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3. Development a generalized structure of intellectual decision support system by a diesel-train driver A.Yu. Zakovorotny, S.Yu. Leonov, N.V. Mezencev 6-12
4. Information processing subsystem in the mobile robot structure V.P. Kvasnikov, V.V. Nemchenko 13-16
5. Van Atta array for radar objects imitation L.G. Kornienko, O.V. Kolomiytsev
6. Reduction of noise level on digital image using surrogate data technology and singular value decomposition P.Yu. Kostenko, V.I. Vasylyshyn, V.V. Slobodyanyuk, A.V. Plakhotenko
7. Optical flow motion estimation method based on weighted imaging unit measurement A.O. Molchanov, V.I. Kortunov 26-31
8. Scenario approach to the engineering of information models, designed to enable the activities of operator in automated control systems M.A. Pavlenko, A.I. Tymochko, P.G. Berdnyk, A.S. Shevchenko 32-35
9. Methodic of calculation non-regular guide-horn transition based on groove waveguide V.V. Pavlyuk, R.L. Stavisyuk 36-42
10. Analysis of distributing of vibrations stresses in single-crystal blades with damages M.A. Chugay 43-46
11. Implicit solution of inverse problem of continuous one-dimensional random quantity modeling V.Yu. Dubnyzkyj, I.G. Skorikova 47-52
12. Filling planes with the use of Penrouz’s parquet S.V. Kozlova, R.G. Khudov 53-56
13. Calculation and comparative analysis of capability of computer system of integer data processing, which described in residue number system V.A. Krasnobayev, A.S. Yanko, S.A. Koshman, V.N. Kurchanov, Y.Р. Bendes 57-61
14. Solving multipoint boundary value problem for systems of differential equations A.G. Rutkas, V.H. Khudov 62-64
15. About a multi-operand addition to the limited propagation of transfer units I.N. Fedotova-Piven 65-70
16. Shortcut method of discrete signal synthesis with required properties for telecommunication system and network applications I.D. Gorbenko, A.A. Zamula, E.O. Semenko 71-74
17. Application of the information security risk assessment models in information and telecommunication systems O.G. Puzyrenko, S.O. Ivko, O.O. Lavrut, О.К. Klimovich 75-79
18. Performance evaluation of modern technology vibroacoustic protection of Ukraine N.G. Romanykov 80-83
19. Especially the use of matrix operations of cryptographic transformations V.G. Babenko, S.G. Kozlovska 84-87
20. Optimization model for multi-period LTE RAN and services planning with operator profit maximization D.V. Ageyev, Ali Al-Anssari, Nameer Qasim 88-91
21. SDN architecture. Analyzes of main problems in the development Iе.V. Duravkin, О.B. Tkachovа, Issam Saad 92-98
22. Comparative researches of technologies of differentiating access for information defence in computer system S.G. Semenov, V.M. Zmievska, A.V. Golubenko 99-102
23. Applications of the discounted cash flow to assess the value company O.V. Kalynychenko, V.A. Leschynskiy, I.A. Leschynskaya, Е.A. Pashkova 103-610
24. Creating dynamic utility function of an investor at the problem of the real estate functional purpose choice M.V. Novozhilova, E.S. Bondarenko 107-111
25. Application of intelligent information web services for the solution of logistical tasks E.V. Skakalina
26. Using the method of correlation analysis to improve the efficiency of mass-raising for the prevention of incidents and accidents А.V. Al'boschiy 118-120
27. Informative providing of ecological safety of mine complexes vent extrass by application of the system of automatic notification and multilevel filtration Е.А. Darmofal 121-124
28. Mathematical models ecologically hazardous railway transport occurrences M.D. Katsman, V.K. Mironenko, V.I. Macyuk 125-131
29. Environmental airport capacity taking into account noise constraints O.V. Konovalova 132-139
30. Generalized mathematical model of operative control process liquidation of global character extraordinary situations consequences N.G. Kuchuk 140-143
31. Wind shear influence on flight safety and ways of its increasing N.I. Obidin, T.R. Buran 144-146
32. Resiliency state modeling of production system V.M. Popov 147-151
33. Development of personalized managed ions generator for special purpose building I.O. Tolkunov 152-157
34. Тhe use of multimedia technologies for block special tactical disciplines in the training of specialists troops radiation, chemical and biological defense А.V. Galak, O.V. Stahovsky
35. Future professional’s competence formation by the implementation of individual educational trajectories of students R.V. Melnikova 162-164
36. Human safety and problems modern education R.I. Pahomov 164-167
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