.P. Pashkov, Y.B. Pribylev, A.A. Kizіma 60-63
17. Radio-signal parameters estimation theory development. fundamentals of energy detection G.V. Pevtsov, A.Ya. Yatsutsenko, D.V. Karlov, М.F. Pichugin, Yu.V. Trofimenko, O.Yu. Chernyаvskiy, M.V. Bortsova 64-77
18. Simultaneous minimax MSE estimation of three first range derivatives for radar coherent processing system A.V. Statkus, F.M. Andreev 78-84
19. «Green» programmable logic: a conception and implementation examples for FPGA designs S.F. Tyurin, V.S. Kharchenko 84-92
20. Analysis of decision-making models in air navigation system by semantic networks T.F. Shmelovа, Y.V. Sikirda, I.L. Yakuninа 92-98
21. The method of generating a domain model based on the technical documentation V.B. Deeva, T.V. Duravkina, A.G. Morozova 99-104
22. Method of determination of the necessary number of tools of influence for elimination of the set number of objects on basis of fuzzy neuron network O.I. Tymochko 105-109
23. The formalization of situation for reflexive assessment of product competitiveness in defence projects A.O. Feklistov, S.V. Zakirov 110-112
24. The predicative approach to non-obvious knowledge formalization S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, Kudhair Abed Tamer, I.A. Leschynskaya 113-116
25. Calculation of lemniscate sine and cosine values V.Iu. Dubnytskyi, L.D. Filatova 117-121
26. An algebraic approach to the identification of rough sets in information systems D.E. Sitnikov, P.E. Sitnikova, A.I. Kovalenko 122-125
27. Actuality of develop designing methodology of hash function based on chaotic maps A.V. Antonov, V.B. Bzot, I.Ye. Kuzhel 126-131
28. Parallel implementation of a sliding encoding V.G. Babenko 131-134
29. Model of a balanced distribution subchannel In WiMAX mesh-network S.V. Garkusha, Ahmed Hassan Abed, O.V. Garkusha 135-140
30. Adaptive fuzzy prediction of traffic in information telecommunication networks A.V. Gerasina 141-145
31. Bayesian model of web-services dependability assessment based on experimental measurement А.V. Gorbenko 145-149
32. Decentralized algorithm for connecting of subscribers to cluster the mobile network of cas a management troops Y.G. Danik, Y.A. Kulakov, V.V. Vorotnikov, K.M. Bilous 150-155
33. Detection model of Web services attacks I.V. Kobzev, K.E. Petrov, O.V. Orlov 156-159
34. A model of fault-tolerant routing of multicast and broadcast flows in MPLS-network O.V. Lemeshko, K.M. Arous 160-163
35. Analysis of characteristics error-correcting codes R.S. Novikov, A.A. Astrakhantsev 164-167
36. Semi-Markov model of traffic control quality assurance in telecommunication networks with routes precalculation considering risks of information security A.V. Snigurov, V.K. Chakrian 167-173
37. Method of synthesis of time parameterized parallel programs for computer systems of class of MPP H. G. Tostoluzhskaya 173-180
38. Analysis of tasks, laid on the programmatic-configured networks O.A. Feschenko 181-183
39. Method of optimal data compression in medical monitoring systems Ye.A. Antonenko , V.A. Katrich, N.P. Mustecov 184-188
40. Application for classification discriminant analysis cognitive disorders in patients encephalopathy O.V. Vysotskaya, G.M. Kojina, L.M. Risovana, E.E. Chayka 189-193
41. Method of identification of the time series moments of trends variation for decision strategies on the financial market A.Yu. Berzlev 194-199
42. Automated system of air ships authentication which can be used for realization of assassinations in air space of Ukraine D.V. Bezkrovniy, D.G. Vasyliev, O.P. Borisjuk 200-203
43. Development of scientific and technical basis for establishment of monitoring, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of natural and man-made nature, and also ensuring of environmental of ecological security V.D. Kalugin, V.V. Tiutiunik, L.F. Chernogor, R.I. Shevchenko 204-216
44. Use of F-method for developing systems fire automation S.V. Kutsenko 217-220
45. Informative system of account of scientific activity of students K.S. Barashev, V.A. Kirvas 221-224
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