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3. Temperature measurement system With error correction from the acquisition of thermoelectric heterogeneity of thermoelectric converters N.M. Vasylkiv 6-11
4. Researching of detection system of contact rail position H.V. Vernidub, O.I. Balenko, A.O. Podorozhnyak 12-16
5. Estimation of modulation rate of signals in the systems of the automatic radiomonitoring O.I. Votyаkov 17-20
6. Geometrical simulation and comparative analysis of power periodic nonharmonic determined processes in radiotechnic circuits and radio engineering devices with various parameters M.N. Gorbachev 21-24
7. Intelligent decision support in the management of drone ground control station N.A. Korolyuk, S.N. Eremenko 31-36
8. Assessment handover methods with the parameter of signal quality level S.O. Kravchuk 37-40
9. Software for prognostication of reliability and running of refurbishable objects of ret cost indexes S.V. Lenkov, S.A. Pachkov, K.F. Boryk, V.N. Cycarev 41-46
10. Modeling of distribution networks of automatic units for water-based fire extinguishing systems with arbitrary topology M.N. Murin 47-50
11. Method of mosaic images building based on unmanned aerial vehicle data А.S. Nechausov, O.O. Zamirets 51-56
12. Digital control technology of common elements replacement with electromagnetic method diagnostics V.V. Shevchenko 57-59
13. Estimation of efficiency of battle operations of the antiaircraft rocket divisions armed with polytypic antiaircraft rocket (rocket-gun) complexes on the basis of simulation modeling S.P. Yarosh, K.V. Zakutin, V.V. Shulezhko,V.V. Voronin, A.N. Savelyev, A.F. Makarov 60-65
14. Recommendations on building the transmission path for functional damage radio-electronic means M.N. Iasechko, I.V. Krasnoshapka, M.I. Litvinenko 66-68
15. Development of the structured objects prototype predicate model in the knowledge base Kudhair Abed Tamer 69-72
16. Development of recommendations in the field of creating and establishing of geographic information system of the army of the Ukraine’s Armed Forces N.I. Lytvynenko 73-76
17. Optimization model multi-stage process control of the aircraft on the basis of differential transformations V.P. Gusynin, A.V. Gusynin, Ya.O. Zamirec 77-81
18. Regular Complex Event Processing Machines V.V. Dorozhinsky 82-86
19. Model operational reliability of software V.P. Zverev, S.E. Hnatiuk 87-92
20. Results of mathematical modeling of temperature distribution in the multilayer biobject D.A. Levkin 93-96
21. Fuzzy information protection system in telemedicine L.O. Dubchak 97-101
22. Simulation model of web-system under attacks on component and configuration vulnerabilities Y.L. Ponochovniy, A.V. Boyarchuk, V.S. Kharchenko 102-105
23. Using a sequence of generalized Fibonacci numbers in cryptographic algorithms V.B. Ufimtseva, N.Y. Karpenko 106-110
24. Choice the encryption method for the problem of optimization the system of objective control of the technological process L.A. Shuvalova, S.Y. Kunitskaya, I.I. Bilas 111-113
25. Analysis of effective data rate of discrete communication channel in wireless sensor network from bit error rate and length of the data frame R.A. Horbenko 114-118
26. Methods certain requirements for reliability of information transmission in the system of management of network resources Yu.I. Losev, S.I. Shmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, Olotu Oluwatosin David , Yu.M. Malyshko 119-122
27. Methods of tasks allocations between processors of computing cluster which utilizes the frequency scaling S.V. Minukhin 122-127
28. Mathematical model of the homeostatic system and its use for the development of a computerclassification system O.I. Solov'eva 128-132
29. Modeling method of the audit problems of analytical accounting in information technology automated information processing and management T.V. Neskorodeva 133-138
30. Mathematical modeling of the structure of relations remote measured parameters reflects the process of water self-purification from bacterial suspensions O.V. Visotska, O.V. Betіn, Ju.G. Bespalov, A.І. Pechers'ka, A.S. Petrenko 139-144
31. Theory of risk as subject domain. Information aspect V.V. Dubrovina, V.Ye. Kozlov, Yu.V. Kozlov, O.O. Novikova 145-147
32. Information of functional analysis of monitoring and forecasting emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 148-157
33. Ways to improve training of reserve officers in Ukraine V.V. Baryshnikov, O.K. Neimyrok 158-161
34. Comparison of requirements to mathematical training of future military and civilian engineers in late19-th – early 20-th century and in early 21-st century G.B. Bobritska, V.Yu. Dubnitskiy 162-176
35. Analyses of the development of distance learning V.X. Muradova 177-181
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