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3. Using design pattern MVVM in application development on the Microsoft's platforms Z.V. Batiuk, О.V. Tarasov 6-9
4. Features of multi criteria decision-making in non-stationary conditions N.O. Brynza 10-15
5. The numerical simulation of nonstationary modes of gas flow with the characteristics method I.G. Gusarova, Y.V. Yagupova 16-19
6. The restoring of parameters of the informative providing for the automated control objects with the help of non-taylorian transformations A.A. Zasjad’ko 20-23
7. Soundproofing of window insulating glass H.V. Kenyo, Yu.R. Liubchyk 24-28
8. Review and analysis of software development problem of management robot control D.A. Kornieiev, O.V. Shmatko 29-32
9. Fuzzy multiple evaluation the condition of technical and economic systems parameters M.Y. Losev, Y.M. Malishko 33-37
10. Method of batch scheduling of the tasks with high intensity and allocating of resources in a distributed computing systems S.V. Minukhin
11. Using new features of Java SE 8 Y.E. Parfyonov, V.M. Fedorchenko 45-48
12. Efficacy analysis of the Fibonacci-similar information encoding methods M.L. Petryshyn, L.B. Petryshyn
13. Integrated control system offshore oil and gas structures Rzaev Hazail Nuraddin ogli 59-63
14. Modeling the linear wear intensity with consideration of hardness and average pressure to friction surface О.А. Vishnevskii, А.S. Davydov 64-67
15. Analysis objectless category and the category with objects to build categorical algebra I.A. Leschynskaya 68-71
16. Solution parabolic differential equations with alternative potential N.Т. Protsai 72-74
17. Modeling of static characteristics of temperature sensors based on fuzzy logic S.S. Fedin, N.A. Zubretskya, I.S. Zubretskya 75-79
18. Anti-spam protection on the internet space V.H. Abdullayev 80-83
19. About noise immunity of Fibonacci numbers A.A. Borisenko, S.M. Matsenko, S.M. Malchenkov, O.I. Yamnick 84-87
20. To solving the problem of electronic signatures O.A. Borisenko, V.B. Cherednichenko 88-91
21. Multi-level intelligent control systems: guaranteed reliability, security facilities V.B. Dudykevych, G.V. Mykytyn, T.B. Kret 92-95
22. Construction of two-factor authentication scheme based on crypto-coding schemes usage S.P. Yevseiev, B.P. Tomashevskyy, V.V. Ohurtsov, T.A. Sverdlo 96-104
23. Evaluation of the computational complexity of some hash functions O.G. Korol 105-110
24. Optimal scheduling of information security monitoring in automated systems V.A. Khoroshko, J.E. Hohlachova 111-114
25. Speed-up programming training in Borland C++ Builder of professionals for telecommunications K.N. Yakovishin 115-121
26. Features of partnerships management system implementation at the enterprise T.Yu. Andriushchenko, О.B. Berezhna 122-126
27. The model of estimates the reliability of Education V.Y. Borozenets 127-129
28. Software implementation of economic factor analysis methods V.A. Gorokhovatsky, V.Yu. Dubnizky, A.M. Kobylin 130-135
29. The target audience loyalty increasing and online retailers revenue increasing methods research D.V. Grynov, B.I. Gerasimenko 136-139
30. The efficient numerical method of locating gas leakage or unsanctioned siphoning of gas I.G. Gusarova, O.V. Avilova 140-143
31. Application of expert systems in distance education V.A. Zathey 144-146
32. Using mobile learning in education I.A. Zolotaryova, A.N. Trush 147-150
33. It-projects of banks to reduce the cost of providing banking services А.V. Мakarova, A.A. Gavrilova 151-153
34. Mathematical software design problems and studies of the organizational structure of agricultural holding O.V. Shmatko, R.I. Maneva, E.V. Morozov 154-157
35. Models and information management technology industrial competitivenes A.V. Shmatko, N.G. Fonta 158-162
36. Integrated assessment of startup projects O.D. Zvehintsova, I.O. Zolotaryova, O.V. Shcherbakov 163-165
37. Method of forming a model of an information system to support the start-up projects S.V. Nedaivoda, O.V. Shcherbakov, Y.I.Skorin 165-167
38. Applying innovative methods of teaching information technologies for master students of economics G.O. Plekhanova 168-170
39. The mechanism of project-based learning in format of it startup O.B. Plokha 171-173
40. E-portfolio as a tool for improving the chair of the learning process О.B. Вerezhna, T.Yu. Andriushchenko 174-180
41. Formation of innovative behavior of multimedia specialists at the workplace automated training system O.I. Pushkar, O.V. Fomichova
42. Chronicle and information 189-190
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