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2. Contents 157-158
3. About the features of construction of the invariant system of guidance and stabilization of tank gun Т.Ye. Aleksandrova, A.A. Lazarenko, A.V. Zeyn 3-6
4. Identification of major trends and perspective directions of development and modernization reactive systems of volley fire V.V. Varava, A.M. Tolmachov 7-9
5. The analysis of tactic-technical characteristics of radar-tracking means of the existing monitoring system of air space of Ukraine O.V.Vysotsky 10-12
6. The basic aspects of description to problem of optimal high-speed to moving by operating of rocket V.I. Grabchak, E.G. Ivanyk, S.A. Tcybulya 13-20
7. Individual protection of sappers from the action of the fragments and bullets G.М. Ivanets, E.I. Stetsyuk, М.G. Ivanets 21-24
8. An account of ergonomics indexes is at constructing of combat helmets Yu.V. Kvitkovskiy, K.Yu. Vasil'kova 25-31
9. Prospects of development of means of the air attack as objects of radar-tracking detection S.N. Kovalevsky, G.V. Hudov, V.I. Borovoj 31-35
10. Method of determination of optimum plan of distributing and proper optimum routes of motion of departure metrology groups at metrology maintenance of military parts and subdivisions V.В. Kononov, Yu.I. Shevyakov, D.A. Filisteev, V.V. Burceva 35-41
11. Method of calculation of time of fighting machine advancement from the “shading” area to line-of-sight range to target V.М. Korolov, Y.G. Zaiets, Y.V. Shchavinckyi 41-44
12. Method of estimation of military and economic efficiency perspective types of armoured combat vehicles A.N. Kuprinenko 44-49
13. The analysis of characteristics of radar stations B.A. Lisogorsky, G.V. Hudov 50-54
14. A choice an assault rifle on the basis of analytic hierarchy process I.I. Sydorenko, M.O. Ponomarenko 54-57
15. Dispersion influence of ballistic coefficient senses of a hit element of the kinetic weapon on the implementation efficiency of fire tasks of safety forces A.I. Bilenko 58-62
16. Substantiation of metrics of fighting possibilities interspecific tactical groups S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh 63-67
17. Calculation method features of vortex wake turbulent characteristics S.М. Eryomenko, О.V. Solovyov, P.V. Prusak, N.V. Kobrina 67-72
18. Building a functional screening tests for non-contact induction method of diagnosis N.K. Zherdev, V.V. Kuzavkov 73-76
19. Method of estimation of potential antijammingness survey radar at influence of the combined hindrances V.F. Zyukin, A.V. Belavin, D.Y. Svistunov 76-81
20. Application of wavelet decomposition for the implementation of incoherent accumulation at detection signals with unknown length A.V. Kobzev, M.V. Murzin 82-85
21. Studying the structure of an integrated information system and its elements A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko 85-88
22. Quality research of information management in the telecommunications network of critical use О.О. Lavrut 89-93
23. Grounding the terms of refinements jobs and tests for SAM troops armaments during midterm repairs and over haunts B.N. Lanetskiy, А.М. Dосkа 94-97
24. Account of stopping beating and dispersion on time and frequency in models of discrete radio-location channel I.G. Leonov, A.N. Korzhov, V.S. Kuts, I.M. Pichugin 98-102
25. Study of software development infotelecommunication systems I.A. Lysenko, A.A. Smirnov, L.I. Polischuk 103-106
26. Hydraulic lubricants temperature resistance during their modification various purposes additives G.P. Sіgaylo, A.G. Kravtsov, V.V. Varvarov 107-109
27. Models and methods for gray-scale transformation of digital images K.S. Smelyakov, E.M. Drob, О.V. Vоdоlаzhkо 110-116
28. The method of fuzzy knowledge bases construction for intellectual nodal control systems in the MANET O.Ya. Sova, P.V. Zhuk, D.A. Minochkin, O.A. Simonenko 117-125
29. Implementation of wireless heterogeneous network based on LTE core virtualization for military communication systems B.M. Strykhalyuk, I.O. Kahalo, M.V. Brych, M.I. Beshley, M.O. Seliuchenko 125-132
30. A choice of signs for segmentation of texture areas of images which have similar values of color and structure O.V. Shytova, А.М. Pukhlyak 133-136
31. Mathematical model of rotational motion shells with gyroscopic stabilization V.I. Hrabchak, S.V. Bondarenko, S.V. Stetsiv 137-142
32. Agent-based model for analyze the management process of projects resource flows S.G. Kiyko 143-146
33. Patterns of transformation of mustards (dichloroethyl sulfide) to the emulsified state Е.V. Azarenko, Yu.Yu. Stoliarchuk 147-150
34. Comparative analysis of the flow patterns of air reserve for rescuers in SCBA V.M. Strelec 150-153
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