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3. Digital complexed navigation system of special purpose vehicles T.Ye. Aleksandrova, I.V. Tsebruk 6-9
4. Future development of unmanned and municipal air transport in Ukraine O.N. Alexeiev, D.І. Bondarеv 10-16
5. Mathematical model substantiation of test diagnostic for aeronautical complex aircraft V.V. Ardelian, D.N. Obidin, A.P. Musienko 17-20
6. Effectiveness of spectral analysis by eigenstructure methods with signal preprocessing by modified SSA method V.I. Vasylyshyn 21-24
7. The problem of burning images using a computer numerical control device and the approach to its solution] Yu.S. Gubnytska, E.A. Kovshar 25-28
8. The method of generation training images dataset for learning subsystems of automating reconnaissance aerial object O.Yu. Lavrov 29-32
9. Fidelity of the control of functional precision of the tractor steering system A.Т. Lebedev, I.А. Lebedeva, I.V. Kolesnyk 33-36
10. Allocation of time maintain situational awareness, decision makers in the dispatching services unified air traffic management system M.A. Pavlenko, S.G. Shilo, I.A. Borozenets Y.I. Polonski 37-39
11. The linear algebraic processing of complex signal constructions S.G. Rassomakhin, S.H. Veklich 40-43
12. Method of formation internal catalog of immobile object on a series of the frames V.Ye. Savanevych, Ya.S. Movsesian, M.Yu. Dikhtyar 44-49
13. Method of the non local filtration additive noise on digital images using surrogate data technology V.V. Slobodyanyuk, A.V. Shapovalov, V.A. Lebedev, О.М. Chekunova 50-55
14. Fuzzy control for a autonomous mobile robot with reinforcement learning S.G. Udovenko, A.R. Sorokin 56-62
15. Method of planning of work of universal departure metrology groups in the conditions of enough body of financial and temporal resources Yu.I. Shevyakov 63-65
16. Formalization of the process construction master plan with using remote sensing data O.S. Butenko, S.I. Ovcharenko, D.S. Chernologova 66-68
17. Analysis of the Russian language phrases based on LR-grammars N.A. Valenda, L.D. Samofalov, N.A. Pavlenko 69-72
18. About difficult expressions logical formalization V.A. Leschinsky, I.A. Leschinska 73-76
19. Improvement of methods validation for formal decision tables presentation test set I.A. Lysenko, A.A. Smirnov 77-80
20. Applying the method of states parameters research to define the discrete time Markov chain transitions probabilities V.O. Butenko, V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, S.V. Kharchenko 81-86
21. Discrete modeling of dynamic systems of relations of size classes in cod populations G.N. Zholtkevych, K.N. Nosov, Yu.G. Bespalov, E.V. Viysotskaya, A.P. Porvan 87-91
22. Evaluation of the computational complexity of elliptic curves point counting methods R.S. Hanzia 92-99
23. Flash drive with an active protection from unauthorized access I.A. Gromyko, D.D. Tilloiev 100-104
24. The concept and basic approach to building information security system in multi-level intelligent control system V.B. Dudykevych, G.V. Mykytyn, T.B. Kret 105-110
25. To a question essence and types of informative weapon in modern informative conflicts V.D. Karlov, E.V. Lukashuk, S.M. Sholokhov 111-114
26. Informative security in the field of defensive as constituent of military security of Ukraine O.M. Kosogov 115-117
27. RSA and prime numbers V.Ya. Pevnev 118-120
28. The maximum period of the sequences generated by SRNLF of the second order O.V. Potii, N.A. Poluyanenko 121-123
29. Universal multikey algorithm of steganogram obtaining S.G. Rassomakhin, F.A. Borshchov 124-127
30. Analysis of effects of insufficient quality of computer software D.V. Gordeeva, L.A. Girchenko 128-132
31. Assessment of changes energy-information homeostasis human with gas discharge visualization method L.A. Pesotskaya, N.V. Glukhova, N.G. Kuchuk, N.M. Yevdokimenko 133-138
32. Developing of biomedical system of the vital activity influenced by electromagnetic radiation V.V. Semenets, T.Ye. Stitzenko 139-144
33. Method of assessment of energy potential peat deposits with the use of GIS technologies S.M. Andreev, I.Y. Vovk, V.A. Zhilin 145-149
34. Estimating the probability of complex events in probabilistic economy Yu.I. Lerner 150-156
35. Infographic analysis tools of aggregate criteria of multidimensional objects and systems Yu.А. Romanenkov, V.M. Vartanyan, Yu.L. Pronchakov, Т.G. Zieiniiev 157-165
36. Developers workflow of the building the quality component software systems composition O.E. Fedorovich, A.V. Babich 166-168
37. Improving the efficiency certification of workplaces by application of linear programming for work planning A.V. Al’boschiy 169-171
38. Measures on increase of reliability of work of computer equipment and safety of personnel in the power rich absorbent buildings and constructions E.A. Darmofal, V.V. Kovalenko, A.V. Rusalovskiy 172-174
39. Emergency prediction algorithm of natural character as a whole, on the types and levels of possible damage due to them G.V. Ivanets 175-179
40. Regulatory provision estimation of the resistance of pipeline of reactor department South-Ukrainian NPP at seismic impacts N.E. Pahalovic 180-182
41. Decision support systems at determination scale of flood R.E. Paschenko, L.S. Veselskaj, M.V. Marushko 183-187
42. Decision support systems at determination scale of flood O.V. Pyvovar-Tomalya 188-190
43. Assessment method of organizational efficiency and technical measures taken to ensure a given level of operational safety in the energy sector of enterprises A.O. Siryk, O.V. Evtushenko, O.V. Barabash 191-193
44. Basic methods of mathematical modelling for methodical maintenance of the basin approach in quality management water resources О.V. Tretyakov, V.L. Bezsonnyi 194-199
45. Study conditions external management information and communication flows building in logistics information system monitoring emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 200-204
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