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2. Contents 205-206
3. Solution of direct and inverse problem for a system of linear algebraic equations with interval-given characteristics V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.M. Kobylin 3-8
4. Efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle’s group flights D.I. Bondarev, T.R. Jafarzade, A.N. Kozub 9-14
5. Accuracy coordinated dimensions while processing holes with the direction of the cutting tool V.M. Burdeina 14-17
6. Symbolic transformations on age of human-machine interface of vehicle navigation and movement control systems S.M. Vasko 18-21
7. Radiometric method for relief mapping of spatial and extended object V.K. Volosyuk, V.V. Pavlikov, Vu Ta Cuong, A.V. Odokienko 22-27
8. The analysis of spacecraft for remote sensing of the earth special and double purpose O.V.Vorobiow 28-30
9. Methods of treatment of output calls of dynamic collections at definition of their engineering condition S.V. Gerasimov, A.І. Tymochko 31-35
10. Mathematical model of distortion broadband signals under jamming S.O. Klimovich 35-39
11. Protection of frequency-regulations electric actuator based on induction engine with the squirrel-cage rotor B.T. Kononov, A.A. Nechaus, N.M. Ryabukha 39-42
12. Readjustable industrial equipment manufacturing items on special equipment and multioperational CNC flexible manufacturing systems V.V. Kosenko, A.S. Kobzev 43-45
13. Geoinformation technologies and fuzzy - models in management complex objects E.I. Kucherenko, I.S. Hlushenkova, S.O. Hlushenkov 46-50
14. Simulation model of statistical service radio electronics complex objects S.V. Lenkov, K.F. Boryak, S.O. Pashkov, O.V. Banzak 51-55
15. Component phase detector with dynamically regulated parameter of element of the feedback phase regulator on nonlinear law as a part of the FAP system S.А Makarov, О.N. Chekunova, S.А. Yuhnovsky, О.N. Nikitin 55-58
16. Advanced methodical approach to the formation of technical outline samples of aircraft Missiles M.V. Naumenko 58-63
17. The systems of intellectual management heating of objects are with processing of data from mobile sensors of temperature registration P.G. Okhrimenko, N.A. Zayats, S.A. Shvorov, V.M. Shtepa 63-67
18. Route the aerial objects in heterogeneous airspace areas M.A. Pavlenko 67-70
19. Analysis bandpass properties turbulent tropospheric radio communication of information D.P. Pashkov 71-74
20. Recognition of soil types using fractal methods space image processing R.E. Pasсhenko, S.Ye. Yatsevich, E.I. Yatsevich, L.A. Yegorova 74-76
21. Methodology of designing of bearing elements of power systems of ground aviation techniques S.А. Pleshkunov, R.N. Dzhus 77-80
22. Experimental study of temperature state external nodes of the tank T-64B O.V. Stakhovsky 81-85
23. There are formation principles of complex images reference for precision correlation-extreme navigation systems V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko 86-89
24. Analysis of coordinates determination accuracy of the radio emission sources in the system of radar-location complex and active radar V.N. Tkachenko, V.V. Korotkov, R.L. Pantyeyev 90-95
25. The automation processing of reconnaissance information Y.M. Agathon, S.M. Zvyhlyanych, M.P. Izyumsky 96-98
26. Estimation of system treatment information efficiency during organization of situation control on state boundary of Ukraine Y.А. Careov, A.А. Vinyarskiy, S.V. Lenkov 99-102
27. Model of process of performance of battle objective by brigade of tactical aviation with the use of tools of radionavigation providing of battle actions O.K. Sheygas 103-106
28. Use of methods of data mining is for analysis of the social phenomena I.V. Shuba 107-111
29. The model of institutional management of activities for information safety А.V. Potiy, D.Y. Pilipenko, D.V. Кеpко 112-117
30. Generalized method of synthesis of feedback nonlinear operations of expanded matrix cryptographic transformations V.N. Rudnitskiy, V.G. Babenko, T.A. Stabetskaya 118-121
31. Analysis of modern intrusion detection systems A.V. Severinov, A.G. Khrenov 122-124
32. Analysis of mixing in networks Feistel N.Y. Karpenko, V.B. Ufimtseva 125-130
33. Parallelization оf models synthesis process in systems of multilevel transformation of information А.U. Diachenko 131-134
34. Program systems design automation technologies D.B. Elchaninov, N.S. Kosilo, N.V. Belova 135-140
35. Approach to increase of reliability of authentication of users of computer systems on dynamics of passwords writing N.A. Koshevaya, N.I. Maznichenko 140-146
36. Method of expansion of structure of multiservice network area virtual connections О.О. Mozhaev, N.Kh. Rakovska, S.O. Zagaynov, O.S. Savchenko 146-148
37. Petri networks is the instrument for describing and researching dynamical system A.P.Oskolkov 149-151
38. Visual diagram editor for declaratively defined domain-specific diagram languages G.S. Yama, N.G. Keberle 152-156
39. Research models and methods of biometric control traffic D.V. Aleksandrovych, A.L. Yerokhin 157-162
40. Analysis work improving complex «Playstick» L.A. Pesotskaya, A.V. Laptev, N.G. Kucuk 163-166
41. Control algorithm multifunctional prosthetic arm A.A. Chernyshev, N.P. Mustetsov 167-172
42. Application of simulation method, using stochastic petri nets for plans quality estimating of technological cycles of production N.S. Antonenko 173-176
43. Automated advertising planning system for small and medium business V.І. Dubrovin , K.О. Fandieieva 177-180
44. The reliability of financial-economic forecasts in military construction V.V. Leonow, R.V. Boyko, N.V. Vavilova, V.A. Tavrin, V.M. Ptashnik 180-186
45. Risk assessment of the project of creation sophisticated technical machinery Y.N. Tolkunova 187-189
46. The influence of socioeconomic factors on the growth of number of traffic fatalities I.А. Cherepnev, V.І. Dyakonov, G.А. Lyashenko, N.V. Polyanova, T.V. Dzhigit 190-196
47. Chronicle and information 197-200
48. Authors 201-203
49. Index 204