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2. Contents 236-238
3. Prognostication of troops and objects losses from the aviation shots of opponent S.І. Onischenko, A.N. Zagorka, V.V. Koval’, V.V. Tyurin 2-8
4. Perfection principles of interrogation and processing reply signals in interrogators NRZ-P for rise quality of identification A.N. Artemenko, G.G. Kamaltinov, A.S. Mal’arenko 9-14
5. Perspective method of treatment of measuring information at ground tests N.V. Burkhudaryan, K.R. Kulagin, O.M. Mishukov, B.O. Chumak 15-18
6. Radar characteristic calculation for model of helicopter Mi-8MT Y.A. Belevshchuk, M.M. Brechka, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky 18-22
7. Preconditions of the creation perspective military robot M.I. Vaskivskiy 23-30
8. Improvement of method of calculation of dangerous areas during starting of rockets of Ground forces, firings of artillery of large caliber on the ground of SSRC S.V. Gerasimov, S.I. Klіvets, V.G. Makarenko, A.А. Podorozhnyak 31-36
9. Classification of military wheeled vehicles means cluster analysis V.A. Golub 37-41
10. Evaluation of lv power characteristics at single and double starting of additional stage engine A.V. Degtyarev, V.S. Shekhovtsov 42-48
11. Calculation of conditions of the departure of the shell from the trunks canal by means of ballistic station V.E. Zhitnik, V.N. Petrenko, P.E. Trofimenko, V.I. Gridin 49-52
12. Technical demands for the system of detection and identification of the explosive objects in the ground and close to its surface G.S. Zalevsky 53-57
13. System of the metrological providing of Military Powers of Ukraine V.B. Kononov 58-60
14. Design of trajectory of flight of artillery mine after its appearance which is got video-fixing R.V. Kuzmenko 61-64
15. Features of application of spiral explosive magnetic systems in the limited volume designs D.B. Kuher, D.L. Golubtsov, V.M. Marderos, T.V. Zontova 65-68
16. Features of determination of calculation loading of the soldiery air fields with the use of stochastic model G.I. Lagutin, V.N. Lisenko 69-71
17. Probability model of accumulation of sam srm elements damage B.N. Lanets’kyi, A.D. Florov, K.V. Borysenko 72-75
18. Designing complex conduct battle actions by aircrafts S.P. Leschenko, S.I. Burkovskiy, M.P. Baturinskiy 75-79
19. Conceptual directions of perfection existing and construction of perspective control the system and connection of SW, LW-MW, SLW of radio diapasons in the conditions of radio electronic counteraction L.B. Makarov S.V. Khutornenko, A.I. Fedyushin, D.A. Semenec 80-85
20. Apparatus realization of the computer-integrated digital management-information system for armored equipment B.О. Oliyarnik 86-90
21. Estimation of influence of quality of navigation information on efficiency of application of mobile zenithal rocket complexes R.V. Pugachev, I.O. Kashaev 91-93
22. Reasoning of possibilities of supplying with the exchange of information in the integrated system automated control of missile complexes of overland armies on bases taking into account especially spreading of radio waves of SW and VHF bands A.G. Snisarenko, S.V. Malakhov, Y.S. Litvinov, N.F. Linnik 94-98
23. One of methods of estimation of system of proceeding in supplies of armament and military technique in the conditions of battle actions conduct V.А. Tkachenko, A.I. Kremeshny 99-101
24. Method of recognition of project of actions of air opponent by commander of part (subdivisions) of Air Defence with the use of system of support of decision-making А.V. Tristan, I.M. Tikhonov 101-105
25. Optimization of distributing of stream of queries between servers at the centralized processing of data O.V. Barabash, N.I. Naumenko, Yu.V. Stasev 106-108
26. Detection of grouping intervals losses voice packets over packet networks using codecs with silence suppression of speech and loss compensation S.M. Bobritskiy, А.V. Koltykov, V.N. Tkachov 109-113
27. Determination of optimum list of facilities of measuring technique in composition the control-verification apparatus of zenithal rocket armament M.V. Borisenko, A.P. Volobuev, E.S. Roschupkin 114-116
