Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 181-182
3. The vital problems to equip the special task units by modern armament and military equipment V.B. Bzot, A.V. Antonov, A.S. Lutsenko 2-5
4. Research of conduct easy armoured floating machine on agitation of water S.V. Bugaev 5-9
5. Method of study protection level wheeled combat vehicle V.A. Golub 9-12
6. Efficiency of evaluation of the technical state of the radio-location system of Military Powers of Ukraine D.A. Donchak, G.G. Kamaltunov, I.G. Kirillov 13-16
7. Method of evaluation of indexes of efficiency of radar on accordance to the operational-tactical requirements V.I. Klimchenko, M.R. Araslanov, A.V. Belavin 17-23
8. Selection the rational of project variant hypothesis technical performance perspective types of armoured combat vehicles A.N. Kuprinenko, V.А. Golub 24-28
9. Analysis of possibility of the use of alternative electric energy sources for feed of military objectives of military powers of Ukraine G.I. Lagutin, V.M. Lisenko, V.D. Zabolotnyy 28-31
10. Possibilities of defence survey radars with ultrabroadband signals from influence of unsynchronous impulsive hindrance S.P. Leshenko, A.L. Kovtunov, U.V. Reznikov, Z.Z. Zakirov 32-35
11. Method of determining the amount of the repeated fires of target an antiaircraft missile battalion taking into account influence of relief S.V. Novichenko, A.M. Savelyev, O.O. Panitsyn 36-40
12. Mathematical models of dynamics motion of the modified soldiery wheeled facilities are at variant change of radius of wheels U.W. Shabatura, W.D. Zalypka 41-44
13. Enhancement of air navigation system functional efficiency under risk O.M. Alekseev, G.F. Argunov, D.G. Babeychuk, D.O. Legerda 45-47
14. Survey analysis of physical and chemical and operating properties of alternative fuels for aviation engines А.V. Asavalyuk, V.V. Bezdelnyy, M.R. Gluhoy, T.P. Mukhina 48-52
15. Digital image processing in recognition of ground targets more optical speaker system exploration of objects BTT I.Yu. Birukov 52-58
16. Mathematical model of studies bandwidth of wireless information and communication networks O.S. Boychenko, V.V. Vorotnikov, Y.O. Kulakov 59-62
17. Method of multithreading implementation of multiradar trajectory processing in radiolocation information collecting and processing systems О.S. Bodiak 63-65
18. Method of increasing the security of transmission system of binary messages using manipulation of the parameters of random sequences with alpha-stable distributions K.S. Vasyuta, S.A. Shcherbinin 66-70
19. Application of spectral analysis of oil to assess the technical status of the unit sending V.А. Voytov, A.V. Priymak, V. N. Chernіavskiy, N.V. Tsiba 71-75
20. Detection of signs of the modified sites on digital images І.O. Gromyko, O.S. Litvinova, V.S. Tverdohlib 76-81
21. Method of decision of task of position-fix of object of defeat in the system of coordinates of fire weapon from data of pointing of target and information from the satellite radionavigation systems V.P. Dedenok, A.S. Petrenko 82-85
22. The substation of indicators of safety of military equipment and cargo parachute airdrop landing V.A. Dmytriev 86-90
23. Method of mirror antenna with circular polarization peak pattern calculation at account of mutual coupling with irradiator at radiation of ultrawideband signals А.V. Іrkha, G.V. Yermakov, А.V. Chenykaev 90-93
24. Compensate for amplitude fault radiators in the planar phased array antenna V.D. Karlov, M.M. Petrushenko, D.V. Karlov, G.A. Golovin 94-96
25. The analysis of detection index of unknown type pulse signals allowing for their mismatch with characteristics of receiver А.V. Kobzev, V.V. Rоmanenko 97-99
26. Electric energy source G.F. Konyakhin, V.L. Vereschagin, R.A. Yatsenko 100-102
27. Applicability grounding of reliability models of complex technical systems with layered capacity to work V.V. Lukjanchuk, B.N. Lanetskij 103-106
28. Prognostication of reliability of objects at casual influence and sudden refuses А.G. Priymakov, R.N. Dzhus, V.A. Guzenko 107-111
29. Methods of non-destructive control of constructions from composition materials О.V. Rad'ko, A.I. Kremeshnyy, A.K. Skuratovskiy, G.G. Golembievskiy 111
30. The analysis of efficiency of systems of a near radar-location of self-directed antiaircraft guided missiles N.I. Rozhkov, D.M. Zapara, V.V. Voinov, S.A. Nikolaenko 117-123
31. Criterion and method for estimating the quality of noise filtering K.S. Smelyakov 124-126
32. Possibilities of increase of exactness of trajectory estimations of ballistic aims А.В. Chelpanov, R.G. Sidorenko 127-129
33. Models of recovering lost and corrupted messages at multipath data transmission in computer networks S.I. Shmatkov 129-133
34. Nonlinear automatic motion control system in navigation systems research O.V. Shulga 133-135
35. It is necessity of development process the control troops in theirs employment in the modern war J.F. Kucherenko 136-138
36. The question shape of the system for monitoring and forecasting man-made emergencies A.N. Polezhaev 139-142
37. Over broadband radio-location: features and possibilities D.S. Kalugin, S.N. Telyukov, M.G. Ivanec, A.V. Bezverkhiy 143-148
38. Methods of forming structure of the technical ensuring system of internal forces in a special operation to liquidate illegal armed groups in emergency situations V.O. Temnikov 149-158
39. Acquisition and loss of preparation level of military management of Ukraine military powers organs mathematical model S.S. Tkachuk, I.V. Ruban, M.M. Kolmikov, Ye.O. Sudnikov 158-163
40. Military industrial politics on preparation of the state to the armed defence of national interests O.V. Ystimenko 163-167
41. Basic models of human-operator of air navigation system T.F. Shmelovа, Y.V. Sikirda, V.O. Grigoretskiy 168-176
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