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3. The particular standardization issues in a field of dynamic measurements Baker Alrawashdeh, M.P. Sergiienko 7-12
4. Development model external magnetic field to measure its parameters, configuration, and coordinates of the source Raqi Alrawashdeh 13-16
5. Experience оf use references materials of blood serum of man in interlaboratory investigation quality control elemental analysis I.N. Andrusyshyna, I.A. Golub, E.G. Lampeka 17-19
6. Comparative analysis of various methods for calculating of coverage factor at implementation of Bayesian approach by the measurement uncertainty evaluation O.A. Botsiura, I.P. Zakharov 20-24
7. Risks assessment on meat producer by enterprise L.M. Vitkin, O.R. Rolko 25-27
8. Uncertainty of the measurement of level and flow using EHP-TEKNIIKKA measurement system T. Vladimirova 28-31
9. Evaluation of measurement uncertainty of geometric parameters of the gas-discharge emission images N.V. Glukhova 32-35
10. The method of measuring mass of liquefied hydrocarbon fuels D.D. Gribanov, O.F. Vyacheslavova, S.A. Zaitsev 36-40
11. Light attenuation measurements uncertainty estimation in cylindrical scintillators B.V. Grynyov, N.R. Gurdzhian, O.V. Zelenskaya, V.R. Lyubynskiy, 41-44
12. Uncertainty problems in environmental monitoring procedures I.S. Yeremeyev, A.O. Dychko 45-47
13. The automated control system of pressure measurement in wind tunnel experiment V.P. Zinchenko, S.V. Zinchenko, M.V. Dobroliubova 48-51
14. Improving the accuracy of construction of the calibration characteristics of the buried cylindrical tanks I.О. Kirichenko, О.L. Kashura, M.О. Kashura 55-57
15. The optimization of algorithm of measurement information processing of turbine gas meters at their calibration N.B. Klochko, B.V. Dolishniy, N.N. Pindus, S.A. Chehovskiy 58-61
16. Determination problems the quality of respirators I.V. Kovalenko, V.V. Kiiko 62-64
17. Calculation method for assessing the quality of the threaded portion of oil pipe assortment using the reduced rate M.A. Kononenko, N.Ya. Gablovska 65-68
18. The construction principle of the measuring instrument for geometric characteristics of the surface of the barrel channels measurement O.M. Kriukov 69-71
19. Using computer mathematics system maple for oscilloscope work research V.V. Kuznichenko, O.M. Nikitenko 72-74
20. The standardized example of calculation of uncertainty verification of the thermo converter of resistance S.F. Levin 78-81
21. Metrological monitoring of measurement systems of characteristics of noise processes G.V. Martyniuk, L.M. Scherbak 82-85
22. Measurement of the voltages and current in semiconductor converter with twenty-second zones regulation of output voltage V.V. Мyhaylenko, D.K. Makov, V.A. Svyatnenko, Yu.M. Chunyak 86-88
23. Estimating of uncertainty in the measurement results of free formaldehyde in beddings G.N. Mikhailova, Y.V. Gilevich, N.M. Matienko-Kupriyanova 89-92
24. Method of estimation of measurement uncertainty of the elastic constants of materials V.M. Mokiychuk, O.V. Monchenko, Y.A. Oliynik 93-96
25. Determination of the discrete characteristics of ultrasonic testing signals O.V. Monchenko, O.S. Melnyk 97-99
26. Metrological assurance of automated process control system of continuous casting copper rod B.A. Morgun, I.V. Prokopovich, M.M. Kostina, Yu.B. Morgun 100-103
27. Accreditation of calibration activities – guarantee of reliability and credibility of measurement O.A. Novoselov 104-107
28. Virtual standard" as a means of improving the measurement accuracy V.V. Ostapiv, N.M. Pindus, S.A. Chehovskiy, N.B. Klochko 108-111
29. Information-measuring system of control of the deep hole drilling process Y.І. Palennyy, A.Р. Gnatyuk,. V.М. Zheglova, D.S/ Fomenko 112-115