28. Structural-functional description of sams with use the mathematical vehicle of polychromatic ensembles А.M. Doska, A.B. Skorik 117-121
29. Analysis of models and methods of decision of structural-parametric synthesis task’s of sophisticated technical system E.A. Druzhinin, Yu.N. Tolkunova 122-127
30. The modeling method of subject domain with the use of the universal data model V.I. Yesin 128-131
31. About application of imitators of akseleracionnykh of effects in aviation trainers V.P. Zinchenko 131-134
32. Haracteristics echo signal decameter range of radiowaves with hiz multipart propagation V.D. Karlov, Y.A. Sirik, A.V. Tugay 134-137
33. About expedience of delivery the users of radio-location видеоинформации in perspective RLS V.I. Klimchenko, G.G. Kamaltynov 138-141
34. Development of algorithms of forming of the discretely encoded difficult soundings spatio-temporal signals К.S. Kozelkova 142-145
35. Determination of the amount and distribution of control grades for measuring assurance of measuring systems with digital signal processing M.A. Kryukov, A.V. Degtyarev 145-148
36. Adaptive management of technical state and reliability of the complex technical systems in conditions of resource restrictions B.N. Lanetskij, V.V. Lukjanchuk 149-151
37. Microbiological damage of aviation fuels O.L. Matveyeva, O.A. Vasylchenko, D.О. Demyanko 152-156
38. The method of estimation of structure of the air traffic control system of Ukraine with index of the functional stability S.M. Nedilko, О.А. Mashkov 156-161
39. Using of wireless technologies to design a lan М.А. Pavlenko, А.О. Stoianova, V.N. Rudenko, G.M. Safarova 162-165
40. Mathematical description speakers change the delay of the signal when change the position in space of the flying machine I.N. Ratnikov, A.V. Fedorovsky 166-168
41. Method of preseliminary detection of celestial objects’ signals on digital image V.E. Savanevich, A.M. Kozhukhov, A.B. Bryukhovetskiy 169-173
42. Analysis of design techniques reduce secondary losses in the axial compressor M.V. Tapol, U.A. Doroshenko, G.M. Karpenko 174-177
43. Radar 35D6 speed characteristic improving N.P. Chornoborodova, M.P. Chornoborodov, A.S. Sirenko 178-182
44. Substantiation of the conceptual means, formulation of hypotheses and problems of research of the modular allocated control posts forces and means of the armed struggle S.P. Yarosh 183-188
45. Algorithms for channel estimation in conditions of difficult radio electronic situation O.V. Kuvshinov 189-192
46. In relation to estimation of decision-making efficiency for authentications of air ships – threats of assassination D.V. Bezkrovny 193-195
47. The study of organizational methods to reduce injuries in the internal affairs I.V. Vlasenko, M.V. Leshishin 195-198
48. Choice of single indexes and criteria of efficiency of functioning of the systems Air Defence of important state objects А.N. Zharik 199-204
49. A decision-making concerning authentication of air ships which can be use for terrorist attacks I.А. Lyashenko 205-207
50. Results of test pre-production model of setting for extinguishing of ammunitions fires dumps I.B. Fedyuk 207-208
51. Increase of ecological safety potentially dangerous objects by determination and control of metrology reliability of systems supervision and notification M.Ju. Jakoylev, I.B. Nekrasov 209-211
52. Method of construction of hierarchical system of cognitive models in tasks of management situations in military conflicts А.А. Adamenko 212-216
53. One of going near the ground of numerical strength of management organs N.I. Belyaev, V.V. Varava 217-220
54. Based on analysis of generalized scenario design portfolio creation of complex engineering formed a core of the programme of increasing IT-readiness at enterprises E.A. Druginin, B.V. Haidabrus 221-225
55. Comparative analysis of the tasks of power structures of the former USSR, Russian Federation and Ukraine in support legal regime of emergency V.M. Klishin, V.V. Yemanov, Y.G. Bashkatov, S.A. Bloschitsyn 226-231
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57. Index 235