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3. Development and research of adaptive method of synthesis of parameters to the contour of correction of system management S.V. Gerasimov 3-6
4. Modeling noise characteristics DDS N.P. Kandyrin 7-10
5. Evaluation of use satellite navigation system Beidou needs to Ukraine І.A. Kashayev, R.V. Puhachov, I.V. Shuba, Ye.I. Kashayev 11-13
6. Symbol skeletonization based on the model clonal selection N.M. Korablev, A.V. Legedina, O.G. Lebedev 14-17
7. Parameters of spatial time domain narrowband signals of focused multifrequency phased antenna arrays with ultraspeed scanning in Fresnel's zone L.G. Kornienko 18-24
8. Recovery of image elements lost by low spatial resolution of multispectral electro – optical systems R.S. Kochmarchuk, L.F. Kupchenko, A.S. Rybiak 25-30
9. Recommendations as to grounding the test set volumes for the surface-to-air guided missiles when solving the problem of extending their assigned service terms B.N. Lanecky, I.V. Koval, A.A. Shokolovsky, V.P. Popov, K.V. Borisenko 31-35
10. Approximate methods of calculating the aerodynamic characteristics of the profile in the range of variation of the angle of attack from 0 to 360° V.G. Lebed, S.A. Kalkamanov, E.Y. Ilenko 36-39
11. Experimental studies in optimization criterion systems vibration monitoring minimum average risk R.P. Mygushchenko 40-44
12. Research of current-voltage characteristics of solid oxide fuel cells V.М. Mokiychuk, N.O. Lisunenko 47
13. Investigation of phase detector for ultrasonic nondestructive testing O.V. Monchenko 48-52
14. Methods of improving the quality of information security surveillance systems airspace I.I. Obad, A.A. Strelnickiy, V.A. Andrysevich 53-55
15. Appendix method functional block to the synthesis decomposition generator single series pulses with adjusted parameters V.G. Roubanov, Е.N. Korobkova 56-64
16. Extreme statement and analysis of the coordinates determination problem of the radio emission sources by using the range-difference method V.N. Tkachenko, V.V. Korotkov, R.L. Pantyeyev 64-68
17. The forming a set of qualification signs of objects for solving tasks of detection objects on the images O.V. Shytova 69-73
18. Generalization of the problem for fast action concerning optimal direction on a moving flying apparatus V.I. Grabchak, E.G. Ivanyk, S.A. Tsybulia 74-80
19. Combined method for calculation of scattering characteristics of radar objects with complex shape and its application for modeling of propeller modulation spectra of helicopters G.S. Zalevsky, M.M. Brechka, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky 80-85
20. Prospects for the use of cloud technologies in the systems of turn of electronic documents T.G. Belova, V.O. Yaruta 86
21. Method of determining of software cost V.A. Gorokhovatskiy, V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.M. Kobylin, V.A. Lukin, E.V. Moskalenko 90-96
22. The method drawing up the text with the set suggestive orientation S.О. Sidchenko, T.V. Saprykina, V.O. Shkoliarenko 96-101
23. Method evaluating progress operator activities of during simulator training V.G. Chernov, A.I. Tymochko, M.A. Pavlenko 101-105
24. Methods for determining the significance level of the factors that generate fuzzy nonstochastic uncertain environment of purposeful functioning of a complex system V.M. Bilchuk, D.A. Grib, I.G. Dzeverin, O.V. Vorobyev, I.A. Nos 106-112
25. Experimental studies of spatially invariant equivalence models of associative and hetero-associative memory 2D images V.G. Krasilenko, D.V. Nikitovych 113-120
26. Method of the tabular implementation operation of multiplication in the residue class V.A. Krasnobaeyv, A.S. Yanko, S.A. Koshman 121-127
27. A logic-algebraic method for determining an integral knowledge assessment rating D.E. Sitnikov, P.E. Sitnikova, E.V. Titova, A.I. Kovalenko, D.I. Popov 128-130
28. Analysis and justification criteria and measures of efficiency cryptographic pseudo random number generators A.A. Zamula, D.A. Semchenko, Yu.V. Zemlyanko 131-136
29. The symmetric system of ciphering of A.P. Stakhov and diversity principle I.V. Lysenko 137-139
30. Development soft-hardware data protection system based on undisclosed encrypts V.A. Marchenko 140-144
31. Method of protection of confidential information as a component of information security of state emergency services of Ukraine R.P. Melnyk, O.G. Melnyk, S.V. Gonchar, V.G. Babenko 145-148
32. Research methods for monitoring and diagnostic information processing error of special processor that operates on the basis of modular code radix V.І. Barsov, E.O. Sotnik, V.A. Krasnobaev 149-155
33. Modeling SOA systems to optimize their architecture R.V. Grebinnyk, O.V. Lipanov 156-160
34. Problem recognition situations in ERP systems A.V. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.S. Kovalenko 161-164
35. Method of distributing of data flows in multiservice network With off-wire connections G.А. Kuchuk, N.Kh. Rakovskaya, S.A. Zagaynov, A.S. Savchenko 164-169
36. Analysis of the special mathematical functions implementations in the libraries of the C/C++ programming languages O.V. Mnushka 169-173
37. Users in adaptive WEB-oriented system software interfaces classification D.S. Nehurytsia, T.B. Shatovska 174-184
38. Research and justification of test verification method of distributed knowledge bases D.M. Obidin 181-183
39. Real time traffic transmission requests buffering technique in a telecommunication network channel K.A. Polschykov, K.N. Kubrakova 184-187
40. Approximation of technology of functioning of computer system in the conditions of external influences by model of bryusselyator with indignations as dynamic chaos S.G. Semenov, A.A. Mozhaev, S.Yu. Gavrilenko 188-191
41. Approach to forming conclusions about the state of the operational situation in the sphere of public law V.N. Batsamut 192-198
42. Construct a mathematical model of the system for fire prevention industrial facility A.B. Vasilyev 199-202
43. Application of clustering during developing of models of information systems of multilevel fire safety monitoring S.V. Holub, I.V. Burliai 203-208
44. Definition of value estimates interval anthropogenic hazard territorial elements A.N. Poleghaev 209-211
45. Analysis of the process of elimination of consequences of emergency situations of civil protection forces Regiones with high levels of anthropogenic impact A.S. Rogozin, R.T. Levchenko 212-214
46. Development of подсистеми control of knowledges on the topic «Programming in language of Delphi. Record of arithmetic expressions N.A. Bondarenko, V.A. Zhilin, D.P. Panasenko 215-221
47. System approach to creation of educational web-space for foreign languages learning H.А. Makogon, S.А. Novik 222-226
48. Effectiveness evaluation criteria distance learning courses I.V. Tereshenko, К.K. Кulagin, A.I. Tereshenko, M.K. Kulagin 227-230
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