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2. Contents 123-124
3. Analysis of possibility of the use of two-dimention model of air object at the evaluation of possibility of his discovery of radio-location a mean M. Batyrinskiy 2-3
4. Directions of application of information of the space systems in behalf of Aircraft of Army of Ukraine D. Golkin, G. Hudov, D. Karlov 4-6
5. Application of geoynformatsyonnykh and spaces navigationals for increase of efficiency of actions of zenithal rockets subdivisions M. Ermoshin, V. Tkachenko, A. Makarov 7-9
6. Analysis structure of signals from the output phase detector of coherently-impulsive radar for determination of character motion man V. Ivanov, R. Paschenko, O. Vovk 10-14
7. Optimization of management by a power resource multipurpose broadband radar station an antiaircraft rocket complex in a mode of prompting of antiaircraft guided missiles A. Magel’bey 15-18
8. Substantiation of structure of the antiaircraft rocket battery of air defence of the Land forces with the advanced control systems fire means with the purpose of increase of fighting efficiency of division V. Novosyelov 19-21
9. Ground peak measuring device of corners of place of air aims S. Poroshin, V. Bahvalov, I. Leonov 22-24
10. Increase of efficiency of revealing and interception of the air purposes in a forward hemisphere of attack on the basis of application aviation pulse-Doppler control radar Yu. Sevast’yanov, N. Glusthenko 25-29
11. Method of calculation of dangerous distances at splinter action of explosion V. Sidorenko, S. Azarov 30-32
12. Ways of interaction of divisions of special purpose with aircraft during performance of search problems T. Sutyushev, M. Tepan, V. Afanas’ev, D. Pavlov 33-38
13. Mathematical model of error of determination of azimuth orientation of object in space S. Tishko, V. Vasyuk, I. Sorokin 39-41
14. Initial orbit determination of low earth orbit space objects by measuring of optical space control means in the „beam-park” mode A.A. Tkachenko 42-43
15. Otsenka of efficiency polarizing - spatial processing in radar stations with full polarising sounding A.D. Florov, S.A. Voljuvach, O.P. Гребенюк 44-47
16. Expansible blow unfixed cargo by its transportation Yu. Cherevko, I. Vikovich, I. Lozovuy 48-53
17. Determination of optimum strategy of informative influence on an opposite side with the purpose of koreguvannya of his strategic purpose of development of armament and military technique A. Adamenko 54-56
18. Analysis of approaches for the decline of time of the digital processing of images V.V. Barannik, S.A. Sidchenko 57-60
19. The mathematical model of heading channel autonomous system of aircraft landing on unequipped airfields by trajectory guiding I. Baryshev, V. Polyakov, O. Vysotski 61-63
20. The analysis of the basic restrictions of a problem of creation subnet which operates a network of data transmission A. Bolyubash 64-65
21. Model of exploitation of perspective facilities of measuring technique S. Gerasimov, D. Kalashnik 66-68
22. Optimum distributing of fragments of these informative systems D. Grib, S. Burkovsky, S. Savchenko 69-71
23. Method of recognition of images of objects means of specific investigation D. Grinyev 72-74
24. Systems models of integration of planning, technological preparation and production in the case of application of through parallel cycle of creation of good Ye. Druzhinin, S. Smal’ 75-79
25. Features of the interval mathematical model of task of packeting circles taking into account errors L. Evseeva 80-84
26. Technical Realization of algorithms of compression and renewal of images on the basis of discrete transformation Khartly for the base complexes of airspionage M. Kolmikov 85-87
27. Estimation of quality of materials of the remote sensing at JPEG compression R. Korenkov 88-90
28. Universal method of digit-by-digit treatment of positions numbers in the conditions of Gaussian noise S. Rassomakhyn 91-94
29. Model of carbora of delay in interconnect knots of computers networks I. Ruban, Yu. Dolgiy, S. Osiebskiy 95-97
30. Method of finding of optimum great number of routes in multiflight network of communication network of standard of 3G S. Semyonov 98-101
31. Definition of an error of measurement of temperature highlight pyrometers of radiation B. Skorik, A. Skorik, A. Dzimina 102-103
32. Calculation of descriptions of fractals of traffic processes in the systems with the repeated queries Yu. Stasev, G. Kuchuk, A. Mozhaev 104-111
33. Dynamic planning of inquiries in the client-server systems of real time realizing technology «OLE for Process Control І. Turkin, E. Sokolova, Y. Shepetov, Т. Nikitina 111-114
34. Abstracts 115-119
35. Authors 120-122
36. Index 122