Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 171-172
3. The models of armoured equipment destruction by using special combat elements Yu.N. Agafonov, S.N. Zviglyanich, N.P. Izyumskiy 2-4
4. Century of century the general requirements to arms and technics of special parts of internal troops V.V. Antonets 5-8
5. Prospects of development of construction of standards of battle smooth-bore V.А. Borodavka, V.B. Bzot, O.V. Statinov 9-11
6. Air defense units` informational support organization features at conduct of warfare in common informational space Y.I. Galuskо, A.S. Dudush, Y.N. Sedyshev, A.D. Florov 12-16
7. Possibilities of passive antiradio-location disguise of armament and military technique А.V. Golovan', V.G. Golovan', M.O. Drozdov, M.V. Fel'ko 17-22
8. Estimation of probability of defeat ground survey radar antiradiation rockets, in view of accumulation of losses means of protectin A.A. Grizo, S.N. Kovalevsky, I.M. Nevmerzhitsky, S.V. Brovchenko 23-27
9. A model for rapid comparison of estimations of combat potentialities of weapons and military equipment of army air defense B.O. Dem’yanchuk, Yu.G. Duschkin, V.M. Olenev 28-30
10. Technique of the substantiation of structure of system of antiaircraft rocket cover of military objects at infringement combativity of grouping of antiaircraft rocket armies M.О. Ermoshin, V.V. Shulezhko 31-37
11. Method of optimization of mass of striking elements to cassette battle part A.A. Zhuravlev, S.V. Gerasimov 38-41
12. State, problems, and prospects of development of tanks in leading countries of the world, specializing in tank production А.М. Kalinin, Yu.V. Varvanets, P.A. Rusilo 42-47
13. The information visibility of military aircraft and its sources O.A. Korochkin, A.P. Kornienko, R.V. Lyaschenko 48-51
14. Model of system of automatic control starting of the dizel'-electric station of 5І57А G.I. Lagutin, O.V. Gvozdinskiy 52-54
15. Estimation of battle possibilities and efficiency of battle aviation complexes at the fighter tasks O.B. Leont’ev, V.O. Tugolukov, K.V. Baschinskiy 55-59
16. Improving the trainer aircraft performance characteristics by selecting and replacing the propulsion engine V.V. Loginov, I.F. Kravchenko, A.V. Yelansky, S.I. Smyk 60-67
17. Construction of casual surfaces of objects motion of armoured technique А.С. Mazmanishvili, T.E. Aleksandrova 68-71
18. Modern tool maksuvannya military facilities in the optical, thermal and radar range O.V. Stakhovskiy, K.V. Koritchenko, Y.I. Kisterniy, O.G. Sin′ko, D.Y. Zavizion 72-79
19. Radar 35D6 speed characteristic improving N.P. Chornoborodova, M.P. Chornoborodov, A.S. Sirenko, T.I. Bugrova 80-83
20. The synthesis of transcoding functions in group of three-digit operations of cryptographic transformation V.G. Babenko, S.V. Rudnitsky 84-87
21. Diminishing of systematic error of measurings of flight information at decision of tasks of dynamics of flights М.S. Borisenko, O.B. Kotov 88-91
22. The method study of the revealing the invasions in telecommunication system and network D.A. Danilenko, A.A. Smirnov, E.V. Meleshko 92-100
23. Problem aspects of technology-oriented establishment and application of perspective means of warfare B.A. Demidov, S.I. Hmelevsky, O.O. Khmelevskaya, T.V. Kuleshova 101-109
24. The criterion for the modernization variation choice of armament and military vehicles of the army air defense B.А. Dem’yanchuk, S.S. Kovalischin, V.P. Pomaz, V.P. Antoschkin 110-111
26. Optimum control of flight simulator along pitch and yaw axes taking into account structural resource V.V. Kabanyachyi 116-120
27. Evaluation of the possibility of damage hydrogen storage systems in a liquid form Yu.P. Kluchka 121-124
28. Channel of angular automatic tracking aircrafts to direction for laser informatively-measuring system ground proof-of-concept complex О.V. Kolomitsev, D.G. Vasilev, R.V. Vorobjov, D.M Voronov, O.M. Stavytskyi 125-129
29. Supercold in-flight pressurization of tanks with hydrocarbon fuel in launch vehicles Y.A. Mitikov 130-132
30. The signs and criteria of functional stability for intellectual aircraft automatic control system D.M. Obidin, O.V. Barabash 133-136
31. Directions of improvement of functional inspection of implementation of works system on aviation technique V.M. Chernyavskiy, A.V. Priymak, G.P. Sigaylo, O.I. Sklyar 137-142
32. Mathematical model of a rainfall runoff from the runway in the presence of a crosswind Ye.O. Shkvar, T.V. Kozlova 143-151
33. Results of tests by estimation of engine oil compatibility by materials of engine tribosistem О.V. Levchenko, M.I. Sukhanov 152-154
34. Results of the research cover in the isolating area in conducting special operation under threat to its breakthrough T.A. Sutyushev, O.S. Staruh, V.Y. Panchenko 155-157
35. Methodology of approach of systems at forming of perspective plan of scientific and scientific-technical activity in the military metrology field D.А. Filisteev, V.M. Boyko, A.B. Gavrilov, Yu.P. Rondin 158-163
36. The method of situation formalization of reflexive assessment of product competitiveness in defence projects A.O. Feklistov 164-167
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38. Index 170