Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 149
3. Conception of planning of situations and situatioonal management G. Drobaha, V. Tkachenko, Ye. Smirnov 2-11
4. Method of reacting on the calls, dangers and threats of military safety of the state V. Bogdanovich, S. Nechkhaev 12-14
5. Tate of development and prospect of making of mobile complex of standards of transmission for military powers of Ukraine A. Gavrilov, S. Krasinskiy, I. Pashkevich 15-20
6. Multivariable setting of norms of charges of fuel of all-wheel drive cars M. Grubel’ 21-23
7. Comparative analysis of fire potential of perspective zenithal complex of direct protection on basis of electrodynamic cannon Yu. Gusak, V. Mashtalir 24-28
8. Сonceptually-methodological approach to perfection of system of armament of military powers of the state on basis of modernization of armament and military technique B. Demidov, O. Hmelevskaya, M. Naumenko 29-33
9. Complex of mathematical models for determination of district of blocking of the illegal armed formings and parameters of system of supervision by border of blocking V. Dovbnya, I. Kirichenko 34-40
10. Basic approaches to synthesis of adaptive structure of system of zenithal rocket protection M. Yermoshin 41-44
11. Method of diagnostics of a condition of phase shifters of phased arrays V. Karpenko, V. Kupriy, G. Golovin 45-47
12. Fnalysis of thematic tasks and their informing signs for registration by facilities of RSE on example of economy K. Kozelkova 48-49
13. Analysis of the radio engineering systems of the aerospace monitoring of Earth A. Krasnorutskiy 50-53
14. Terms of choice of the combined electric machines A. Malysh 54-55
15. Construction of a technique of formalization of decision-making process on classification air суден – threats of fulfilment of act of terrorism S. Olizarenko, О. Shevchenko, S. Bidniy 56-59
16. Мethod of estimation of electromagnetic compatibility broadband radar station without the use of methods of adaptation V. Orlenko 60-68
17. Forming of brakes and dynamic properties of module technique for commuter-technical adm of flights of aviation M. Podrigalo, V. Krasnokutskiy, V. Kirichenko 69-72
18. Estimation of quality of functioning a ground automated complex in the modern terms V. Prisyazhny, V. Mironenko 73-74
19. Increase of protected of equipment of users from the overstrains A.C. Rogozin 75-78
20. Use of klasteryzatsyy in RLS with the complete polarization sounding of space I. Ryapolov 79-81
21. Cognitive unmasking the signs of the irregular formings O. Chernavina 82-83
22. Method of construction of mathematical models of transporting machines and research of mechanical systems with story by resiliently-antivibration elements Yu. Cherevko, I. Vikovich, N. Cherevko 84-89
23. Analysis of drift of metrological descriptions of facilities of measuring technique of the aviation radio engineering systems M.Yu. Yakovlev 90-93
24. Analysis of possibility using procedure median filtration for forming of map jaming A. Gryzo, V. Zyukin, I. Nevmerzhickiy 94-96
25. Method of formalization of knowledges about the process of estimation of actions of air opponent S. Klimov, S. Voytovich, Ya. Staseva 97-100
26. Index of efficiency of completing of Military Powers of Ukraine by officers M. Kryukov 101-103
27. Mathematical models of dynamics of fight and operation of two groupments in the conditions of complete and incomplete information V. Kononov 104-107
28. Asymmetrical cryptosystems on hierelliptical of curves above the fields of even description V. Kovtun, A. Kuznetsov, S. Stasev 108-113
29. Analysis of transient time of correlation sidelobe canceller when canceling jamming illumination in conditions of its phase front fluctuations A. Кuznetsov, V. Tarshin, I. Shumeyko 114-115
30. Theoretical-codes charts with the improved descriptions A. Кuznetsov, R. Korol’ov, D. Medvedev 116-118
31. Theoretical questions of design and estimation of quality of the systems of providing of exploitation of difficult technical complexes A. Levchenko 119-123
32. Use the overlay networks for increasing масштабируемости decisions of the problems of the provision guaranteed quality of service in military wide-area network O.V. Lemeshko, O.A. Drobot, Y.N. Dobryshkin 124-129
33. Estimation of efficiency of compression and internalss of renewal of images at the object-oriented approach to compression of images I. Ruban, M. Kolmykov 130-132
34. Research of dependence of time of decision of task of setting from width of parallel process E. Tolstolyzhskya 133-135
35. New conceptual approaches to preparation of military engineer-mechanic of Aircraft A. Leont’ev, I. Pichko, I. Kovtonyuk 136-138
36. Abstracts 139-145
37. Authors 146-148
38. Index 148