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3. Legislative problems of accreditation of testing laboratories in forensic institutions of Ukraine V.S. Eremenko, P.P. Bіletskyі, R.O. Prokopovych 6-8
4. Metrology – science and terminology S.F. Levin 9-12
5. Epistemological roots of "crisis" in modern metrology in the former Soviet Union V.P. Chaliy, S.F. Chaliy 13-16
6. An application of a least squares method for the identification of oscillatory type measuring devices gain-frequency characteristic Baker Alravashdeh, M.P. Sergienko 17-20
7. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of the maximum observed value of the test parameter O.A. Botsiura, Yu.G.Zharko, I.P. Zakharov 21-24
8. Statistical properties of skewness and kurtosis of small samples from normal population Z.L. Warsza, M.J. Korczyсski 24-28
9. Once again about the reliability of the estimates uncertainties and errors of measurement A.A. Danilov, I.P. Zakharov 29-31
10. Calibration characteristics of measuring instruments in operating conditions of maintenance A.A. Danilov, Yu.V. Kucherenko, M.V. Berzhinskaya, K.I. Maltseva 32-34
11. Validation of calibration methods of physical quantities measures A.M. Kotsuba 35-39
12. Bell prover uncertainty estimation operated at a high overpressure I.S. Petryshyn, T.I. Prysyazhnyuk, O.A. Bas 39-42
13. Processing of results of the interference-optical measurements of roundness O.M. Zahurska 43-45
14. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of narrowing device diameter hole O.A. Novoselov 46-49
15. On the uncertainty of measurement rezults of relative disposition of surfaces and axes of machine work pieces H.K. Radev, V.J. Bogev, V.A. Vassilev
16. Initial steps to construction uncertainty budget for photogrammetric measurements in mechanical engineering B.В. Sakakushev, G. К. Georgiev, I.S. Gelezarov 54-56
17. Regional metrological organization key comparison in the field of rockwell hardness scales (progress and perspectives) V.V. Skliarov 57-60
18. Determining the values of differential accuracy indicators of spur gears based on the results of the Double Flank Gear Test B.D. Sotirov, S.G. Ivanov, I.S. Zhelezarov 61-63
19. Estimation of measurements uncertainty during tests of friction shock absorber of freight carriages G.O. Cherepashchuk, O.P. Potilchak, Т.V. Bykova 64-67
20. Metrological analysis of external meniscus method in liquids surface properties control O.B. Barna 68-71
21. Measurement analysis of natural gas condensation moisture L.A. Vytvytska, S.A. Chehovskyy 72-74
22. Assessment of uncertainties during fire and explosion hazards tests V.A. Donbayeva 75-77
23. Uncertainty of control of viscoelastic properties of vegetable oils using acoustic impedance method O.Sh. Hakimov, K.O. Utaev, U.O. Hakimov, J.N. Murodov 78-81
24. Uncertainty of results of analytical measurements – a brief overview of characteristics and advances D.L. Tsalev 82-85
25. The uncertainty estimate in the calibration of phase meters with using the State phase angle between two voltage standard O.M. Velychko, S.M. Shevkun, M.V. Dobroliubova, Yu.M. Izbash 86-88
26. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of power quality N.M. Pindus, T.Z. Marchuk 89-91
27. The estimation of measurements accuracy for plastic scintillation strips light output B.V. Grinev, N.R. Gurdzhjan, O.V. Zelenskaya, V.R. Ljubinsky, L.I. Mitsaj, N.I. Molchanova, V.A. Tarasov 92-95
28. The Color Identification Uncertainty in a High-Resolution Colorimetry E.N. Savkova 96-99
29. Metrological research device for precision measurement of the temperature difference Yu.Y. Strіletskiy , A.G. Vynnychuk, O.J. Seredjuk 100-103
30. Quality assurance of hematological research on the example of validation methods for determining concentration of hemoglobin in biological fluids by gemoglobintsianid V.E. Dobrova, K.O. Zupanets, S.V. Misyurova, N.S. Mazur 104-107
31. Mathematical modeling of diagnostic signs for providing of system of functioning medical services О.Р. Chaban, V.М. Yuzevych 108-113
32. Peculiarity of estimation of experts’ competence in the field of higher education O.M. Velychko, T.B. Gordiyenko, A.A. Gaber, L.V. Kolomiets 114-117
33. The technique of measurement for samples of sunflower seeds on the basis of the classification using of features of geometric invariants V.M. Malkina, N.V.Bilous 118-120
34. Assessment of reliability of the test area for computerized testing system: methods and techniques of evaluation of its index and uncertainty V.V. Shvedova 121-128
35. Evaluation of complex index of software quality with uncertainty characteristics N.A. Yaremchuk, О.Yu. Goda 129-131
36. Universal software automate for the processing of the measurement results «CALIBR 2.0» I.M. Korgiov, V.V. Lysenko 132-134
37. Automation of the cluster analysis of measuring with use of wavelet transforming G.Y. Shcherbakova, V.N. Krylov 135-138
38. The assessment of the state of complex processes during the reengineering power equipment Е.А. Arsiriy, S.G. Antoshchuk, O.Y. Babilunga, V.A. Arsiry 139-142
39. The concept of "linear" coordination of complex hierarchical systems under uncertainty S.I. Kondrashov, T.V. Drozdova 143-145
40. Application of interval analysis for evaluation of measurement uncertainty in complex systems Yu. S. Kurskoy 146-148
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