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3. The history of the telecommunication development. Unknown pages S.V. Zhenzhera, O.N. Chekunova, K.S. Vasyuta, M.A. Pavlenko 6-10
4. Stages of development perspective digital calculable synthesizers of signals М.P. Каndyrin 11-14
5. The way of recoding location coordinates for transmission in SMS-messages D.E. Dvuhglavov, M.Yu. Strutynskiy 15-18
6. The problem of finding optimal missiles outfit in missile attack S.М. Zvigljanich, М.P. Izyumsky 19-22
7. Combination meter slipping and speed agricultural machines based radar systems millimeter and Hall sensors S.A. Lebedev, V.P. Maltsev, G.I. Chlopov, M.L. Shulayk 23-28
8. Geoinformation systems in tasks of digital maps modeling for deploying the forces and means of supplying the units of Ukrainian national guard V.E. Lisitsin, L.V. Safoshkina 29-32
9. Analysis of tank effectiveness during automated target selection for engagement B.O. Oliiarnyk, V.S. Mocherad, A.I. Sliusarenko, O.M. Zeleniukh 33-35
10. Analysis of the application of simple rules for rounding computationally implemented decoding methods S.G. Rassomakhin, T.V. Lavrovska 36-39
11. Measurement height aircraft objects in a unified information network surveillance systems airspace I.V. Svyd, A.I. Obad 40-42
12. The analysis of the influence of the kind of scanning digital image on efficiency of the suppression noise method using surrogate data technology V.V. Slobodyanuk, O.V. Shapovalov 43-47
13. Features passing of relaxation processes ferromagnetic resonance in a skin-effect condition O.I. Spolnik, A.Y. Gaidus, L.M. Kaliberda 48-50
14. Methods of design of conducting porous environments А.М. Cherniyck, P.F. Budanov, Yu.S. Olijnyk, A.G. Silina 51-55
15. Equal-contrast color space model in converting the color data in the printing systems S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, Z.V. Dudar, O.V. Kalynychenko, D.Yu. Shulga, M.I. Nikonova 56-59
16. Simulation model of automatic control system by active phased array orientation diagram R.O. Bieliakov, G.D. Radzivilov 60-65
17. Rationale for the structure of the automated system assessment electromagnetic compatibility with means radio sources various M.М. Kalyuzhnyy, S.O. Galkin, K.M. Korzhukov, O.V. Khryapkin 66-69
18. Formation structure of the strata in the information system sociohygienic monitoring S.V. Golub, V.Y. Nemchenko 70-73
19. Geoinformation modeling of regional tourism sphere I.A. Mikheev, V.V. Noskova, A.Y. Chudakolov 74-77
20. Collocation block method with monitoring on step O.A. Dmitrieva 78-84
21. Direct and inverse design problem of technical systems with initial data having b type uncertainty V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.M. Kobylin, A.D. Teviashev 85-92
22. Evaluation of the reliability of methods of decision-making by the generalized indicator of product quality using fuzzy sets N.A. Zubretskya, S.S. Fedin 93-96
23. About predicate interpretations of the classic categories I.A. Leschynskaya 97-101
24. Synthesis ARIMA-model to predict the coefficients of conditional semiconductor material output N.V. Rylova, I.G. Oksanych 102-107
25. Basic methods and rules for effective combating advertising messages V.G. Abdullayev 108-110
26. Bandwidth management model in LTE downlink with Resource Allocation Type 1 M.K.H. Al-Dulaimi, A.M.K. Al-Dulaimi, O.S. Yeremenko, H.D. Al-Janabi 111-116
27. Classification methods for energy saving in mobile computing S.S. Al-Khshab 117-121
28. Task management method for parallel simulation of complex digital system in heterogeneous computing environment in respect of communication system restrictions D.О. Havrysh, S.М. Sarancha, M.О. Volk 122-128
29. Prospects of application of nonlinear discrete signals in modern telecommunications systems and networks O.A. Zamula, Y.O. Semenko 129-134
30. Application of mobile telecommunication networks of the special setting in Military Forces of Ukraine О.К. Klimovich 135-140
31. Principles of integration of special software for information control systems in SCADA I.L. Levchuk, E.V. Belobrova, V.I. Korsun 141-144
32. Features usage of semantic products for decision-making in dynamic environments S.A. Maryin, D.E. Sitnikov 145-147
33. Computer system of processing of experimental data on the base of neuron network O.I. Solov'eva 148-151
34. Information technologies of development of specialized systems of integration of enterprise data in a structural uncertainty I.N. Galushka, S.S. Shcherbak 152-156
35. Improving the efficiency of it-projects by minimizing risk using methods of fuzzy logic E.V. Skakalina 157-160
36. Systematic approach to decision of investment attractiveness of different branches’ objects O.O. Shapovalova, L.A. Hnychih 161166
37. Method for determining the coherence degree of water using the methodology of flicker-noise spectroscopy N.V. Glukhova, L.A. Pesockaya 167-171
38. Method of efficiency estimation of authority functioning at consequences of global extraordinary situations liquidation N.G. Kuchuk 172-176
39. Calculation of cooling water consumption in the cooling system of the stator winding powerful turbogenerator for operational safety of NPP units K.I. Mazorchuk, M.P. Giray, A.S. Kiporenko, S.M. Polishchuk 177-180
40. Methodology of determination of social fire risk I.A. Movchan 181-184
41. Approach of the systems to determination of ecological strength of city ecosystem of seashore city security A.S. Murovskaya, S.P. Murovskiy 185-188
42. Simulation of landscape fire localization by using technical equipment T.N. Obizhenko, A.A. Tarasenko 189-191
43. Simulation ergonomic evaluation of the operation of the "rescuer - protection and emergency response - emergency" O.M. Reva, V.M. Strelec 192-196
44. Functions and structure of the computerized fire alarm system V.N. Rudnitsky, N.V. Khrulov, Yu.F. Erofeev 197-200
45. Correlation between linguistic competence and the level of development of educational skills in foreign language learning H.А. Makogon, S.А. Novik 201-204
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