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3. Ways for greater efficiency aerial reconnaissance system with using on-board complex of unmanned aerial vehicle A. Аlimpiev 6-9
4. Computerized test bench for unmanned aerial vehicles propeller-engine inspection O. Dergunov, A. Demenko, A. Zalevska, K. Fostenko 10-13
5. Improved simulation model of the process of maintenance and repair of complex technical object G. Zhyrov, E. Lenkov 14-18
6. The main features of development information and analytical tasks for the assessment of radioelectronic situation for the Air Forces of Ukraine V. Lupandin, S. Zakirov, A. Feklistov, O. Storozhuk, A. Leushin 19-23
7. Model functioning of the system interpendent trucking subdivisions transportation passengers inside the city O. Lysenko, M. Shengeliya 24-27
8. Chart of formation of the executive elements for service geographically dispersed analyzing processes A. Morozov 28-32
9. Management failure rate of positive definite random variables V. Dubnitskiy, O. Petrenko 33-37
10. A logic-algebraic approach to building decision trees and operations with them D. Sitnikov, P. Sitnikova 38-44
11. Development of application for implementing the analytic hierarchy process O. Shapovalova, R. Burmensky 45-48
12. A method for constructing a combined compression system and encryption of video data V. Larin, A. Korotenko, D. Baiush, A. Ivanichenko 49-52
13. The using of pre-project analysis methods for developing a model of requirements during the conceptual database modeling Ya.R. Logvinenko, O.A. Mazurova 53-56
14. The methods of information integrity increasing in the telecommunication systems S. Podlesny, V. Bilchuk, D. Medvedev, B. Poddubny 57-60
15. Mathematical model of load distribution in telecommunication networks of special purpose I. Romanenko, R. Zhyvotovskyi, S. Petruk, A. Shishatskiy, O. Voloshin 61-71
16. Software implementation principles of bioinspired decoding method of high rate linear block codes M. Shtompel 72-75
17. Development of the hand gesture recognition system on the basis of clonal selection model N. Axak, O. Barkovskaya, H. Ivashchenko 76-80
18. Features of operation of microprocessor systems for problems of improving the reliability of automated control systems of energy objects Ye. Borysenko 81-84
19. Information processing for speech control in robotics A. Bronnikov, V. Onyshko 85-87
20. Synthesis of the NN Predictive Controller for the three-mass electromechanical system T. Vasilets, A. Varfolomiyev, R. Tyutuyn, Y. Alfyorov, A. Vlasov 88-95
21. Longevity evaluation of geotextiles by neural network forecasting O. Goncharov, N. Zubretskya, S. Fedin 96-100
22. Building intelligent predictive nonlinear process control systems I. Gulina, A. Martynenko, A. Gulin 101-105
23. Methods of adaptive control modes of working radiocommunication military systems A. Zhuk 106-114
24. The quality of assessment automated control systems S. Zviglyanich, М. Izyumskiy, O. Balabuha 115-117
25. The method of appreciation general condition of the military automatic system on the basis determines technical condition automatic means J.Kucherenko 118-120
26. Implementation of the pilot common project into ukrainian airspace O. Luppo, O. Alexeiev, M. Bogunenko, T. Kolesnyk 121-126
27. The designing of online-service for the lightning warning system I. Postilnyk 127-130
28. Synthesis of the dynamic model of industrial robot for dorning holes in the design of flighting devices V. Voronko, I.Shostak, I. Voronko, V. Stepanenko, D. Zavistovsky 131-138
29. Peculiarities of the application of the case method for activities in vocational-specified sciences in the preparation of the future officers О. Prilipko 139-142
30. Indicators of moral and psychological status of personal composition military units N. Mas’ 143-145
31. Improvement of the method of factor analysis information risk I. Dobrynin, N. Maltseva 146-150
32. Modeling of coordination protocols of secret matrix key for cryptographic transformation and matrix type systems V. Krasilenko, D. Nikitovich 151-157
33. Procuring electromagnetic сompatibility of the secondary electrical circuits critical infrastructure О. Zadunay, S. Azarov, V. Sydorenko 158-163
34. Model of origin and distribution in case of fire sabotage carried out by initiating fire on an important element of the object without penetration on its territory A. Kateshchenok, I. Neklonskyi 164-168
35. Use of methods of radiation ionizing dosimetry for assessment of impact on live organisms of low-energy gamma radiation on is radioactive the infected local territory within carrying out radiation monitoring in Ukraine I. Cherniavskyi, V. Kalugin, V. Tiutiunyk, I. Pudlo 169-179
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