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2. Contents 142-143
3. Мethod of estimation of electromagnetic compatibility broadband radar station without the use of methods of adaptation G.A. Drobaha, V.I. Tkachenko, E.B. Smirnov 2-7
4. Experimental research of possibility of upgrading discovery of signals in the optic-electronic systems in case of treatment of smallcontrast ТV-shots A. Strelkov, T. Strelkova, S. Lisovenco 8-10
5. Technique of the analysis of influence of polarizing characteristics of aerials on differences of parameters of areas of localization of polarizing vectors of signals and handicapes A. Martynchuk, A. Florov, O. Grebenjuk, S. Volyvach 11-14
6. Dynamic stabilizing of course corner at the run of airplane M. Podrigalo, O. Solovyov, V. Krasnokutsky 15-17
7. Algorithm of authentication of vehicles of spaces on the uncontrolled radiations of side apparatus А. Polyakov, А. Bogdanovsky, А. Morgun 18-20
8. Improvement of method of determination of necessity in financial facilities on the basis of design of battle actions of troops V. Abrashin 21-24
9. Parametrical optimization of multilevel algorithm of overlapping of images in correlation-extreme systems navigation of flying devices V. Antyufeev, V. Bykov, V. Chmil 25-28
10. Method of determination of influencing of basic physiographic factors on forming of expedient structures and composition of the incorporated forces of the rapid reacting with the purpose of decision of operative tasks in an operating district I. Dzeverin, V. Kovalchuk 29-32
11. Analysis of possibilities of discovery of drastic poisonous matters by quantum-optical facilities on spectrums of radiation M. Budanov, B. Demidov, V. Shendrik 33-38
12. Methodology of approach of the systems at development of model of organization of measurement assurance of military powers of Ukraine in the conditions of reformation and on a prospect A. Gavrilov, V. Nikolenko, Yu. Rondin 39-42
13. Estimation of authenticity of results of calculation of amendments on the delay of the air systems of data A. Bursala 43-44
14. Ways of estimation of influencing of ionosphere of earth on antijammingness of adopting signals in the radio engineerings complexes of the systems of navigations of spaces S. Lomonosov 45-46
15. Definition of optimum resource technique before repair and write-off S. Paskhin, D. Grib, I. Nevmerjitskiy, P. Kovalenko 47-49
16. Ground of necessity and prospects of creation of pilotless vehicles for the use in Ukraine A. Khrupenko 50-52
17. Estimation of the metrological reliability of the means of measuring techniques of the aircraft radio systems on the stage of designing M. Yakovlev, A. Volobuyev 53-554
18. Method of increase of exactness of determining the location of aircrafts by the control-correctings stations in a sticky electromagnetic wicket V. Gumenyuk, D. Pashkov, S. Stavitsky 55-58
19. Estimation of distance between objects, when their electromagnetic interaction can be neglected, using the integral equation method G. Zalevsky 59-63
20. Analytical models of estimation of quality of service are in the telecommunication network of the military setting D. Mogilevich, S. Druzinin, O. Klimovich 64-68
21. Influence of a mistake of forecasting of characteristics of the traffic on efficiency of the transport report of a network Yu. Stasev, G. Kuchuk, A. Mozhaev 69-74
22. Use of the computer systems of support of decision-making for monitoring potentially dangerous objects and liquidation of failures subsections of Ministry of emergency measures of Ukraine N. Adamenko, S. Klivets 75-77
23. Microbiologic contamination of the water sources and the problems of its control O. Shevtsova, T. Ghadan, A. Grek, S. Kovalenko 78-80
24. Dynamic management the parameters of protocol of ТСР VEGAS A. Kovalenko 81-86
25. Device of interface of receiving-passing apparatus with the personal electronic computer A. Kolomiytsev, S. Voroshilov, I. Strashniy, E. Tolstoluzskaya 87-89
26. Definition of the maximal speeds of a wind in view of impulses of a wind at restriction of probability of their occurrence Y. Oleynik, V. Borodavka, V. Slobodyanyuk 90-92
27. Тhe boundary tolerance definition by redundant information analyze I. Klyushnikov 93-94
28. Quality of passing to the sequence of difficult signals at limitation of bar of admission of data channel S. Rassomakhin, N. Linnik 95-97
29. Functioning of formal - logic means at processing model of problem area in systems of support of decision-making in complex organizational hierarchical systems N. Lybchenko 98-100
30. Function of information security process maturity A. Potiy 101-103
31. Investigation to stability of the algorithm of the image compression WAVELET to influence of the casual noises. shots A. Strelkov, V. Barsov, E. Solomko 104-106
32. Development of procedure of adaptation of routing to the dynamic changes of traffic in a telecommunication network K. Bokhan, S. Stasev, Yu. Busygin 107-109
33. The effectiveness increasing detection and intercept air targets in basis application aeronautics impulse-Doppler radars from two–receiving channel signals reflection and polarization partitions Y. Sevostyanov 110-113
34. Determinations of satellite motion with the use of x-ray photography radiation of astronomic objects parameters V. Podlipaev 114-117
35. Mathematical model of vibrations of quartz piezoelectric element with an interelectrode gap and one-sided mass load S. Khutornenko, V. Savchenko 118-120
36. Technique of a rating of the maximal bandwidth of circuits quadrature-free analog N-OFDM signals V. Slusar, S. Tretyachenko 121-122
37. Analysis of the mathematical providing of the existent systems of support of decision-making V. Krasnobayev, Ya. Staseva, A. Lutsaevsky 123-125
38. «Public relations» as specific function of military management A. Babich 126-127
39. Special software development for the development professionalgram’s and discovery professional-important qualities for primary officer's job titles S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskiy, V. Belimov 128-131
40. The analysis of conditions of creation of model of management of career of the militarian engineer - mechanics S. Kalkamanov, I. Pichko, V. Matushevskaya 132-134
41. Abstracts 135-139
42. Authors 140-143
43. Index 144