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3. Method development of cartographical models of park zones S.M. Andreev, G.V. Dmiterko, V.A. Zhilіn, S.I. Ovcharenko 6-14
4. Improvement of discrete transformation is offered Khartley on basis of moments method A.E. Gorushkina 15-17
5. Method of operators application in water transportуthe automatic control systems D.M. Gudkov 18-20
6. Integral indicator analysis for monitoring of traction rolling stock V.D. Dmitrienko, G.V. Gejko, N.V. Mezentsev, S.Ju. Leonov 20-22
7. Information model for monitoring of airspace G.E. Zavolodko, A.I. Obod, V.A. Andrysevich 23-26
8. Generalized models transient measurement signal at discrete statistical heterogeneity O.Yu. Kropachek, R.P. Mygushchenko, M.P. Kachanov 27-29
9. Efficiency estimation of optimization of spatial radiolocation signal processing in radar with phased antenna array A.L. Кuznetsov 30-33
10. Method of increase of efficiency of adaptive system of protecting from hindrances on basis of the use of operation of pre-stipulating in structure of spatial adaptive filter V.M. Loza, E.S. Lenkov, K.M. Semibalamut 34-36
11. Certain factors affecting the efficiency of electric vehicles A.N. Petrenko, B.G. Liubarskyi 37-42
12. The comparative accuracy analysis of regular ranging radar sea echo reflectance profile recovery V.V. Pechenin, K.A. Scherbina, A.I. Kravchenko, E.P. Msallam, M.A. Vonsovich 43-47
13. Processing of measured geometric parameters of low curved monolithic panels at different forming stages V.T. Sikulskiy, D.Y. Dmitrenko, N.I. Sytnyk 48-55
14. Influence of the number singular component in decomposition digital image, treated with surrogate data technology, on quality noise suppression V.V. Slobodyanyk 56-61
15. Software module design placement of aeroionization systems O.V. Strokan, Yu. O. Litvin 62-65
16. Hardware electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic safety B.D. Khalmuradov, l.O. Levchenko, V.A. Gliva, T.M. Pеrelоt 66-68
17. Reducing measurement uncertainty for nano-scale vibrations of remote target by laser Doppler vibrometer L.K Yarovoi, V.I. Rozumnuk, I.V. Stepakhno, T.V. Chunihina 69-72
18. The choice of indicators neuro-fuzzy model prediction traffic intensity on the state border V.Z. Andrushko 73-77
19. Formation of monitoring indicators of the hierarchical structure of complex information system T.H. Belova, I.O. Pobizhenko, V.O. Yaruta 78-80
20. Analysis of major NATO standards of construction and operation airborne reconnaissance system O.Y. Lavrov, S.A. Olizarenko, A.Y. Lavrov 81-84
21. Method of estimation of fitness of a particular type of professional activity O.O. Novikovа 85-87
22. Concept of intelligent system of information \and cognitive support of the functioning of the national qualifications framework V.V. Osadchyi, K.P. Osadcha, V.S. Eremeev, S.V. Sharov 88-92
23. Building metrics predicate axiomatical model for Case-Based Reasoning L.V. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 93-96
24. Mathematical model assurance of functional stability of mobile systems O.V. Barabash, N.M. Bernaz 97-100
25. Applications of differential calculus to geometry of elementary catastrophes. Umbilical catastrophes V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.I. Khodyrev 101-105
26. Identification of the machining tool wear model via minimax combining and weighting subsequently specific models V.V. Romanuke 106-111
27. Analysis of models of insider threats in the socio-technical systems A.A. Vashchenia, E.V. Lisenko 112-114
28. Models development of it-product vulnerabilities: pathological chains in context of markovian chain-based analysis V.S. Kharchenko, Y.L. Ponochovniy, A.A. Furmanov, K.A. Vasilyev 114-119
29. Load balancing in the local fragments of information and telecommunication networks А.К. Goncharenko, L.О. Egorova 120-122
30. Classification of methods of vertical transmission of service S.О. Kravchuk, D.A. Minochkin 123-126
31. Researching of methods and web applications development tools to find the most efficient approach I.O. Kutenskyi, A.S. Chupryna 127-129
32. Method of creation of the uniform disk pool of hyper convergent system N.G. Kuchuk, S.N. Nechausov 130-133
33. Information technology for task scheduling on computing clusters of distributed system based on the remote access services integration S.V. Minukhin 134-139
34. Modeling of LTE EPS with self-similar traffic for network performance analysis Nameer Qasim, Ali Al-Anssari, Moath Talat Ramadan Salah 140-144
35. The capacity estimation of radio access networks I.I. Obod, I.V. Svyd, O.S. Maltsev 145-147
36. Research of software authentication methods and their descriptions S.G. Semenov 148-150
37. Algorithmic model for resources adaptive control in mobile augmented reality system M.V. Tkachuk, O.V. Vekshyn, D.M. Misyuta 151-155
38. Method of organizational and technical structure formation for blood service IS segments A.V. Mikhnova, D.K. Mikhnov, K.S. Chyrkova 156-160
39. Tesla pulse transformer using for an electromagnetic therapy I.A. Cherepnev, G.V. Fesenko, O.V. Artyushenko 161-164
40. The structure of dataware and software of the management system of trade enterprise business processes O.I. Pursky, M.O. Cenzura, R.S. Demchenko 165-169
41. Modeling and optimization of flexible corporate offices of enterprises that developing O.E. Fedorovich, J.L. Pronchakov 170-173
42. Information technology in advertising strategy decision making in competitive markets: targeted advertising and price targeting G.V. Shevchenko, O.V. Barabash 174-177
43. Development of complex radiationally-technological control of impermeability of tvels’ shells of worked-out fuel assemblies O.V. Banzak, G.V. Banzak 178-180
44. Information technology increasing technological safety of the region V.M. Popov, I.A. Chub, M.V. Novozhilova 181-184
45. Management system environmental safety of natural and man-modified geosystems V. M. Trysnyuk 185-188
46. Modeling process of information and communication criticism from outside social impact character in functional interaction of emergencies and monitoring social tensions R.I. Shevchenko 189-193
47. Analysis and features research of lead through successful testing procedure at development of automated system programs complex of employments curriculum constructing V.G. Malyuga, O.M. Misyura, V.V. Kalachova, O.A. Trublin 194-198
48. Analysis of the methods of drawing up timetables for improved training of flight personnel of Air Forces of Ukraine P.M. Onypchenko, M.A. Pavlenko, A.I. Timochko, P.G. Berdnik 199-201
49. Evaluation of effectiveness simulators for training officers combat control command post V.G. Chernov 202-205
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