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3. Method of information technique in the systems of treatment of radio-location information taking into account times of receipt of information sources S. Voitovich, S. Klimov, S. Shilo 3-7
4. Optimisation of a structure of a system of control by reconnaissance of combined-arms formation for increase of efficiency of firing defeat of the opponent in fight A. Zalivan, I. Taran 8-11
5. Mathematical formulation of the efficiency parameter of co-operation of tactic-firing units of antiaircraft missile regiment J. Ursakiy 12-14
6. Research of the pattern of an automatic control system by non-steady objects of control on the basis of the illegible regulator D. Kiryanov, S. Drugzinin 15-18
7. Functional structure formation for more survivability of onboard informational and control systems N. Borodavka 19-29
8. Increasing of interference protection of radar with phase antenna array V. Vasiliev, A. Kovalchuk, V. Tarshin 30-32
9. Biochemical proof coverages for military technique O. Shevtsova, T. Zhadan 33-34
10. Analysis of influence of the interference phase fluctuations on the of correlation side lobe canceller using antennas of different size N. Minervin, A. Кuznetsov, I. Shumeyko 36-38
11. Particularities of formalization linguistical variable, used at description of process of choice of parameters of planned interception at purpose of influences by fighters on air purposes N. Koroluk, O. Timochko, E. Korshez 39-41
12. Indemnification of active spot jammings in case of use of a multifrequency signal I. Leonov, A. Prisyagzniy 42-45
13. Method and algorithm of diagnostic and set-up of signal conditioning units in ßhannels of distribution manifolds of FAR U. Liepin, N. Svitenko 45-46
14. Possible organizational structure of subdivision of reconnaissance in a cybernetic encirclement S. Sidchenko, V. Belimov, K. Hudarkovsky 47-50
15. Distribution control of resourcesof a link of a broadband digital network of integral service Yu. Stasev, V. Medvedev, G. Kuchuk 51-55
16. Structured-parametric identification of multifactoring estimations models V. Beskorovainyi, I. Trofimenko 56-58
17. Minimization of delay of transactions at parallel machining inquiries D. Dvuhglavov, Yu. Gusak, S. Klevets 59-60
18. Statement and the solution of a problem of optimum reservation in the class-room of a surplus N. Derenko, V. Krasnobaev 61-65
19. Optimum distribution of tables of an objective - relational control system by databases N. Naumenko, Ya. Staseva 66-68
20. Algebraic method of decoding of linear bloc codes on algebraic curves in P3 A. Kuznetsov, I. Pasko 69-71
21. Forming of management law by cybernetic system I. Cherepnev 72-75
22. Bays the qualifier of measurements of parameters of motion of space objects with hierarchic preliminary selection of hypotheses E. Vetlugin 76-79
23. Method of verification of contour images of objects V. Onishenko 80-82
24. Features of calculation of linear discrete systems with a plenty of degree of freedoms O. Yurchenko 83-85
25. Estimation of intermodulation distortions of random signals T. Doroshenko 86-90
26. Method of diverse forecasting for nonredundant means of complex engineering systems D. Dyachenko, A. Koshel, A. Polyakov 91-93
27. Factors of scope for a composition of the aleatory variables distributed under the law of an arcsine I. Zacharov, G. Safaryan, M. Sergienko 94-96
28. Design of selfsimilar traffic by the synthesis of ensemble of stochastic quasiperiodical sources and ON/OFF-model O. Vorobjov 97-104
29. Ways of improvement and development of a system of data support of control by availability index of product, organization of operation and repair of military means of computer facilities Yu. Petunin, A. Dubovik, Yu. Krasinskiy 105-108
30. Railway of special aggregates with changed rigidity of the basis N. Rakovskaya 109-112
31. Determination of fuzzy set of factors of informative influence on an opponent in behalf of adjustment of his strategic purpose of development of armament and military technique A. Adamenko 113-115
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