30. The algorithm of simulation and statistical modeling of control-measuring systems and software implementation in Ni LabVIEW S.T. Patsera, V.I. Korsun, V.A. Derbaba, P.O. Ruzhyn 116-119
31. Reducing the total measurement uncertainty prover gas volume and volume flow rate reproduction I.S. Petrushun, T.I. Prisyajnyuk, O.A. Bas 120-123
32. Experience of participation of central chemical and bacteriological laboratory in interlaboratory comparative tests A.A. Polischuk, T.M. Mozolevska 124-126
33. Comparison of the calculated and an expert method for determining the weighting factor of basic elements of dump trucks E.Yu. Prokuda 127-130
34. Algorithmic support of control means higher hydrocarbon component of natural gas V.M. Romaniv, S.I. Melnychuk 131-134
35. Discrete probabilistic information model of machining processing total error calculation І.V. Ruzhentsev, S.V. Lutsky, V.B. Fetkіv 135-138
36. The metrological model of measuring of natural gas energy value with the using of the variable pressure-drop flow meters O.E. Serediuk, V.V. Malisevych, D.O. Serediuk, N.M. Malisevych 139-142
37. Teaching and research system for the simulation of autoregression algorithms on the basis of LABVIEW technology V.I. Sinitsa, M.V. Podrubailo 143-146
38. Investigation of the influence of duration of preliminary and total forces for measurement of hardness V.V. Skliarov, J.S. Dovzhenko 147-150
39. Computer system for acquisition and fixation of negative human impact in Ukrainian Carpathians M.O. Slabinoha, A.I. Deputovych, M.I. Shevchuk 151-155
40. Micro- and nanoelectrods for electrochemical measurement systems D.V. Snizhko, O.A. Sushko 156-160
41. Methodology assessing the state units of the machine for processing of wheel pairs V.N. Tikhenko, V.I. Startsev, A.A. Anisimov, S.V. Pchelinskiy 161-163
42. A technique for dynamic identification of thermocouples by means of radio pulse current Yu.M. Tuz, O.V. Kozyr, A.V. Porkhun 164-166
43. Using heavy ball method for problem of adaptive parameters estimation of quasistationary object Yu.M. Kharlamova, V.I. Korsun 167-169
44. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of liquid density with the help of device with float variable mass G.A. Cherepaschuk, A.P. Potilchak, T.V. Bykova 170-173
45. Analysis and optimization of transmission schemes and reproducing methods of impedance parameters units S.M. Shevkun, M.M. Surdu, O.M. Velychko, M.V. Dobroliubova 174-179
46. Monitoring system for 3D-printer with FDM printing technology A.V. Shnyra, B.V. Chapaliuk, A.I. Alimov, M.V. Dobroliubova 180-184
47. Legal organizational problems of the measuring system metrological assurance I.Yu. Shtefan, N.V. Shtefan 185-187
48. Automatic coordination of resistance load with wave impedance of the cable in measurement systems Yu.S. Shumkov 188-193
49. Evaluation of ordinal measurement uncertainty N.A. Yaremchuk, O.Yu. Goda 194-196
50. Stable plastic neural network based perceptron in forecasting problems slippage A.Yu. Zakovorotnyi 197-200
51. Visualization 3D-stereo parallel computer system GPU-realization with the use of rays tracing method S.А. Zori 201-204
52. Mechanisms of influence of candles of incandescence on working process in diesel engines K.V. Korytchenko, O.V. Stakhovskiy, A.V. Serpukhov, D.V. Bizonych, Sanchit Ajmani 205-210
53. The method of management calculations of radar stations and moving radoviste in managing crews of fighter aircraft in conditions of electronic countermeasures S.L. Nosan, O.I. Fedinskiy, V.M. Surgay 211-215
54. Establishing an orderly cascading solution using matrices follow I.A. Lysenko, A.A. Smirnov 216-220
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