Information Processing Systems

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3. IoT low bandwith networks M2M communication protocols reference qualities M. Brazhenenko, V. Shevchenko, V. Petrivskyi 7-15
4. Adaptive color correction method of stereopair web cameras and its practical implementation K. Dergachov, L. Krasnov, O. Cheliadin, O. Plakhotnyi 16-27
5. Method for evaluating the delay time in a stream broadcast process V. Magro, V. Svyatоshenko, D. Tymofieiev 28-35
6. Method for determining the projective transformation parameters of a mosaic stochastic marker without taking into account additional a priori information O. Makoveychuk 36-43
7. Dynamic objects movement simulation in the system of supporting decision of unmanned aerial vehicles routes planning A. Bеrеzhnyi, V. Kalachova, M. Rozchkov 44-49
8. Analysis of the use of modern radio communication technologies in the armed forces of the leading countries of the world A. Mishchenko, A. Shyshatskyi, T. Bondarenko, N. Bihun, A. Lyashenko 50-57
9. Application of the transdisciplinary approach in information-analytical provide decision-making process the organs of military command V. Podlipaiev 58-64
10. Verification of the security systems antagonistic agents behavior model O. Milov, L. Parkhuts, S. Milevskyi, S. Pohasii 65-81
11. System of automatic registration, storage and analysis of sedimentation curves for biomedical and technical applications V. Baranets, O. Datsok, N. Kizilova 82-86
12. System dynamics approach to control over water quality on the urbanized territories N. Kizilova, N. Rychak, Y. Rudnev 87-92
13. Development of diagnostic sensors based on the regulatory mechanism of biosystems and their reactivity I. Ogorodnyk, O. Vуsotska, M. Ternyuk 93-98
14. The trees of classification seismically active local territories of the earth in the system of nonlinear energy interactions Sun-Earth-Moon V. Tiutiunyk, L. Chernogor, V. Kalugin, T. Agazade 99-117
15. Index 118

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