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3. Automation models and methods of Ukraine Railway Transport supervisory control D.B. Arkatov 6-11
4. Weight criterion of joint search and detection of objects in the current zone of the review of the radar-tracking system O.V. Vysotsky 12-15
5. An analysis of the binary pulse-time-modulated measurings signals is with the rationed spectrum О.В. Vodolazhko 16-18
6. Software for cyclic signal processing in non-destructive testing O.V. Dergunov 19-23
7. Decomposition general task of identification astronomical frames with stars catalogs on the totality of particular tasks M.Yu. Dikhtyar, Ya.S. Movsesian, V.Ye. Savanevych, E.N. Dikov 24-29
8. Neural network method for change resolution of images I.V. Izonin, R.O. Tkachenko, D.D. Peleshko, D.A. Batyuk 30-34
9. Method of spectrology analysis of geometrical descriptions determination of aim on elements of polarization matrix of dispersion in system of carried radar E.L. Kazakov, О.V. Kolomitsev, S.I. Klevets, V.V. Posohov 35-37
10. Using of plane phased array space-time-frequency focussing for functional loss of radio equipment with short pulses A.I. Kovalenko, S.V. Titov, H.V. Titova 38-42
11. Theoretical study of the production of aircraft polymer pipelines S.V. Kopylov 43-45
12. The development of tools to make informed choices of composite with increased hydro-physical characteristics based on a qualitative characteristics operated facilities T.O. Kostyuk 46-50
13. Complex methodology of the satellite attitude control system executive bodies A.S. Nazarov 51-56
14. formalization of the parallel searching defects algorithms development procedure in a mutual exchange of information on the results of diagnostics L.N. Sakovich, V.P. Romanenko 57-61
15. Method of improving the quality provision of information interrogation systems observations airspace I.V. Svyd, L.F. Saikivska, A.I. Obad 62-64
16. Software system for collecting and analyzing information on social media A.L. Yerokhin, M.D.Odarchenko 65-69
17. The method of estimating the level of sportsmen’s preparation for the radio-controlled model car competitions Y.О. Ivanova, А.V. Mikhnova 70-73
18. Comparative analysis of data compression methods for encoding of symbols of large alphabets N.V. Kozhemiakina, N.N. Ponomarenko, A.A. Zelensky 74-78
19. Removing the precedent with mining technology processes S.F. Сhalyi, I.B. Bytsukina 79-82
20. Development of the predicate model of structured objects prototype forming methods S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, Kudhair Abed Tamer 83-87
21. Analysis of threats and security arrangements information in electronic payment systems Ukrainian commercial banks O.G. Korol 88-95
22. Information security information network surveillance airspace I.I. Obаd, A.A. Strelnickiy 96-98
23. Method of steganographic data transfer in information and telecommunications networks based on generation of ISN in TCP-connections I.V. Ruban, A.A. Smirnov 99-101
24. Analysis of modern methods of attacks on information systems and information networks O.V. Severinov, A.G. Khrienov, A.O. Polyakov 101-104
25. Using a sequence of generalized Fibonacci numbers in cryptographic algorithms V.B. Ufimtseva, N.Y. Karpenko 105-108
26. Automation of MongoDB database structure design N.I. Kalita, V.V. Strelchenko 109-114
27. Analysis of architectures of reconfigurable computing systems I.N. Kolesnyk, V.A. Kulanov 115-120
28. Save low-frequency element in algorithm compressing JPEG V.V. Larin, D.S. Gavrilov, D.І. Komolov, K.V. Yalivets 121-123
29. Development of mathematical models of control processes network resources at the network level Yu. I.Losev, S.I. Shmatkov, K.M. Rukkas, Olotu Oluwatosin David 123-130
30. Algorithm for finding cyclic code that satisfies the specified accuracy S.V. Somov, P.N. Groza 131-133
31. Analysis and evaluation control plan scalability for network based on SDN concep O.B. Tkachova, Issam Saad, Mohammed Jamal Salim 133-137
32. Methods to determine the acoustic impedance liver by ultrasound imaging for objectivisation of diagnostic solutions I.G. Кrasovska 138-141
33. Algorithmization of the decision support based on fuzzy logic for risk management in software projects L.A. Volobuyeva, L.V. Mandrikova 142-147
34. Concept of technology of formation of indicators of the company as a basis EРМ system V.V. Moskalenko, T.V. Zakharova, N.G. Fonta 148-153
35. Economic evaluation of forming the jointless panels V.Т. Sikulskyy, L.М. Kornilov, V.V Voronko, V.Yu. Kascheeva 154-160
36. Mathematical model states and reliability Railway transport system of dangerous goods transportation V.K. Mironenko, M.D. Katzman, H.M. Нorbaha, V.I. Matsyuk 161-167
37. Development theoretical foundations communicative compensating filter system monitoring emergencies (information component) R.I. Shevchenko 168-175
38. Determination of dependencies between students’ foreign language proficiency and the level of development of their general educational skills H.А. Makogon, S.А. Novik 176-179
39. Substantiation of the system of performance metrics and optimization criteria of the plan of combat training aviation brigade A.V. Nikiforov, O.B. Kotov, V.N. Petrov 180-184
40. Computer testing as part of distance learning technology for students in technical university V.D. Petrenko 185-189
41. Improving efficiency of distance learning in technical higher educational institutions using interactive cognitive graphics I.V. Shostak, D.A. Kupiyanov 190-194
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