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3. Radar reconnaissance capabilities estimation of low-sized low-altitude aircrafts by means of radiotechnical troops surveillance radars L.V. Beylis, V.F. Zjukin, S.V. Kukobko 6-8
4. Method for assessing the degree of structural similarity connected undirected graphs T.G. Belova, I.O. Pobizhenko 9-12
5. The method of checks determining periods of technical state for unmanned air vehicle onboard equipment S. Herasimov, А. Zhuravlev, M. Borisenko 13-17
6. Comparing ensemble code set synthesized based on several modules of the ensemble implemented on the basis timer signal constructions N.V. Zakharchenko, S.M. Horokhov, A.V. Kochetkov, V.V. Gordeychuk, E.B. Shamshidin 18-21
7. Application of telecommunications technologies in the structure of “smart home” S.O. Kravchuk, D.A. Minochkin, M.M. Kaidenko 22-26
8. Cognitive approach in the tasks of aerospace monitoring of mining region K.L. Sergieieva 27-32
9. Development of a modified Backfill method for conservative reservation T.V. Filimonchuk, M.A. Volk 33-37
10. The methodology of determining of pre-conflict situation cognitive model with taking into consideration influence of the nonstochastic uncertain nature factors for evaluation and its tension adjustment V.M. Bilchuk, I.G. Dzeverin, O.V. Vorobyov, O.O. Khmelevska 38-49
11. Combined direction finding of jammers using pseudo-noise resampling V.I. Vasylyshyn 50-53
12. An analysis of the problem of campus networks functioning support E.A. Druzhinin, I.V. Shostak, A.A. Lysenko 54-57
13. Study the possibility of using solar energy for autonomous power supply facility O.O. Kazimirov, K.V. Vlasov, A.I. Kurtov, A.I. Potixensky 58-61
14. Synthesis and study of the neural network model reference controller for the aiming and stabilizing system of the light-armored machine T.E. Vasilets, A.A. Varfolomiyev, R.V. Tyutuyn, Y.A. Alfyorov, A.A. Vlasov 62-68
15. Synthesis of optimal algorithm of maintainability of a dense flow of air objects with a simple loss of function Y.A. Danilov, A.S. Mogilatenko, A.A. Timochko, M.A. Pavlenko 69-72
16. Advanced mathematical model of radio channel with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with under the influence of destabilizing factors О.G. Zhuk 73-79
17. Modeling of dangerous zones of influence of the artificial displacement of air masses on the dynamics of high mobility aircraft О.I. Kolodyazhny, О.I. Tymochko 80-87
18. Mathematical models of determining the amount of orders for the guaranteed metrological service of armament and military technique with an account of their importance V.B. Kononov, V.V. Burtseva 88-92
19. Constructing a functions of fuzzy sets based on the quantitative expert assessments of natural values Y.V. Myronchuk, O.M. Kuprinenko 93-97
20. Math model of definition of defeat’s probability with our armaments at least one of enemy’s combat means, with the account of possible our and enemy’s initial combat potential’s casualties Volodymyr M. Mozharovski, Sehii V. Hodz’ 98-102
21. The three-component two-dimensional model of the human for description of crowd in the extreme situation A.M. Odeychuk, M.I. Adamenko, V.I. Tkachenko 103-108
22. Scattering characteristics of Mi-8MT helicopter based on measurements of object scale model in an anechoic chamber O. Sukharevsky, V. Vasilets, I. Ryapolov, M. Brechka 109-114
23. Estimation of influence of temperature impacts on elevator structures in strengthening walls of silos bulkheads N.A. Krutova 115-118
24. The ratio of different metric research in the science of science G.G. Aseyev 119-126
25. Text analysis methods application for databases conceptual modeling support Ya.O. Vakulenko, O.O. Mazurova 127-130
26. Using the method for detection correlation pleyades association between indicators of cerebrovascular disease E.V. Vysotskaya, L.M. Risovanaya, R.V. Alekseenko 131-134
27. Analysis of intravenous infusion procedures of ozonixed physiological solution and assessment of their quality T.A. Glukhenka, A.V. Kipenskyi, I.I. Korol, E.I. Nazarov 135-143
28. Telemedicine: current state and perspectives of development L.O. Dubchak 144-146
29. Artificial neural network for the early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes S.S. Lapta, O.I. Soloveva 147-151
30. Method of molecular mechanics in the rationale choice of functional monomers specific to vancomycin Ghazi F.H. Bani-Khaled, K.M. Muzyka 152-154
31. Method to define economic system sensitivity index of enterprise L.V. Smolenko, A.Ph. Topchiy, K.Y. Khrishuk 155-158
32. Directions automating the process of close protection mechanized units S.N. Melnik, S.S. Korol’ov, G.A. Zmiivskiy, V.I. Gorbunov 159-167
33. Formalization of energy threats impact on a state defense capabilities O.M. Sukhodolja, V.M. Bogdanovich 168-173
34. Special features crew training armored personnel carriers BTR-4E using modern training complex S.V. Borodin, U.V. Samsonov, O.V. Kornienko 174-176
35. Experience creation interactive electronic operating documentation of the 19Ж6 radar А.А. Gryzo, I.M. Nevmerzhitskiy, О.А. Malishev, S.V. Denisenko 177-181
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