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3. Investigation of application efficiency of synthesized composite materials for protection from electromagnetic radiation at microwave frequencies Z.V. Barsova
4. The model predictive control problem solving on the basis of the evolving multilayer perceptron O.O. Bezsonov 7-11
5. Spectral analysis by esprit method with preliminary data processing by SSA method V.I. Vasylyshyn 12-15
6. Methods of registration and veivlet-analysis of images of gas-unloading radiation N.V. Glukhova, L.A. Pesockaya 16-19
7. Performance improving methods for comparison of descriptions for recognition of symbol images O.V. Gorokhovatskyi 20-22
8. Laser specle velocimetry for running objects with light reflective surface G.N. Dolya, A.N. Katunin, O.A. Nad, A.N. Bulay 23-26
9. Combined synthesizers of signals on basis twocircular PLL and DDS N.P. Kandyrin 27-31
10. Simulation model of determination of optimum plan of distributing and proper of optimum motion routes of departure metrology groups V.B. Kononov, Yu.I. Shevyakov, Yu.Y. Kushneruk, D.A. Fіlіstееv 32-36
11. Transducers for liquid acoustic technologies and design ways to neutralize the hydrostatic pressure acting on them O.G. Leiko, O.I. Drozdenko 37-40
12. Methods to improve the noise immunity of the defendant’s interrogation of aircraft surveillance systems airspace I.I. Obad, I.V. Svyd, I.A. Shtyh 41-43
13. Analysis form of phase portraits at a change time delay for recognition pilotless vehicle multirotor type R.E. Paschenko, D.O. Cupak, I.A. Ratajchuk, O.A. Bardanova 44-49
14. Contribution of electronic equipment of unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-7 Shadow in it`s secondary radiation I.E. Ryapolov 49-53
15. Mathematical model of the vortex wake in two-dimensional air mission formulation О.V. Solovyov, S.M. Eryomenko, P.V. Prusak, V.V. Sokolova 54-58
16. Studies of automating the process of diagnosing measuring instruments to improve control in manufacturing M.V. Tymchenko, Y.P. Shamaev 59-61
17. A method of calculation of informative value of the unclear controlled parameters is in task of differential diagnostics of the states N.V. Fischukova, T.I. Katkova, Ya.V. Svyatkin 62-65
18. Preprocessing of the global navigation satellite system GPS user equipment information in the format RINEX 2.10 E.N. Homyakov, V.N. Medvedev 66-71
19. Principles of construction of one-dimensional multi-stage sensors H.A. Shein, A.N. Naumenko 72-74
20. Development of database for the account of technical elements integrated information system to meet the requirements consumer information A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko 75-79
21. Procedure of compressing images with a wide dynamic range T.A. Kolesnikova, I.H. Holovko 80-83
22. Aeropictures decoding method based of sign’s space O.I. Tymochko, S.A. Olizarenko, O.Y. Lavrov 84-87
23. Time management in modeling operator activity of ACS in the control system of complex dynamic objects M.A. Pavlenko 88-91
24. The method of finding relevant web-documents using the modified frequency criterion L.E. Chala, Yu.Yu. Kharytonova, A.A. Zub 92-96
25. Development of a mathematical model of the process error diagnostics special information processor operates on the basis codes modular number system V.I. Barsov, Ye.A. Sotnik, Ye.A. Kontileva 97-101
26. Mathematical model of the functional systems of the ship equipment V.І. Bogomya, A.І. Stadnik
27. The explicit solution of inverse problem of continuous one-dimensional random variable modeling V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, Ir.G. Skorirova 106-110
28. Calculation and comparative analysis of capability of computer system of integer data processing, which function in residue number system V.A. Krasnobayev, A.S. Yanko, P.М. Hroza, S.A. Koshman, O.Р. Hroza, Y.Р. Bendes 111-117
29. The optimized method for solving the minimum vertex cover problems based on a non-guaranteed prediction S.V. Listrovoy, S.V. Motsnyi 118-121
30. The coincident in time addition of fifty positive integers in the recurrent numeration system І.М. Fedotova-Piven' 122-126
31. Use of log-periodic antennas in the active means of information protection against leakage through channels of side electromagnetic radiation S.V. Pshenychnykh, M.А. Honchar 127-132
32. Conception of the improved technology of description of models of differentiating of access for defence of information is in computer system S.G. Semenov 133-135
33. Model risk management information security air traffic management system V.I. Chernysh 136-143
34. The structural-functional synthesis of cloud service delivery platform after service availability and performance criteria I.V. Demydov, B.M Strykhalyuk, O.M. Shpur, Mohamed Mehdi El Hatri, Yu.V. Klymash 144-159
35. Advanced algorithm control access to the "cloud" of telecommunication resources Mohamad Abou Taam, A.A. Smirnov , M.S. Yakimenko, S.A. Smirnov 150-153
36. Security mechanisms of IPv6 protocol family A.V. Snigurov, V.K. Chakrian 154-161
37. The evaluation of asymmetry degree and topological value of static communication networks O.І. Tyrtyshnikov, O.О. Botvin, V.V. Sen’ko 162-165
38. Theoretical research of high-frequency gipertermia I.V. Oleynik, L.A. Pospelov, O.I. Solov'eva 166-173
39. Management development of infectious diseases I.G. Perova, O.I. Khludeeva 174-176
40. Methodology of integrated management systems. Build on risks analysis for basis L.M. Vitkin, S.N. Lapach, O.R. Rolko 177-181
41. Comparative evaluation of alternative technologies of formation of the project team I.A. Gonchar, E.I. Shostak, A.A. Lysenko 182-184
42. Methods of increasing the conversion to commercial sites D.V. Grynov, A.V. Fedorenko 185-188
43. Improving the economic efficiency of the project institutions through automation of business processes S.V. Petrenko, A.V. Artemova 189-194
44. Development of model of determination of ecological risks on technogenic-dangerous enterprises O.O. Koval 195-199
45. Identification of interest subjects teaching in the study of metrology V.E. Kozlov, Y.V. Kozlov 199-201
46. The features of the training process organization in higher educational institution by game methods using IT-technologies О.I. Morozova 201-205
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