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3. Development of informative methods of synthesis of non-parametric decision rules of detection and estimation of parameters of signal on a background radio interference with the unknown law of distributing V. Dedenok, H. Pievtsov, D. Karlov, U. Reznikov, O. Chernyavskiy 5-15
4. Methodological substances of management of the radio-resource managing systems of military radio communication O. Zhuk, A. Shyshatskyi, P. Zhuk, R. Zhyvotovskyi 16-25
5. Review of contemporary systems for aircraft self-protection using towed decoys V. Orlenko, I. Ryapolov 26-31
6. Counteraction to powerful electromagnetic radiation for the protection of radio-electronic devices A. Sotnikov, V. Tarshyn, M. Yasechko 32-38
7. Formalized presentation of an individual city trip on the basis of linguistic variables O. Pronina 39-46
8. Fuzzy clustering of time series with non-uniform and asynchronous quantization Y. Bodyanskiy, O. Vynokurova, D. Peleshko, I. Kobylin, O. Kobylin 47-54
9. Modeling of recognition and classification methods of fragments of color images of agricultural plants in their remote monitoring V. Krasilenko, R. Yatskovska, V. Yatskovskyi 55-61
10. The conceptual model of intra-frame effective syntactic segments coding on the transformation basis V. Barannik, D. Tarasenko 62-68
11. Method for increasing the survivability of information and communication network V. Vorotnikov, O. Boychenko, E. Grinevich 69-75
12. Cloud computing in the bank institutions activities R. Baglai 76-81
13. Optimal guaranteed cost inventory control in supply chains with uncertain delays Yu. Dorofieiev, A. Nikulchenko 82-89
14. Information model of the hybrid intelligent information system for processing biomedical images S. Verbovyy 90-95
15. Computerized analysis of spatial distribution of bioproduction processes on bioplato images with floating plants А. Pecherska, О. Vуsotska, А. Grigoriev, Y. Radzishevska, А. Petrenkо 96-102
16. Hybrid security systems in information and transmission networks N. Borisova, L. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 103-108
17. The use of damaged codes in crypto code systems S. Yevseiev 109-121
18. Model of the software for determining the state's information security threats in the social networking services K. Molodetska-Hrynchuk 122-129
19. Using Edwards curves for the protected implementation of digital signature mechanisms according to DSTU 4145-2002 standard M. Kovtun 130-137
20. The development and usage of the snifer as a safety method of TCP-connectivity S. Sharov, D. Lubko 138-144
21. The epidemiological approach to prognosis and management of information incidents V. Shevchenko, Ju. Shcheblanin, A. Shevchenko 145-150
22. Theoretical basic concepts for formation of the criteria for measurement signals synthesis optimality for control of complex radio engineering systems technical status A. Bractslavska, S. Herasimov, H. Zubrytskyi, A. Tymochko, A. Timochko 151-157
23. Regulatory frameworks of quality control methods for PVC insulation of electric cables Zh. Sokotun, O. Koshelieva, Yu. Pylypenko, N. Zubretska 158-166
24. Information opportunities of ferromagnetic resonance in the study of defects of crystalline structure O. Spolnik, L. Kaliberda, A. Gaidus 167-171
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