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3. The use of ultrasonic descaling method to improve the accuracy thickness measurement products O.D. Bliznyuk, J.A. Oliynyk, V.J. Kutz, J.V. Kutz, O.V. Monchenko 6-10
4. The dependence of the elastic vibrations package of young's modulus of the inner layer when photo thermo acoustic converting O.V. Bogdanov 11-14
5. Spatial-temporal model of information space with fractal structure P.F. Budanov, К.Yu. Brovko 15-19
6. Implementation peculiarities of the radar meter of motion parameters for an automated detection systems of the ground moving objects Y.I. Budaretskiy 20-24
7. Group expert evaluation of the state of the metrological assurance of measuring of capacity and inductance O.M. Velychko, S.M. Shevkun 25-28
8. Formal representation of single information space for complex subject of control on the basis of analytical geometry in the manufacture of aircraft structures V.V. Voronko 29-32
9. Method of estimation of ionosphere channel parameters at the decision of tasks radio direction findings and planning of connection sessions in a short-wave range V.P. Dedemok, Yu.V. Reznikov, D.V. Karlov, M.F. Pichugin, M.M. Stepanenkov, M.M. Shuravskiy 33-36
10. Computer system of automatic calculation of the consumption liquid or gas powered measured signal V.A. Didook 37-40
11. Cumulant analysis of acoustic signals of fluid leak in the pipeline A.I. Krasil'nikov, T.A. Polobiuk 41-44
12. Digital threemass control the system by speed of rotation and pull multimotive the electro mechanic of paper-lapping machine L.B. Kurceva, N.S. Eremina, Yu.M. Shkorina 45-49
13. Mathematical models of nonlinear aerodynamics helicopter single-rotor scheme for the problem of modeling dynamics of flight on the helicopter simulators V.G. Lebed, S.A. Kalkamanov 50-54
14. Analysis of structure of acoustic monitoring system О.О. Mozhaev, O.I. Balenko 55-58
15. The method for determination harmonic content of induction motors stator phase current in the systems of variable speed drives V.I. Noskov, N.V. Mezentsev, G.V. Gejko, M.V. Lipchanskij 59-61
16. The analysis of the influence of the kind of scanning digital image on efficiency of the suppression noise method using surrogate data technology V.V. Slobodyanuk 62-64
17. Practical aspects of using modern geoinformation systems for creation of municipal geographic information system of Kharkiv I.S. Tvoroshenko, V.R. Mhebrova, V.V. Byeliy 65-70
18. Method forming signal-code construction OFDM-signal in exposure conditions and selective fading A.V. Shishatskiy 71-76
19. The impact of fluctuations speed tractor units the reliability of technological operations M.L. Shuljak, Yu.Yu. Kozlov 77-79
20. Analysis of modeling methods for the operator in the system "man-machine" O.V. Sergynova, M.A. Pavlenko, A.I. Timochko, V.E. Vorobjev 80-82
21. Determination of relative estimate of the weight of distribution tail area -tail level V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, A.I. Khodyrev 83-92
22. Analytical description of the be fuzzy numbers functions L.G. Raskin, O.V. Sira 93-97
23. Two-layer perceptron for classifying scaled-turned-shifted objects by 26 classes general totality of monochrome 60-by-80-images via training with pixel-distorted scaled-turned-shifted images V.V. Romanuke 98-107
24. Fuzzy clusterization of data in ordinal scale based on mapping ordinal feature values into numerical values V.A. Samitova
25. General paradigm of information protection: storages and information distribution medium I.A. Gromyko 111-114
26. Cryptographic hashing of information based on multivariate models A.Yu. Dyachenko 115-117
27. Biometric identification in cyberspace A.A. Nemtcova 118-121
28. Availability models of web-system considering software faults and attacks on the configuration vulnerabilities of DNS Y.L. Ponochovniy, A.V. Boyarchuk, V.S. Kharchenko 122-127
29. System analysis of protection profile of the open information systems A.A. Procenko, A.V. Bluma, A.D. Kozhukhovskiy 128-131
30. Analysis of information disclosure in ITCN using the protocols of the transport layer of OSI model as steganographic container I.V. Ruban, S.V. Smelyakov, A.A. Smirnov, V.S. Burkovskij 132-135
31. About network of idea2m–m, consisting of m round of functions and its modification G.N. Tuychiev 136-147
32. Method assessment of the information bibasic biadicaly presentation contoured video sequence V.V. Barannik, Yu.N. Ryabukha 148-153
33. Development of project for creation of new class of Color and custom of TextBox control with new property of Symbols in system of the objective-oriented programming N.А. Bondarenko, V.A. Zhilin 154-158
34. Statistical estimation of losses in communication channels of standard LTE and LTE-advanced on the basis of technology MIMO V.S. Vovchenko 159-163
35. Model of distributed network resources information system in conditions of uncertainty on the basis of the use of artificial intelligence Yu.I. Losev, S.I. Shmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, D. Olotu Oluwatosin, Yu.M. Malyshko 164-168
36. Optical access next generation converged solutions I.I. Slyusar, V.I. Slyusar, O.P. Ilchenko, V.P. Matko 169-173
37. Construction of the software architecture formation predicate model S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, A.O. Mamedov 174-177
38. Use of correlation methods to assess the current condition of visual type operator L.F. Saikivska 178-181
39. Statistical analysis of experimental data for computer system of early diagnostics O.I. Solov'eva 182-185
40. Quality management of higher education projects in the corporate information system T.A. Lemeshko 186-189
41. Monitoring of NPP environment using video surveillance and exposure dose measurement systems on the basis of Unmanned Aerial Complex S.V. Babak 190-194
42. Method of assessment of biological and quantum properties of water N.V. Glukhova, L.A. Pesockaya, N.G. Kuchuk 195-200
43. Method for estimating the level of protection segment activities of the security forces О.М. Gorbov, O.Yu. Iochov, O.O. Novikova 201-203
44. Method development and critical complicating signal filter for formation of information collection and control subsystem of monitored emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 204-209
45. Information system of rating evaluation of professional activities university teachers K.S. Barashev, V.A. Kirvas 210-212
46. About the module-rating students' knowledge control O.V. Kalynychenko, R.D. Kozel, V.A. Leschynskiy, I.A. Leschynskaya 213-216
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